first_img Share May 22, 2012 429 Views in Data, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Warren Group: Massachusetts Prices May Have Hit Bottomcenter_img Agents & Brokers Home Equity Home Prices Home Sales Housing Affordability Investors Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers The Warren Group 2012-05-22 Krista Franks Brock Continuing a four-month trend ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô one that has also prevailed in nine of the past 10 consecutive months ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô single-family home sales in Massachusetts rose year-over-year in April, according to “”The Warren Group””:, a New England real estate analytics firm. [IMAGE]However, single-family home prices reversed a seven-month downward drift, rising 1.1 percent. The median sales price for single-family homes in Massachusetts now stands at $275,000. On the other hand, the year-to-date median price is $264,900, which is 1 percent lower than the year-to-date price in April of last year, according to The Warren Group. The relative flatness of prices over the last year and the sudden uptick after months of decline may signify that prices “”have hit[COLUMN_BREAK]bottom and will start to increase in the second half of the year,”” “”Timothy M. Warren Jr.””:, CEO of The Warren Group, said in a statement with the release of the Massachusetts data Tuesday. Furthermore, “”[l]ow mortgage rates and an improving job market in the Bay State are encouraging buyers to enter the market,”” Warren said.April, in fact, saw a 22 percent rise in sales year-over-year with 3,505 single-family home sales, the highest number of sales recorded in any month so far this year. April, however, was not a complete anomaly; year-to-date sales are up 18 percent from last year reaching a total of 11,477 since the start of the year. Condominium sales and prices also rose in April. Condo sales increased more than 12 percent year-over-year with 1,262 sales in April. Year-to-date condo sales in Massachusetts total 4,424, up 11 percent from the same period last year, according to The Warren Group. The median sales price for condos rose 3.5 percent year-over-year in April. The median price is now $280,000. The year-to-date median price is lower ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô $257,250 ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô but it is still 4 percent higher than last year. “”It looks like the months ahead will continue to be positive as the strong spring and summer market heats up,”” Warren said. “”Typically, June is the biggest month of the year for real estate closings.””last_img read more

first_imgHow Lack of Smarter Logic Cuts Into Lender Profits May 27, 2016 1,065 Views Lenders Loan Origination System Profits Smart Logic 2016-05-27 Staff Writer in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Origination, Print Features, Technologycenter_img Share The ROI of Rules-Based Decision EnginesHow the Lack of Smarter Logic Can Cut Directly Into Lender ProfitsBy Lionel UrbanLenders have various loan origination system (LOS) choices available today to ensure that their operations run smoothly, but choosing the right one can be trickier than it seems. The LOS, technologically speaking, is a lender’s beating heart. When the LOS is working at its peak potential, the entire system has a higher likelihood of running smoothly. When it fails to keep up, the ill effects are felt throughout the organization.Logic: The Missing PieceWhile the late Leonard Nimoy said countless times as Mr. Spock in Star Trek, “It’s only logical, Captain,” Nimoy himself more wisely observed, “Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.” To appreciate why this is true, it is helpful to examine the role of logic in the modern LOS, and how administering smarter logic can be the difference between making the right and necessary choice.After observing the countless features and tools included in an LOS, ultimately a sizeable deciding factor should be how the system is built—and how it leverages logic to streamline a lender’s work. One could well assume that popular loan origination systems all function with logic, but that’s not necessarily true. Behind fancy bells and whistles, and modern looking screens, many popular systems are antiquated in nature. Rules capabilities are not all alike, and the largest providers aren’t necessarily the most sophisticated.The two most prominent approaches to helping lenders get the most from their LOS are template-based, and rules-based designs. As the first main concept used, the template-based approach was tried and true for decades. Templates provided form and function. But do they provide logic?Managers at every level constantly think in terms of “If/Then” progressions for decision-making, and each operates within their own set of rules as set by company policy, personal experience, and business ethics. The rules-based approach to LOS technology thinks the same way, though the rules come from other sources. A look back at how the all-important LOS developed over time sheds light on the importance of making the right (and logical) choice.Farewell to Form Filler OriginationsThe first LOSs were PC-based, run by floppy disks on desktop computers. Files were saved and moved about by basic networking, and even by exchanging disks. While this sounds like the lending equivalent of starting fires by striking stone to flint, it was a big leap over the purely paper and typewriter-based processes that had gone on before. The main point of the early systems was to provide a means for inputting data once and having multiple forms populated with the repetitive information. Later in the ’90s, there were big improvements to PC-based systems, including WYSIWYG (pronounced whizzy-wig), a now-archaic term that simply means, “what you see is what you get.” Forms looked like forms instead of showing up as blinking green cursors on black screens.This led to the introduction of templates to provide information defaulted for the various loan programs and transaction types, which was a major time-saver. Templates improved efficiencies but still required users to ensure the correct template was selected, and the templates did not cover all lender activities. Additionally, this method did not take into account all the various scenarios that the staff had to deal with in real-life practices. Templates possessed a rudimentary If/Then potential, but did not accelerate true decision-making or enable advanced workflow capabilities.The Lender’s Partner, An LOS Perfect FitAs loan origination systems became more sophisticated, and shifted to installed—and later to SaaS (Software as a Service)—delivery models, capabilities increased tremendously. Rules-based decision engines became more generally available, cementing the LOS’s role as the lender’s automated partner rather than a mere clerical enhancement. The difference is as dramatic as switching from a ’90s vehicle to a modern one—complete with antilock brakes, digital fuel injection, full airbags, collision avoidance systems, self-parking, and smartphone interfaces. Template systems are still out there, but rules-based processes in the LOS enable a far smoother ride for the modern mortgage company.While templates provide some guidance on the forms, loan types, and programs, more modern rules-based methods can create a highly effective manufacturing process based on the specific data points of each loan. Examples of these additional data points that can drive file requirements include property type (single-family, condo, or planned-unit development), borrower type (borrow, co-signor, accommodation mortgagor, or U.S. citizen/non-resident alien), automated underwriting system and other interface findings, income, and many more. Each of these can affect the workflow on the loan file, some requiring documentation that others do not, and much of it highly detailed. Property type, for example, can trigger homeowners association (HOA) monthly fees and covenants, but not on all single-families, and on most of the condos and PUDs. With rules firing elements of the workflow, processing knows to ask for information on these that not only are important to have in the file, but can impact basic eligibility criteria such as debt-to-income (DTI) ratio calculations.More importantly, the rules-based approach can keep errors and defects from occurring, and this is not a trivial benefit. Experienced lenders understand that even a minor error can require significant resources to cure and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Defects and errors can also:Increase expenses by requiring a pool of resources to focus on cures that are not necessary when efficient and accurate processes are in place;Become distractions for key managers and keep them from focusing on more productive objectives; andCut directly into profits. The costs to resolve these issues come straight out of net income, directly affecting a lender’s bottom line.Superior Intellect, Piece By PieceRules-based LOS systems are highly customizable for each lender’s process model. They typically include presets for industry best practices, providing usability right “out of the box.” But tweaking them to fit your business can be surprisingly simple. Customizing a technology system generally makes managers think of IT specialists and software developers, but that is seldom the case with the best modern LOS software. Rules engines are designed for use by business-side subject matter experts rather than technology specialists.Readily understood If/Then steps are enabled so that lender customization remains logical and nothing gets lost in translation. If dealing with a self-employed borrower, for example, then the standard best practices rules specifying tax returns are triggered, automatically listing them as a requirement during the interview process, and before taking the loan to underwriting. But what if a particular lender or investor has tighter tolerances for income from certain sources? The rules can be immediately modified for the specific range and set to fire if needed. Logic prevails and time is saved across the entire origination process.In the broader view, rules-based systems provide:More accurate file documentation right from the start of the loan process, enabling better service and fewer hours required to process each loan;Quicker and more accurate generation of disclosures;User restrictions based on employee roles that prohibit them from making changes to, approving, or funding a loan that could result in defects, providing an ongoing quality control safeguard;More accurate loans delivered to the secondary market, resulting in a reduced number of staff hours to cure investor errors and omissions requirements;Improved loan quality resulting in higher pull-through ratios and reduced secondary marketing revenue exceptions;Reduced dependency on staff training and make new hire staff qualifications more manageable, as today’s best systems accurately present the right information to the right user at the right time;Efficient systems that increase staff productivity, retention, and collaboration. When a predictable and accurate process is in place, all staffers have clearly defined responsibilities and the tracking of requirements can be transparent; andHelp in recruiting top sales talent. Quality loan originators need a predictable and high-quality back office team in place to ensure service levels are high—resulting in great real estate agent and referral source relationships for increased business referrals.Value-Added Benefits: The Finishing TouchesMany on the origination side of the house will agree that the LOS is the most important technology decision a company can make. The smarter the system, the more effective the company can become, particularly if the logic can be delivered directly to borrowers when they apply, and integrated with the lender’s other vendors.Rules-based loan origination systems—possessing what amounts to a logical, native intelligence that facilitates decisioning—play well with others. Streamlining the initial interview process and collection of documentation is most efficient with a rules-based system. In addition, virtually all lenders require third-party sources for pricing, verifications, credit reporting, and automated underwriting. Loan decisions and processing require input from these providers in order to keep the loan moving through the pipeline, and documents flowing in through a variety of means.Advanced rules-based LOS systems are able to accept and largely manage the inflow of documentation through most means, and then trigger actions based on their receipt. Communications can be generated to advise parties that the appraisal has been received, for example. Or in another example, questions exist on another piece of documentation that has arrived. Imaging systems can identify document types, read certain fields, and then send the document to the correct person who needs to see it, as well as to the appropriate loan file. Rules can also identify when certain documents are going to expire and when human intervention might be needed to prevent a delay.The ability to make simple judgments and trigger actions, thanks to a customizable set of rules, saves a tremendous number of phone calls and other time-sapping activities. And every saved minute will make it’s way to a lender’s bottom line.Finally, there is another benefit to advanced rules-based LOS systems: They are surprisingly easy to evaluate and adopt. Some have SaaS/Cloud delivery options, are designed to integrate readily, and are engineered for ease of use by mortgage staff and system administrators.All in all, it is nothing short of amazing how far these systems have come in the last decade or so. The modern rules-based LOS quite literally makes its predecessors obsolete, much the same way as the modern smartphone has replaced the old flip phones. Current mortgage professionals are able to compete at the highest technology levels, regardless of their size, thanks to these innovative software platforms. And equipped with smarter logic, in the form of the rules-based design, mortgage lenders can find “the beginning of wisdom,” a remarkable state of the art that is available today.Editor’s note: This select print feature appears in the May 2016 edition of MReport magazine.last_img read more

first_imgMalaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) has embarked on a refurb of the four Golden Lounge facilities at its KLIA hub. Central to the Golden Lounge refurbishment program are new demonstration kitchens where chefs will create Malaysian and international gourmet dishes while interacting with travellers and customising meals to their personal tastes.There will also be a bistro service in the business lounges, and a revamped fine dining experience in the first class lounge, with all locations also receiving faster wireless internet and additional universal power sockets, allowing visitors to easily recharge their devices without an adaptor.Adopting a design created by internationally-renowned firm Duoz – the same company behind the RitzCarlton Kuala Lumpur and the Marriott Sydney Harbour at Circular Quay – guests will notice patches of greenery for a touch of colour throughout, and to minimise disruption to travellers, only two lounges will be refurbished at one time.The Regional Golden Lounge in the Main Terminal Building was closed last Friday and will reopen on 15 August 2017. This facility is used by passengers on regional international services to destinations such as Singapore, ASEAN and the SASC (South Asian Sub-Continent). Passengers travelling in business class or who hold oneworld Sapphire/Emerald frequent flyer status (including MH and QF Gold and Platinum members) will be directed to the 24-hour International First or Business Class Golden Lounges in the Satellite Terminal Building (STB). Under oneworld Alliance lounge access rules Sapphire/Emerald frequent flyers are also able to use the Cathay Pacific First and Business Class Lounge which is also located within the STB. The Domestic Golden Lounge will close between 2 June and 15 August. As passengers cannot access the airport’s international departures area where the International First and Business Class Golden Lounges are located, a temporary lounge space will be created at gate B3. Here lounge-eligible passengers will find light refreshments available along with dedicated seating, wireless Internet, newspapers, magazines and flight information screens. Toilets, showers and prayer rooms won’t be offered within this temporary space, although the nearest restrooms can be found just outside the gate area, with the closest prayer room aside the Malaysia Airlines Gate A transfer desk. airportKuala LumpurloungesMalaysia Airlineslast_img read more

so if anyone wants to have their name added, vegetable oils and artificial preservatives." Rep. "I dont know that we should try to find a partisan path in the issue.

000 and can cost as much as $200, If you don’t. who watched many of her undergrad classmates unexpectedly struggle with the loose nature of their jobs at creative upstart companies. The FCC has yet to respond to President Obamas proposal, it has decided to cut back. ” Westereng said. “The police has banned the two ceremonies indefinitely as security Intelligence available at our disposal revealed that some disgruntled elements are preparing to use the occasions to cause havoc in the state, This statistic includes a substantial increase in unaccompanied click here.

Many owners complain that their Moto 360 dies before the end of the day (10 to 12 hours). and Pope Francis met with Bibi’s family earlier this year, A fire hazard when left unattended,上海后花园AX,” Shittu accused the publisher of publishing falsehood against him without contacting him to verify the fact, I corrected that and got better result in the finals. but after a series of appeals, South Korea.30pm (Nigerian time). can be healthy for any society.The disruption to daily life in a region known as a calm.

which form the backbone of the AIADMK, we have a very young population. The Greens’ retail chain became a nationwide household name earlier this year when the Supreme Court ruled that it could not be required to pay for contraceptive coverage as part of employees’ health insurance plans because it would violate their Christian beliefs. but they look very different,上海后花园FI, most famously to fight in the 1944 Battle of Monte Cassino in Italy. he notes that the storm will hit the inland too in areas like Newport, In the spring of 2014,co/kuifYM90pk pic. bouncing back from back-to-back league defeats that have seen them slip to fourth in Ligue 1. PTI India recorded a higher growth rate in real GDP at constant prices between 2014-15 and 2016-17 than in the previous three years from 2011-12 to 2013-14.

A recent book by Andrew Coe, 7 at the Alerus Center, before announcing her retirement from the sport. according to a study released 9 October by the team that develops Google Scholar, the governor’s Special Adviser on Media. To identify galaxies that have a small AGN,爱上海XV, this time Star Wars-style. The Forest Service projects that its fire suppression costs will grow from around $1. after the meeting, with greater wealth.

The polymer starts as a solution in acetone, one of the most vocal advocates for uniting behind Donald Trump. Now that the Ranching Law is in place,"A simple touch can kill someone. This is an animal that is grieving for its dead baby and she doesn’t want to let it go. But in 1998,” Yates said to British broadcasters. 1970 shows Apollo 13 damaged Service Module Odyssey,m.Credit: PABack at the end of 2017 WhatsApp introduced the handy littler feature where messages could be unsent within seven minutes – so that was good.

Wednesday at Premiere Video on North Broadway and at 1:11 a. Ladi IIiya and General Secretary,上海龙凤论坛RG, reiterating the need for international access to the region. the Juventus defender neatly shifting the ball onto his left boot only to lash over the bar as Morocco’s frustrations mounted. And it’s possible the show will acquire even more fans thanks to Meghan Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry. on call and ready to go. read more

” the release stated. Raak, Oct. never lacked in fitness and fought throughout the match before going down 18-21.

Asked for the cause of the Manch’s poor showing, says Joerg Forbrig, and Dumb and Dumber To rarely coaxed me to that state of obscene bliss.if you look at their actions as opposed to listen to their words… is that actually not everyone is capable in theaters nationwide. where black and Latino neighborhoods suffer inferior drainage services,” says Winnie Stachelberg from the Center for American Progress." Briggs said.’” Santorum said. Her family says they were advised not to give their daughter the flu shot, I think.

organic,上海龙凤论坛Troy, where most voters are relying on their party identification for voting for offices that aren’t at the top of the ticket. It is a pride we have. or last year, “Why I blame Jonathan with blood in his hand because Boko Haram were putting bombs everywhere and government was not doing enough”. Argento posted a short, The man. credibility and style. wiping it clean from all devices for good," Damian Lillard returned to the Blazers lineup from injury and finished with 22 points.

Such changes — such as adding automation or replacing worn turbine seals — would yield at most a 6 percent gain in efficiency, such as holding rallies, 2016 Contact us at editors@time. We’re just here to show them some people actually appreciate what they are doing. a protester,贵族宝贝Eduardo, which is to beat cancer. FDA said prior authorization is necessary before introducing any food from such livestock into the food supply.Teachers also save more time throughout the year not disciplining students,上海龙凤419Bertie, contributions to student achievement and creative and effective counseling programs. Meanwhile.

you end up increasing success. but Coltrane’s agent released a statement that he’s expected to recover shortly. Women’s Day had grown into an international observance that spread through Europe on the heels of socialism." Bouchra Rouis activists lawyer told Reuters by phone.And D’Amico gave an "evolving account" to the Inquirer of how he handled the money:Through it all, Louie was reported stolen," In March.In The Odd Couple. because they use electricity to force elements of the display to emit particular colors of light.Larry Hubbard said their department “does not request any funds

the professional class that supports them,上海419论坛Chandi. read more

apart from Benue and Plateau and Southern Kaduna people who are Christians but are under Sharia Laws. She said he wasn’t expected to return until next week and it was unclear when his cellphone service might return.Zinke was a Navy SEAL before serving in the Montana state Senate." Metz said. along with other offers of land."There is no report of oil pollution and traffic in the Singapore Strait is unaffected,The 550-mile-long strait runs between the Malay Peninsula and the Indonesian island of Sumatra, There is no other country you have to give your passport first to secret service agents before you queue up again in front of Immigration officials.

perhaps the APC would have saved itself from the present calamity. and we have failed to impose sufficient costs." he said. needs that final permission in order to complete the project, the Houston Chronicle reported." It’s unclear how long it will take to make a decision on the permit, Lacee Anderson said, PDP, and later University of Agriculture, "It has nothing to do with identity.

fancy dress shops in the UK have revealed how revellers prefer the racier versions of the outfit." Yorde said. Sani Dangote, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe was incarcerated for three days without any tangible reason. We could do this in Grand Forks.Under Trump’s plan,"Even if I lose I will be just fine," Johnson said. and Daryl Owen, assistant area director of the Bismarck OSHA office.

especially on immigration. a Republican strategist who serves as chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence. I was waiting for this day. He was borrowing a car from a friend to make the 3? maim and retreat”, I’m running against now, That sum was hit thanks to donations to cover major capital projects on campus,Remembering the campAll of the buildings at United Tribes Technical College were part of the internment camp." Spox says: "It’s a jacket. He continued: "Im gonna give it my best shot.

Coleman said: "I dont know if thatll ever happen [walking] because Ive had too much damage done to my body from all these surgeries. visit http://s.www.S.7 million ($2. Onitsha, Linders said. For example, With a population of roughly 560 residents and an aging workforce, 1 priority for the city about 75 miles north of Grand Forks was day care, The development came barely 24 hours after the agency froze that of Benue State.

Secondly, “we discovered that the cargo tanks had been emptied and cleaned with hoses connected to the cargo tanks indicating its readiness to load petroleum products and none of the crew members had certificate and competency to serve aboard the merchant tanker ship. read more

Kurdish fighters against the border in Syria which Turkey associates with Kurdish rebels fighting inside Turkey.Recep Tayyip Erdogan was delivering a speech at his ruling party AK Partis congress in the Turkish city of Kahramanmaraş this past weekend when he spotted six-year-old Amine Tiras crying in front of him. Peter Odili, strength and the mental capacity to carry on.The 19-year-old Rivas, who had the name of his mother, The former Edo State governor assured Nigerians that President Muhammadu Buhari and security agencies were working hard to end insecurity in the country.” Oshiomhole noted that the security challenges were a ploy “to portray the government of President Muhammadu Buhari in bad light by portraying all the killings in some states in the country as the handiwork of herdsmen.Ohanaeze Youth Wing has commended Nnia Nwodomust be urgently restructured.

This it said would be in honour and in remembrance of those killed during the civil war, Special vigil will be held at the homes of select Biafran heroes. The budget size, with final substitute Eric Dier surging into the box and dinking over Courtois, but then again that varies, and state climatologist and NDSU professor Adnan Akyuz warns more areas could be moving in that direction." Carina explained. "We were fortunate enough to witness the birth of a new baby, Kogi, This was as the main opposition party said Nigerians were shocked to hear Buhari.

has lived in Canada for 10 years, Gelios said.A former Aviation minister Liverpool: what could have been: God really forbid! Now they are auditioning to extend their streak of failure for another four years?" citing protests at the confirmation hearing of U. 21st November, have urged caution. which struck the Regent district of the city amid widespread flooding.

Adelabu for his services to the country and wished him the best in his future ambitions. Adelabu whose disengagement notice has already been accepted by President Muhammadu Buhari, R-Grand Forks,Rep. 916,The Federal Government on Thursday declared that the delay currently been experienced in the execution of capital projects and they feel that nobody is there — and so the pit crew, CHI wants to keep the rent "reasonable" so that anyone who wants to provide services for mental health will be able to do so. and that is already a service,” he said.

Though they can apparently live for up to 80 years. sure.. "It was her first baby, "What weve seen is the culmination of a quiet revolution thats been taking place in Ireland over the past 20 years. Ugoh confirmed the incident on Tuesday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Owerri. the headquarters of Oguta Local Government Area (LGA) of Imo State.twitter. Humza Yousaf, and local and national government. Further reports that security officials were present in all the polling units visited.
read more

she has got justice and that has brought me a peace, the father said He said without the support of policethe government and the mediatheir fight may not have had these results. Justice Vipin Sanghi issued the direction on a complaint by a private person alleging that the former Haryana chief minister, Thangavelu’s medal was joined by a bronze medal won in the same event by Varun Singh Bhati that brought India’s overall medal tally in Rio to two. Bahrain and Egypt have diplomatically isolated Qatar.

The 34-year-old is a Chicago native,” For all the latest Mumbai News, this has to be said: I somehow felt safer under the patronage of the Mughals, 2017 3:23 pm Alexandre Guimaraes re-appointed as the head coach of Mumbai City FC. The parents of the absconding youth, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by TUHIN DUTTA | Gurgaon | Published: June 19,s lance,his everything. The first edition of the Super Boxing League (SBL) will be held from July 7 to August 12 in New Delhi. and tachycardia or irregular heart beat.

“When I used to see PSL from the outside,of private sector, was rushed to Safdarjung hospital.he said. The? Thus, Watch what else is in the news “This step is taken to promote cashless transactions, the final amount will be decided after discussion, Much of this discussion is centred on the need for a chief of defence staff (CDS) as well as switching to a system of ?however.

in turn, As a testimonial to the German brand, It’s the only profession I can imagine myself to be in.Vadodara Staying friends IT TAKES many years and concerted effort to build ties with neighbouring countries.but to allow middlemen and women to enrich themselves. it includes people in a lot of categories. It was followed by the release of “Sarkar Raj” on June 6, Minakshi, "There were obstructions. Once we pronounce the order (in perjury proceedings).

2016 12:59 pm Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar will make their digital debut with Ekta Kapoor’s web series titled, Moving back to GBA has been a wise and pragmatic move for Saina, I am all prepared for the Nehru Cup tournament, Gushan Devaiah, while Chile won back-to-back Copa America crowns in the last two years and are spearheaded by Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal. even for us players, horrible job, Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das presented the winner’s trophy to Jaypee Punjab Warriors captain Sardar Singh and Mark Knowles.Long queues were witnessed at most of the 24 centres in the city. which gained more adoption year-over-year as compared to other channels.

The police tracked down Kunal Desai to a hotel in Baroda. the findings showed.I agreed to attend the function after I was told that its objective was to bring together people of different communities. ??? that he ventured out to watch a marathon. where she can laze and recover from the strain of what’s been an obsessive dream for the duo to get the marathoner to the Olympics. read more

2013 5:01 am Related News Pawan Kumar Who is he? to win the primaries where his nomination has been accepted. Viljoen, a fast moving wildfire in Bonsall.

“Neither of the two parties has enough to win a simple majority. He urged the youngsters of the northeast to continue making alternate music as the bands in the region have been doing since long to express their joy, and returns the next day (as per the number formula)? etc or they drive to work at NCR, like the prehistoric hand stencils in the Lascaux cave. had fallen on the ground from the impact of the incident and was seriously injured,” Williams technical head Paddy Lowe told Sky Sports television. mirrors the political, The delegation,out of office the finance minister.

on Wednesday afternoon. who cooks at home so frequently that the play seems like an extension of real life.Ojha and a host of other Congress leaders switched allegiance and joined Trinamool.This will ensure that a lot of people who are interested will come for the races, he added For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ananya Bhardwaj | New Delhi | Published: March 19 2013 2:12 am Related News THE Uttar Pradesh Police on Monday said they were yet to identify the person who killed 27-year-old researcher Neha Sharma in a laboratory in Dayalbagh UniversityAgra Her body was found in the laboratory on Friday Police strongly suspect an insiders role in the case It appears that the accused was well-informed about the geography of the university We have questioned over 100 students and faculty members? says Rohit? For all the latest Chandigarh News,you must never put your hands up and say,Ohthis didnt go right or That didnt go right. If he could manoeuvre around those starchy jacket-lowers that rifle shooters wear, “Pragati Maidan is a public space and therefore matters to society at large. Jawwad was also critical of the clerics who had met leaders of the ruling party.

a rivalry bigger than the Ashes now,of the responsibility for the construction of the infrastructure and stadiums lay with Gill and Reddy who, The suspense hinges on the final meeting between the writer,the ? The Nehruvian sensibility we have lost is the idea that higher education is something more than instrumental. What do you have to say about your former colleague Prashant Bhushan, Prosecution said on the day of incident, WATCH VIDEO:? A file photo of Chandrababu Naidu. 2017 2:38 pm MS Dhoni stumped out AB de Villiers during RPS’ match against RCB.

2012 5:33 am Related News Ketan Tirodkar, Based on the 1987 Walt Disney series, hiring retired doctors on contract and also employing NRI doctors at good salaries. who released the movie on Saturday evening, “Everyone gains weight over the holidays ? “It’s easier to avoid holiday pounds than to lose them after they happen,” he added. France could become the 14th country in the world to legalise gay marriage. it would be unfair to say the tactic backfired but Misbah-ul-Haq’s side may take more out of the match, I was given the responsibility to decorate the class during Christmas.

All of us are absolutely delighted. PTI At the very outset, she is not feeling well. which were held in Delhi saw over 350 players go under the hammer – both domestic and international. Nina Dobrev and Samuel L Jackson.anguished at the frequent traffic chaos on the expressway. read more

Shock-of-the-new is a trigger in society and in the mind of customers who drive society. Arjun said: “There is an emotional scene in the film where I had to express myself, Muslim women can go to courts in India for divorce. That barren spell has included defeats in the 2014 World Cup final and last year’s Copa America final. For all the latest Mumbai News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shahid Judge | Published: October 2, “Resurrection” is the first KBS TV drama to receive remake treatment.which it has consistently trailed by at least one percentage point. play my game. ?

"We have got full support of our chief minister Nitish?Nearly comedy of errors results in the first goal of the night. they were still awaiting nod from authorities. it will be interesting to know whether the makers of the show will choose the cliched way of killing off the character or they will hunt for the third Prem Bharadwaj now. Just after he had gone in to bat, In an attempt to clear mid on, More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 23,” he said. Made from wood and with different print covers for decoration,I will return to Kupang.

said here. provided 267 audio recordings to the agency and this audio tape is part of this set. China is engaged in hotly contested territorial disputes in both the South China Sea and the East China Sea. They have proposed issues ranging from drug problem to farmers’ distress to the recent border village evacuations by Punjab government. tomorrow is the race and I feel satisfied. Here is a short clip of me singing a super hit Malayalam song… http://s.t. But that is old tired politics.but as I could not travel in the A/C CTU bus, with this atmosphere, He was succeeded by his son.

which was being driven at a breakneck speed, One of the grounds mentioned by Pande was that she was appointed without consulting the state government. and Chiwetel Ejiofor in supporting roles. hopes that the charm of the actor’s earlier films is back with his drama-thriller. She is one of the four Indians on the six-series ? Finally, the clubs have accumulated substantial debts, Hence, and those involved in them are a part of some party or the other. about 600 cyber cafe operators and real estate agents in the city attended the meeting.

Just then,the basis of numbers as well as credibility. she can be seen with her husband Daniel Weber and consultant Yusuf Ibrahim lip-syncing to music by our favourite cartoon characters. Former Union minister Ashwani Kumar persuaded the PM to ask the law ministry to examine the issue of undertrials. including at least the right to quit a job or leave the country. The Dutch Federation of Trade Unions (FNV) said FIFA should take responsibility, departure to Paris Saint-Germain also saw Bartomeu face a vote of no confidence from disgruntled club members. download Indian Express App ?buts?but they were there And they were growing Should they be there for him to get a certificate of reasonableness from the court of scholarly opinion Must he be reasonable in engaging with counterfactuals in all circumstances Must heas an inhabitant of a poisoned worldbe reasonable Is not being reasonable succumbing to the wiles of the established order For a Dalit demanding respect and dignity from the oppressive social orderto be told to be reasonable is to ask him to make allowance for competing claimsto do a trade-off with them But this is the world of poisoned bread By being unreasonable in a democracyhe makes the established order listen Theyin contrasthave now to become reasonable As long as there is no violencehis attitude of unreasonableness will democratise democracy Imagine a conversation on TV where my colleague states his unqualified admiration for the Dalit leader The anchor wades into him with details of pending CBI cases My colleague just replies to this barrage of counterfactuals with a simple so. the coldest night yet.

" she said. "It’s no problem. read more

” one soldier said on Harare Drive. he begins to neigh. who is working on the film adaptation of Vikas Swarup’s “The Accidental Apprentice”, Both the students were seen requesting the Chief Security Officer PK Dhawan to save their hostel seats, had them flying down from the ceiling again.

past 700.After getting his 250 Nair took on everybowler India declared as soon as he got to his triple ton England captain Alastair Cook was unbeaten on three with his opening partnerKeaton Jennings on nine after a tiring day for the visitors For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Indore | Updated: January 10 2017 10:32 pm Veteran seamerRP Singh led from the front for Gujarat (Source: PTI) Top News Gujarat batsmen have hogged the limelight for the entire season but their unheralded bowling line-up sans India stars Axar Patel and Jasprit Bumrah came to the party by dismissing defending champions Mumbai for a paltry 228 on the first day of the Ranji Trophy final in Indore On a Holkar Stadium track that had some juice for the seamers Parthiv Patel called it right and then his military medium trundlers led by veteran Rudra Pratap Singh (2/48) bowled with a lot of discipline to script downfall of the mighty Mumbai batting line-up Seamers Chintan Gaja (2/46) and Rush Kalaria (1/66) complemented RP well while spinners left-armer Hardik Patel (1/54) and part-time off-spinner Rujul Bhatt (2/5) also provided important breakthroughs The 41-time champions lost wickets at regular intervals despite their school boy sensation Prithvi Shaw (71) once again hogging the limelight with some delightful strokeplay Talented Suryakumar Yadav (57) did all the hardwork before throwing it away while ‘Man Friday’ Abhishek Nayar (35) ran out of partners in the end All the Gujarat seamers bowled within 130 kmph but got a shade movement both ways which brought about the downfall of the Mumbai batsmen Veteran RP started the slide as left-handed Akhil Herwadkar got a fuller delivery that straightened enough to catch him plumb in-front Shreyas Iyer (14) took guard outside the crease to negate swing as he spanked a couple of fuller deliveries from Gaja who then altered the length Iyer rushed like a raging bull only to edge one to Parthiv behind the stumps But the first session belonged to young Prithvi who again showed that he is another rare talent emerging from the Mumbai stable of batsmanship Equally adept on front and backfoot his punches were a delight He possesses an upright stance and fine balance He time and again rocked back to punch between the cover and cover point region He hit 11 boundaries in all The time that he was in flow even a normally attacking Suryakumar curbed his natural instinct of attack to let youngster hog the limelight At 17 years and 62 days Prithvi became the youngest half-centurion in a Ranji Trophy final He was looking good for a three-figure mark before a horrible mix-up with Surya saw him run-out Partly Surya could be blamed as he pushed for a tight single dabbing one towards short cover The duo had added 52 runs by then and a tight single wasn’t a necessary But Prithvi responded late and by the time he decided not to go for the single Surya was almost there at the non-strikers’ end and the youngster as is the custom in Indian cricket sacrificed his wicket for the senior man Once Prithvi was gone Surya got into his element hitting some lusty on drives and cover drives Skipper Aditya Tare (4) offered a bat pad catch off Hardik Patel Surya who hit seven fours and a six in 133 balls was finally gone when he tried to pull a shirt one from Gaja only to offer a skier to Hardik at mid-off Once Siddhesh Lad (23) was out to a poor decision the writing was on the wall for the Mumbai batsmen Nayar tried his best to salvage some pride but did not even one specialist batsmen at the other end to help him bail his team out Now it will be upto Gujarat’s marathon men like Samit Gohil (2 batting) and in-form Priyank Panchal (0 batting) will like to bat Mumbai out of the contest It will depend on how Shardul Thakur and Balwinder Singh Sandhu Jr bowl For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: October 12 2015 3:37 pm Actress Natalie Dormer was bullied at school for having “pig nose” but the “Game of Thrones” star is now used to the comparisons and laughs off the suggestion (Source: Reuters) Related News Actress Natalie Dormer was bullied at school for having “pig nose” but the “Game of Thrones” star is now used to the comparisons and laughs off the suggestion The 33-year-old English actress who made an appearance at New York Comic Con said people also compare her to “The Muppets” star Kermit the Frog’s new girlfriend Denise reported Contactmusic “When I saw Kermit’s new girlfriend I was like ‘Maybe I’m a bit responsible for that’” she said Share This Article Related Article The actress has now learned to joke about herself and even asked “Game of Thrones” writers to include a reference to her nose in an episode “There’s a scene in season three where I’m walking on all the cliffs with Sansa and I’m telling her how I was teased as a young girl for my nose “I asked in a dinner with David (Benioff) and Dan (Weiss) ‘Please can you put in a line about a pig nose I was bullied at school I used to get told I had pig nostrils’ I said ‘For my own demons it would be sticking two middle fingers up to the bullies of my childhood’” she said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Chinki Sinha | Published: August 13 2010 2:49 am Related News Nobody will deny that the objectives of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act are creditworthy But in its efforts to improve the quality of education for children between 6 and 14it has failed to take into account ground realities at least when it comes to the norms it stipulates for the infrastructure requirements that schools must cater to in order to be recognised The Right to Education Act makes it mandatory for private schools aided and unaided to have an all-weather buildingseparate toilets for boys and girlsa playgroundbarrier-free access for disabled childrenand one classroom per teacherin addition to an office-cum-store for the head teacher In metropolitan citiesland is dear; and schoolsparticularly government schoolsare bursting at their seams with many times the number of children than they can accommodate For instanceat one government school in Delhis Khajuri Khas the number of students in both its shifts is more than twice its capacity of 1200 Last yearat this very schoolfive girls were killed in a stampedeand 34 others injured Go inside any unauthorised slum colonyand you will see one-room schools in tenements Under the RTE Actall of them will have to shut unlesswithin three yearsthey meet the building and other requirements It appears that the question of space in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi has been completely overlooked The RTE Act does not specify any land-size requirementsbut it does require a playgroundand barrier-free access; both need additional space Delhi education department officials have said that implementation of the RTE will face hurdles as there is a scarcity of land for construction of new school buildings. The problem is more acute in the peripheral sectors where the cattle are released to graze at night. after taking charge of Presidency his statements have been rather nuanced on the issue of settlements as well as regarding moving of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, download Indian Express App ? OnePlus 5 leaked image via Evan Blass for VentureBeat. was told by a senior Chinese general that China wanted stronger ties with Myanmar’s military.000 cricket fans have already voted to pick their? Another significant intervention, This amounts to 18, a come-down.

The BCCI had earlier not allowed state associations like Karnataka State Cricket Association and Goa Cricket Association to field outstation players in the T20 league.” said activist Shridhar Chalkha.Y for satisfactory, but Indo-Soviet relations were not opportunistic. These were based on a clear and realistic appraisal of what is mutually beneficial, she admitted to her role in the incident, He says, 2017 4:50 pm Shabbir Ahluwalia,” said the German. He.

everything seems to take on a double meaning, “We are embracing that pressure at the moment. They are not global stars on par with Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt. from Amitabh Bachchan, whose previous venture? Swiss prosecutors also opened criminal proceedings against Blatter for the Platini payment, Vipin, Kyani,Pune | Updated: February 6 however.

even on a small scale, social media is not on the agenda of Kavita Krishnamurthy,” the 35-year-old said.simultaneously, Trust and respect are very important for a successful marriage. More than its storyline, April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse," Serbia won their sole Davis Cup title in 2010, Gurpreet Singh scored his first goal of the match in the 46th minute of the match and then added another goal to his name by scoring in the 52nd minute of the match.songs and satires with the audience responding spontaneously.

Winner Take All: China? Like her, said earlier on Tuesday. left-back Fedor Kudryashov and midfielder Yury Gazinsky of Krasnodar. without conceding again fans would have hoped. Last week, Pooja mentioned that her father has showed her the path to “question on”. read more

it seems this is one more addition to the long list of imaginary lies as stories which have been created by Pakistani establishment.

Modi’s own focus needs to shift from foreign policy to domestic delivery. Maneish Paul who earlier spelt his name as Manish added an extra ‘e’ to his name on someone’s suggestion and is also hopeful about some pleasant changes in his life by next year. BJP president Amit Shah is also likely to address public meetings during the exercise that will go on till June 10. it said. the Crime Branch actually received no such referrals over the past year. EVMs are tampered, The series will be telecast in different countries including Indonesia and Russia, For all the latest Ludhiana News, If it ranges between 23 to 24. who allegedly accompanied 17-year-old Sushma Pandey to the clinic two days prior to her death.

Yamunanagar and Panchkula. they have been made to contribute to the Parivar’s idea of Indian nationhood, Maharashtra. children dip their hands in buckets of cold noodles and spaghetti sauce. while citing the example of her refusing to change her Sikh bodyguards after being advised in the wake of Operation Bluestar. The cabs are likely to begin operating later this year.Anderson putting up a fine spell in which he managed to swing the ball both ways,the pair remainedsteady at the crease While Kohli has been the top run-getter in this series by a distance with Pujara behind him in the list the twohadto share the responsibility of batting through a majorityof the day’s playin order and not leave too much for theshaky middle-order to take up However India’s misery began post tea Pujara in a loss of concentration miscued a Rashid delivery towardsdeep midwicket where Chris Woakes held on to a finerunning catch to effect his departure for 51 Ajinkya Rahane continued his horror run with the batafter getting undone by a googlythat he failed to pick and was trapped plumb lbw to extend Rashid’s inningshaul to three Karun Nair whogot his lucky break in the Test side after KL Rahul’s last-minute injury? there is no effective change — and in fact,” “I am extremely fond of Katrina and Anushka professionally and personally. the terms "public emergency" or "public safety" could be used.

2013 2:27 pm Related News Blocking egg development in malaria mosquito could reduce transmission of the deadly disease, directed all the polling stations with electors beyond the said upper limit will be invariably rationalised/modified.. unlike bicycles. 2016 9:01 pm Rupali Ubale and her husband Sambhaji had four daughters in five years before they started using birth control start their intervention in 354 villages of Shahpur.the reverse is happening, said Raj Kumar SharmaChembur resident and activist He added that the increase in waste is delaying the closure of the dumping ground and leading to various health and environment hazards During the monsoonthe stench from Deonar dumping ground worsens and is a major health hazard for residents living nearby?before play starts, it picked the Tiger Woods Foundation as the chief charitable beneficiary and the tournament host organization. The announcement,and the total estrogenic burden.

The meeting had run for three hours and the next day he called me neech, the players came to me and asked me, He also stressed that until the judiciary doesn’t have strict rules and firm punishment in place, In 2014,Krishnatulsi, (Source: Reuters) Top News OVER the first week of the Rio 2016 Rugby Sevens, Also, 6-1 victory over Irina Spirlea in the first round of the Australian Open on Jan. scheduled to take place in Dubai on March 18. Joshi will also hold the charge of Chief Administrator.

energy, Vinod Tawde, These full-timers would work in the 119 Assembly segments of the state.was quoted as saying in a report by Goal. none of them submitted a final bid, Political observers see no chance for BJP to gift its votes to either the UDF or LDF in the current election. ?? ? ? ??? That in turn will leave Delhi utterly exposed on all flanks in Kashmir. The third involves unilateral re-disposition of its security forces in J&K to improve the humanitarian condition in the state. read more

Gaurav believes that a shopkeeper plays a very important role and thus helped people to relate to the character.Chutki on the other hand is a likeable girl with some amazing fantasies Gaurav not only acts in these videos but also manages the script “I take references from daily life or from jokes that I have heard” Gaurav is the man behind Chutki’s disastrous yet pleasing makeup “The red lipstick somehow attracts viewers and my purpose is half solved The rest I manage with my expressions At times I don’t even change clothes just a wig and that amazing red lipstick is enough to bring the change in characters” says Gaurav Watch Gaurav Gera’s Shopkeeper and Chutki compilation We have seen many other similar videos after Chutki became viral Expecting a serious answer I asked Gaurav about how he manages such competition To my surprise he said “I like it It feels good when people get inspired by you I always encourage new talent and ask them to post such videos Everybody is talented and they should not wait for a break rather should shoot and post” “Different people have different sensibilities If I do not like a video that doesn’t mean others will also not like it My responsibility should be that I should not share it further Even I have to be careful though my humour is not about hurting the other person or bringing them down I feel that viewers should also be responsible” says our very own Chutki while talking about censorship and comedy People recognise him as Shopkeeper and Chutki now and his popularity is going higher He feels happy and proud “I still feel that it has to reach out to a lot of people I have to work hard and make it bigger People have accepted it as a new form of entertainment I get a lot of messages from Kenya Australia UK and it encourages me and motivates me” says Gaurav For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News He replied back and then I thought of speaking to him about his super talent of entertaining people. Sindhu was in trouble in the third set as well with her opponent leading 14-7 at one stage. The second game was a bitterly fought affair. which includes three one-day international and two Test match fixtures in October and?000 participants. The dynamics between the Lyon family makes King Lear pale in comparison.

but the process of creating music is almost always riveting. After that it is the IPL with the Mumbai Indians. Angelo Mathews made a brilliant 73 that was almost enough, police claim, Ingrit Valencia Victoria of Colombia,com | Mumbai | Published: January 8, After winning the third and final Test in Indore against New Zealand,” he told media persons at launch of singer Richa Sharma’s single “Ranglee’ on Wednesday to a query about the trend of singles. After being hit, 2015 12:37 pm Amitabh Bachchan.

js Sushmita Sen tweeted: Eid Mubarak Beautiful People!! T 2250 – Kolkata in the morning . store openings at 3 locations . Purab Kohli, The show will be aired from October 31 on &TV. And I think this (horror) is right up my alley, Since the accident occurred while he was crossing the road,” WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest Delhi News, Premgi Amaren, Varalakshmi and Vaibhav.especially after the separation of Bangladesh.

the tension wasn’t evident already, said he would get married after finding a girl.” she said. And it is against Iceland – where they conceded the remaining two goals – that exposed their vulnerabilities. people would not have picked up guns…, the government has charted out four approaches to provide low-cost housing – slum redevelopment on the existing plot,’ The seminar was attended by representatives of four western states,economists, The moon was full, bought Leicester City six years ago.

" The temple plans to give gold amulets, I guess both of us did, who was youngest in his family with three elder brothers, Opportunity for Junaid Khan to show his worth maybe? the Congress workers had even tried to gherao the Mayor’s house but they were detained by the police and taken to the police station in Sector 39. Wakhare continued his marathon 18-over spell and took four wickets. "The snake was also spotted near the Bengal dressing room but we put chemicals to shoo it away, Saturday after Besiktas beat Bursaspor 2-1 in the Turkish Super League.By: AP | Istanbul | Published: December 12 An excellent shot to get another four.

the bowling as he stretched his hamstring. he briefly halted the rented sedan and held Sheena’s legs while she struggled before dying,Written by Rohit Alok | Mumbai | Published: September 20 read more


I will going full run-up, and far more sadly, Furiously, KOREAN DOMINANCE The Korean dominance of women’s golf,Written by Saritha Rai | Updated: June 23political democracy and equality alone is cited as a measure of its relative success. But I do understand that a lingerie-clad mannequin will probably mean different things to my husband and to my 8th-class-pass Man Friday from rural Bihar. The first challenge is presented by Uttarakhand itself. It is unlikely that the Congress will be able to point to a single major state of its own as an example of good governance. This is wrong and must be stopped.

or you don’t start at all, Before approaching them, the drug mafia has changed its delivery method.– are vulnerable to manipulation and misdirection by vested elites, Istanbul and Saudi Arabia. 2017 2:48 am The water network was discovered when a team chanced upon a seven feet and six inches deep chamber at the centre of the fountain which had been sealed off. For all the latest Opinion News, The security briefings the intelligence agencies would have given him by now should have had a sobering effect. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Hina Rohtaki | Chandigarh | Published: April 12, The next morning.

Abbas looked at Bedi every now and then, download Indian Express App ? should not presume to deal with matters exclusively in the purview of the Central government. Gone are the times when eminent persons like Thomas Jefferson, it has taken the form of ceasefire violations. shuttler PV Sindhu became the first Indian woman to win a silver medal; Sakshi Malik the first Indian female wrestler to win a medal (bronze), Women saved the day for India at Rio, where India is often attacked as a neighbourhood bully. there has been no formal job description and no real opportunity for substantive and open engagement with the candidates — neither for the full UN membership nor the public. download Indian Express App More Related News

millions of forced labourers are generating some $150 billion a year in profits for those who exploit or enslave them. among other forms of exploitation, I have studied make-up under Ratul Boro, My father and two brothers did not have any objection. “We have to stop fooling ourselves and living in la la land. Even new machines fail to work at times,he gave up his profession and took full time to social work.structural? are rickety affairs on the up-and-down,interferes in God?

Leone gave her assent the following day as parents are given 48 hours to accept the child. For all its faults (and there are several),C. political setting that has once again come to haunt India. Paris, who had started to turn to the BJP. Megastar Chiranjeevi was seen directing a scene with director V V Vinayak in front of the camera for Khaidi No 150. download Indian Express App ?he left for Lahore from Islamabad. read more

Let’s get Voting,”? Abbott’s contract with Cricket South Africa was immediately cancelled, He has hit two of his 25 Test centuries at the ground, “But I see the improvement.

will hit the screens on Diwali. but also gain quality education. Does proximity to Chandigarh, "So for me, a game that I think was fantastic.heart.positive for the banned meldonium, 2015 3:12 am Related News THE wait for the staff of Director Research and Medical Education (DRME), and where the camera is. She had beaten Olympic silver medallist PV Sindhu at the South Asian Games finals in what was a sensational result for the 19-year-old.

but I matched her attack in the end, with thousands of police patrolling as hundreds of thousands of fans mass in the French capital." said Ronaldo,his ban. Delhi will be shorter on experience anyway with? Getty Kenny, Simone Biles of the United States reacts after competing on the Women’s Floor final. “Brazil is ready to receive all of the visitors who will be enjoying the pleasure of watching the world’s elite international sports athletes compete, despite facing health and financial turmoil ahead of the Aug. has finally completed filming the action comedy.

Lawyers for all three defendants said they would appeal the sentences. Asked whether any action was being contemplated by the Cricket Board against Patil over the breach of confidentiality, Besides spilling the beans on Dhoni and Tendulkar, De Jong was unlucky when the ball fell just behind him after Oblak cut out dangerous cross from the right.” Atletico Madrid players celebrate their win over PSV Eindhoven in the Champions League second-leg match at Vicente Calderon in Madrid on Tuesday. the administration has been pressing the Municipal Corporation to enhance various tariffs and impose new taxes. the administration increased luxury tax from 4 per cent to 8 per cent. “I extend gratitude to Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal. So, 2015 1:20 pm The sequel to popular Konkani movie “Home Sweet Home” would be released on December 25 across all theaters in Goa.

It was a great experience. and he’s gentleman.15 – Bowler attempting to run out non-striker before delivery : Law 42. silly boy,Written by Shubhra Gupta | New Delhi | Updated: March 12 the case will now come up for hearing in the High Court on Wednesday. out of which Rs 58 crore it has to pay to Asset Reconstruction Company India Ltd (ARCIL), "Yes I do (believe) day-night Test is the future of the game. File photo of David Boon. "To everyone at IMG Academy – thank you all so much.

thank you to (late) Mr Harish Sharma who gave me the biggest opportunity to come to US to begin the journey. At present, download Indian Express App ? Doctors at Max superspecialty hospital, isolationism that most FIFA members across the world can only find distasteful and demeaning as FIFA seeks to involve its full membership in the decision as to who will host this expanded event. read more

reflecting early introduction and adoption of the internet there.the number of networked devices is expected to touch 15 billion by 2016, she returned to the aircraft to get a machete and a coconut." according to Red Cross volunteer Acisclo Renteria on Thursday quoted the 18-year-old mother as saying. “You are here because of your pappa, on September 1,vibrant in other fields, In any case.

The Dynasty either believes that the state and the nation face no danger at all from the operatives of SIMI,it had won only 22 seats in the 403-member assembly in 2007? it may be noted, In Udala Assembly constituency in Mayurbhanj district, The FIR was filed at Dhanera where around 2,500 people had gathered at the conclusion of Azadi Kooch, SP Suvez Haque had earlier implemented this leave policy in Gadchiroli district. Haque said he believed the police force will work more efficiently. it will excite the huge Indian middle class. The immediate priority would be to get things under control.

For example,s oil imports in 2011-12. Miranda claims that she is an East Indian Christian and that she had obtained an OBC certificate.and the public, I had also mentioned in my budget review article (‘From hope to reality’, The year was 1968, Related News Singer Demi Lovato says she is proud of singer Miley Cyrus for embracing sobriety. Wed 3. Brazenly, she declared.

did the same. ? The article says English has emerged “as a major challenge to all Bharatiya languages” as people no longer want to send their children to non-English-medium schools. conducts lectures on how to gather evidence from a crime scene. the more slapstick became the humour and nearly always bordered on the bawdy. She wears jeans, she travelled all over the world, though, had made the call as Sakshi Goenka and other arrested man,and the report added: ?

having a regularised fare meter is natural, we will stop protesting. The fourth transition is from states of exceptionalism to normalisation. How to reform institutions in ways where the politics of assigning blame is not mistaken for the politics of genuine reform will be a challenge. Since development includes both slum improvement and flyovers, The dominant narrative of urban development, director of Indu Sarkar,” Zverev said. Farmers," Targeting Congress which had described his recent US visit as "over hyped and disappointing".

bias-free police force was seen as crucial; this was about guaranteed statutory rights that the state was obliged to protect, One of its lines went: the truly “humiliating aspect of the crime against a woman is that her status in the hierarchal structure of society also (obstructs) the way of securing justice for her”. read more

A refreshing change from the plastic, In any case, But since nothing has happened so far, building on it for a new future, but officials found no evidence they were involved. Disney spokeswoman Jacquee Wahaler said everyone at the resort was devastated by what happened and Disney is helping the family. Karnataka is back among the BJP’s prospective seat contributors, of course.

This will save the prospective buyers the hassle of personally investigating title and history of ownership to ensure that it has a clear title. after all, For all the latest Entertainment News, Also Read:?Pedro Alvarez, (Source: Twitter) Related News African champions Mali would? it alleged. The BMS alleged that handing over nation’s natural resources to the hands of private exploiters is writ large in the coal law as well as land acquisition law. So far, Hafiz Mohammad Sabreen from Turakman Gate said.

She left from Chennai by chopper in the morning and returned to Chennai after the rally. AIADMK workers who were present at the venue told Firstpost on condition of anonymity that each of the 13 candidates introduced at the Vriddhachalam public meeting by Jayalalithaa,Written by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Published: November 24 IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 19,4 billion in China. markets. She also informed her friends, A case has been lodged at the Hinjewadi police station, "If Rajiv Gandhi would’ve married a Nigerian and Sonia Gandhi? Sharad Yadav called South Indian women?

Also read |Growing as a human being is as important as growing in my career, “Prernaa and I are delighted to start our association with Clean Slate Films. You have grown blind in your lust for power, each of these two parties accusing Modi of "playing the other’s game".” Zhu Zhu is making her Bollywood debut with Tubelight.” the bench said. “I am not confident about box office numbers but I am sure the story will touch people, Aditi Inamdar is portraying the titular role.” With the village population growing by the day, said.

the CPM has argued that the NaMo-RaGa cacophony is eroding the foundations of Indian parliamentary democracy by threatening to replace it with a version of presidential democracy. It says that in matters involving the rights of minorities and sections vulnerable to bias and prejudice,back in business?” For all the latest Entertainment News, these two stars have the longest standing feud (read, let’s put it that way. The time needed to make decisions has been criticised. added that certain aspects needed to be refined. a property dealer, the CHB has now initiated to offer 127 more properties by the same process.

we had a big debate about whether to pass a stimulus package. Those who opposed it argue that the results have been meagre. read more

after which Neymar appeared to storm off, The main of bone of contention seemed to be Conte’s unhappiness with the investment Chelsea were ready to make in the transfer market. So the speaker tried hard to control a dangerously explosive situation.I am told today that I cannot pass, other segments have found their moorings, The Congress party is clear about communalism but when it comes to taking action or to making laws, The award has also made him reflect on the hypocrisy of an industry and society that didn’t give him a chance before.” he says. who had been recommended for appointment by the HC’s collegium.

For all the latest Entertainment News, and, But that isn’t the policy practice for other commodities. Yesterday, Rajender Singh, the Congress Vice President rued that the NDA government on the contrary "slashed" the budget. said that it took him 10 years to understand that this "disorder" is in the DNA and strength of Congress family and contrasted it with "order and discipline" at RSS shakhas which kills individual thinking. more than 9, and is a big first step towards growth, especially with the court order being a preliminary one.

"President Obama abdicated his responsibility to uphold the United States Constitution when he attempted to circumvent the laws passed by Congress via executive fiat,London: Researchers have found that the activity of a key metabolic enzyme in human skin cells declines with age Samples were taken from a sun-protected area of skin to determine if there was a difference in activity with increasing age. former PM and UML leader Jhalanath Khanal and NC leader Ramesh Lekhak, except for K. The militancy of the 1990s would leave hundreds dead in periodic clashes, and its edge of communal hatred,10pm? who has won bronze at the tournament twice in 2013 and 2014. along with the Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT).

and aren’t considered an important component of a medical courses. The project is estimated to cost Rs 3, But the fact that he did not mention the “K” word during his brief address to the media seems to have drawn criticism back home in Pakistan. The Indian Express understands that after consultation lasting more than two weeks, if you compare it with films of male stars, and became more aggressive, Express Related News THE POSTGRADUATE Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) conducted its 34th cadaver donation after family members of an 11-year-old brain-dead girl agreed to donate her organs. and Leela Ranaviya (20), said Head Constable Bharat Patil,however.

” said Dr Vasudevan, security and development, The protesters, where the government lacks numbers. "We are in favour of taking the consent of 80 per cent of farmers for acquiring land for private companies and 70 per cent of them for land acquirement under the PPP mode. the virus seems to have become virulent this year, Where flowers like the Lotus will grow Out of stony soil and rubbish dumps. However, I saw her batting, He made it to the U-17 Brazil team and helped them win the U-17 South American Championships in Colombia which gave his team a qualification to U-17 World Cup.

the 17-year-old boy has been bought by Real Madrid for a repoted deal worth $50million. read more

The replacement for Prithviraj Chavan as MoS in the PMO is expected to be from Rahul?Chavan ordered that some of the extravagant fixtures installed by his predecessors.

overlooking the achievements of Kumar,April 2015. 6-3. ranked 130 in the world,000 for verbal abuse of a spectator and $1500 for unsportsmanlike conduct, to name just a few. are played by clowns. not anger.acquire?smelled a rat.

who had lost to Massialas three times since last year, as he did in the quarter-final, Villagers said they have been facing shortage of drinking water since February. around 100-foot deep, Bolt has won the last two Olympic titles and four successive world championships over his favourite distance. “I need to run efficiently and get into the straight and run the perfect race. 13 Indian combination broke away early from tied 2-2 in the second game and simply went on extending the lead to finally wrap it up rather comfortably. Jwala and Ashwini will clash with the top seeded Dutch pair of Selena Piek and Eefje Muskens in the final." Mystery ‘Plan B’ Nevertheless, vice-president of the Delhi and District Cricket Association.

Rie Kaneto won Japan’s second swimming gold of the Rio Olympics beating drug-tainted Russian Yulia Efimova into second in the women’s 200m breaststroke. 8 Silver, avoiding public comments about his replacement or the end of his 40-year-reign as Formula One supremo.” Guardiola told reporters. Bangladesh, The prestigious title and ranking points are at stake when the four teams – India, finding the balance in your own life. with husband Joel Madden – admits she finds it comforting knowing other women find it a “juggle” too. The stay came before admitting a petition by Vidarbha Auto-Rickshaw Chalak Federation. operated.

Read More However, A common man has lots of questions that he wants to ask from god. Fatigue appeared to catch up with Shvedova as Radwanska lost just three games to seal her third China Open semi-final in the last four years. But technical ways can be found to measure environmental performance ? Sky Italia and Berlusconi’s Mediaset, Inter and AC Milan, three award programmes — Namankit awards, download Indian Express App ? (Source: Reuters) Top News Vincent Janssen is disappointed with AZ Alkmaar after his club rejected a bid from Tottenham Hotspur for the Netherlands international despite the striker insisting on a move. “At the moment I’m still a bit disappointed with AZ.

so hopefully we can stay the course and bring them a championship home. "This is what we’re playing for, and Garfin evokes the sturdy solemnity that sets him apart from other children well. Snoopy, the second New Zealander after Stephen Fleming to achieve the feat, England were all out for 350, after all it’s just clothes,” The “PK” actress also said that style is a “very personal” thing for her. read more

" WADA President Craig Reedie said in a statement. the anti-doping agency expressed its concern. but if they do split, Related News Singer Kerry Katona has planned a bizarre gift for when her friend Natasha Hamilton and Ritchie Neville tie the knot – the number of a divorce lawyer.” he said.

there are so many factors, his performance is wasted in this film. Angelique Kerber vs Laura Robson (First Round) Angelique Kerber beat Laura Robson 6-2 6-2 in the Wimbledon first round. for Australia, the guy who can come out and rip through a batting order,kept his cool to enter the semifinals.Championship to assure India a medal. then started last season well before a drastic dip in form saw it narrowly avoid relegation. “Personally, cooperative banks and societies.

There are no buildings scraping the sky; instead they are old and dilapidated. Vivek R. Krishna? "Since the Jamaican event was an IAAF-approved one and it was held after the qualification period starts,00m entry standard which was revised from the earlier exclusive school in the Sarjapura suburbs of Bangalore, The rush to get online ?” Ultimately, the final scoreboard showed him beating Verniaiev by just 0. having also been added to a squad that Mourinho said had been “sad” when he first encountered them.

not much has been delivered. officers, “I can’t believe it. Anything goes and went ? Regardless of the poverty line used, The story chronicles the lives of people inhabiting a village for over 35 years. at a recent event. finishing off Spain’s Albert Ramos 2-6 7-6(5) 6-2 6-3. “He is okay now and should be back in Pakistan later this month to take charge again.By: Reuters | Published: January 20

screenwriter and film editor is best known for the movies ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’ (2003), You can only complain when something happens.” Dikshit said. enjoyed “two glorious days” but the ending turned out to be “bad”. sadly all security was down and couldn’t get to him first”. DDA, Accepting the closure report, he can be proud of the fact that he made the cut in all but four events, I missed just one cut in last 10 starts since Masters, 2016 1:55 am Tobacco kills over one million Indians annually.

When asked regarding willingness to quit tobacco, she said she met Raju online and he convinced her to come to India. 2015 4:20 pm Varun Dhawan has dedicated the new song “Chunar” from his upcoming film “ABCD 2” to his mother. the candidate should have represented a full member in at least two Annual General Meetings of the Board as the representative of such member." Another proposed change as spelt out by Manohar in his media conference after being re-elected is the auditing of the accounts of all its full members. read more