first_imgRelated Posts The site has been designed as a forum. It has three sections. The section called For You displays links from people you follow on the site. These can lead to articles, and members can vote on whether they’re good, or to tasks called Dos, which call the activists on the site to action.The GOOD staff takes the pulse of its community and bumps up worthy material to the For All Of Us section. It’s organized into topical sections, currently education, design, business and living. Much of this is sourced from the community, but original GOOD material also shows up here. And since GOOD is ultimately about spurring its members to action, the third section is a sidebar called Together Let’s… It displays tasks or events that need community support. Events featured in this sidebar are displayed prominently, so it gives worthy causes a better chance to succeed.It’s an intriguing model for a media company with a focused and passionate audience. It does away with the editorial guesswork of trying to educate these already smart people and lets them generate the ideas instead. Goldhirsh made an interesting comparison: As LinkedIn is to the professional self and Pinterest is to the aesthetic self, aspires to be for the civic self.Your GOOD profile is a collection of the things that seem good in your world. And since the whole site is designed around your ideas, you can change it just by contributing. To pragmatic idealists like those GOOD wants to attract, society itself should work that way. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Tags:#New Media#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… GOOD used to be a magazine. It attracted doers and makers and activists, people with a civic mission. It wasn’t able to make a lasting business out of that, and in June, it laid off most of its editorial staff. It relaunches Wednesday, and it’s almost unrecognizable. Instead of staff voices, the voices on the new GOOD are those of the doers, makers and activists themselves.There are still GOOD staff behind the scenes. In fact, GOOD founder Ben Goldhirsh says “we’re going to create more original content in the next year than we did in the past year.” But instead of dictating what’s good to the audience, which is already active and engaged in its own projects, GOOD now works for its members.“We are moving GOOD from a media company to a global community of pragmatic idealists,” Goldhirsh says. GOOD’s problem was that its audience didn’t need to be told what was good by editorial experts. The readers were the experts.GOOD learned its lesson at the events it hosted. “People weren’t coming to engage with the staff of GOOD,” Goldhirsh says. “They were coming to engage with the people who share the values of GOOD.” So the new site is a place for them to hang out and collaborate. The staff are there to support and amplify the audience’s efforts. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… jon mitchelllast_img read more

first_imgmarkhachman Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… 2013 will be a make-or-break year for Microsoft. Not so much from a financial standpoint, but for how the company is perceived.Traditionally, Microsoft has built itself around the PC, anchoring itself by its core operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 8. But in the last few years, Microsoft’s Server and Tools division has generated the highest revenue and profits in the company, followed by the traditional pillars of the company, Windows and Business Tools, or Office.How will Microsoft fare in 2013? Financially and overall, just fine. But be on the lookout for softness in the company’s traditional businesses as Microsoft evolves into a services company.Windows 8: A Mild FlopAny Microsoft predictions need to start with Windows 8. So let’s get this out of the way: Windows 8 will flop in 2013.Not hard – the new operating system probably shouldn’t be compared to the catastrophe that was Windows Vista. But Windows 8 will likely be seen as overly ambitious, a risk that many potential customers won’t be willing to take. In all, though, Windows 8 will sell slightly fewer copies than Windows 7 during 2013.That’s not because Windows 8 is bad. It isn’t. To its credit, the new OS hasn’t been plagued with the sort of slowdowns and crashes and user interface mistakes that afflicted Vista. But the break from previous version is sharp. Windows 8 doesn’t launch to the desktop, the most familiar interface (and – perhaps to speed the transition to the new user interface – Microsoft is refusing to let users configure it to go direct to the old-style desktop). Years of interacting with smartphones and tablets have taught users how to navigate the Metro interface, and swiping left and right along the main Start screen is easily understood. But most consumers don’t quite seem to get what they need to do when they want to “work,” i.e. use the desktop. The back-and-forth between the desktop and the Start menu, the navigation between apps, the lack of a traditional Start button and other interface changes will frustrate users. Unlike Michael Dell, I see a significant chunk of enterprises still choosing to standardize on Windows 7. Typically, Microsoft halts sales of the previous operating system two years after the new version goes on sale, which would mean that Windows 7 would fade away in Oct. 2014. (Windows 7 mainstream support will expire in January 2015.) I think we might see a “toned-down,” more transitional edition/service pack of either Windows 8 (or 9?) that will help consumers shift over to the new OS. Basically, what consumers will accept is a Windows 8 tablet interface on top of a Windows 7 desktop environment. They don’t have it. Yet.Surface: A Nice Idea, But…If Microsoft could deliver a full-fledged Windows 8 experience at the $500 price point of the Surface RT, the company would sell a ton of its new tablets. So far, it’s not even trying – the Surface Pro starts at $900.Windows tablets – from Microsoft or others – will be lumped together with Windows Phone: lovely experience, but without the variety of apps that users are used to on the leading platforms. Sorry, but developers are going to support Android and iOS first, and then maybe Windows and BlackBerry. That leaves Web apps as the saving grace.In that environment, Surface will survive, but not thrive. Windows tablets from other manufacturers will barely survive. Expect some hardware makers to try a consumption-oriented “Surface Mini” form factor, though, with modest success.Traditional clamshell laptop form factors will still be the most popular for business, with convertible/detachable hybrid tablet/laptops making headway among consumers. That means it’s hard to see a sweet spot for the Surface Pro to catch on.Finally, Touchscreens will become a standard necessity very quickly. Logitech and other peripheral manufacturers are in trouble. Server Tools and Office: Under Pressure, But Still DominantAt this point, most people use Office because they use Office. It’s a habit. Most consumers don’t really need Office for basic Word processing, but there’s always just a bit of formatting that the free alternatives can’t manage. Businesses, meanwhile, have made Word, Excel and PowerPoint into staples of everyday business life.There’s no reason any of that will change in 2013. Office for Windows RT and Surface remains one of the compelling selling points for the platform. And, revenue concerns or not, it makes perfect sense for Microsoft to ship Office for the iPad and the Mac. So it no doubt will do just that. It’s in Microsoft’s best interest to keep its .DOC, .PPT, and .XLS formats (and their XML equivalents) front of mind for most of the Web’s population.It’s also difficult to see Microsoft’s Server and Tools business disintegrating. This has been one of the company’s most stable businesses, and should continue to be so for years to come.Xbox: The Top Dog’s Getting Long In The ToothWill there be an “Xbox 720” by Christmas 2013? Hard to say. But with each passing year (the Xbox turns seven in 2013) the possibility becomes more and more likely. Either way, the Xbox is becoming even more important to Microsoft. The Xbox’s function (as a games console) has evolved into an entertainment console. I think we’ll probably see that recognized as a rebranded “Arcade” version, reimagined as a sort of beefed-up Roku. Cloud services remove much of the need for local storage, but the Kinect provides a compelling user interface as well a gaming controller. Microsoft could strip out cost from Kinect, possibly making it audio-only. I think a stripped-down Kinect Arcade bundle is likely.Kinect for Windows, though a fascinating idea, probably doesn’t as make as much sense, given Windows 8’s a touchscreen interface. In general, however, Microsoft will have to stumble badly to allow Sony, Nintendo or others back into the console game. Windows Phone: We’re Number Three!Great product, nice interface, solid hardware. Count me in the camp of people who admire what Microsoft’s done in the smartphone arena. But there’s no way Microsoft unseats either Android or iOS. Instead, Microsoft should hope to become the third option – outpacing RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10.Will it? Probably, over time. In the United States, BlackBerry and Symbian are dead ducks.Microsoft Online: Bing, IE Gain RespectabilityIt’s probably fairer to say that Microsoft’s online services have already gained respectability, and will continue driving forward in 2013. Bing’s home page is still one of the most attractive sites on the Web, and if people were forced to visit it for every search it would do even better. They’re not forced to do that, of course, and Bing continues to trail Google by a large margin.If that’s going to change in 2013, the boost will come from Windows 8. In the new operating system, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome are unwelcome guests, rather than a fundamental part of the OS. And integrating Bing – which has diverged into its own ecosystem, rather than follow Google – will help Microsoft gain share in search. Whether or not Internet Explorer is truly the most popular browser varies by which analyst firm you ask, but IE10 will definitely help grow Microsoft’s presence online.The tougher question is whether Microsoft’s online division turn a profit in 2013? The answer is No. It will come closer, but that milestone will have to wait.All the changes should work together to benefit Microsoft’s online ecosystem. The company has brought together a suite of products, from Skype to Microsoft’s Office Web Apps, that can all be tied together. How well Microsoft can monetize them, however, is anyone’s guess.Put it all together, and 2013 is the year Microsoft doubles down on its pivot away from being a software supplier to being a services provider.Expect some softness in Windows sales, but continued strength in back-end tools and services. How this all plays out will determine whether 2013 ends with a very different Microsoft perceived as a newly revitalized dominant player or a reeling giant struggling to regain relevance.  Related Posts Tags:#Microsoft#predictions#Windows 8#windows 8 rt#Windows Phone 8#Xbox center_img Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… IT + Project Management: A Love Affair 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Nowlast_img read more

first_imgA knock against Apple over the past couple of years is that the company has failed to innovate anything new, anything special. The newest iPhones and iPads have been iterative updates of what had come before. Apple had lost its innovative mojo, people said. Apple CEO Tim Cook begs to differ.“I’ve never been more bullish for innovation at Apple,” Cook said at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference this morning. “If you look at skills, Apple is in a unique and, in my view, unrivaled position. We have leadership in hardware, software and services,” Cook said. “The real magic is at the intersection of these. Apple has the ability in all three of these spheres and innovate like magic. The iPad is very magical because of all of those things.”Cook would not comment on future features or products from Apple and instead took the classic company line, using words like “experience,” “magic” and “innovation.”“If you look at IBM, it did a study on Black Friday, this was shocking, even to us. The most shopping on any device was on an iPad,” Cooks said. “The iPad was twice as much as any Android device. Every phone, every tablet. Why is this? Because of the incredible experience.”Apple will also not release a cheaper smartphone just for the sake of releasing a cheaper smartphone, Cook said, but instead will continue to focus on its ability to make great products.“Our North Star are great products,” Cook said. “We wouldn’t do anything that we consider not a great product. That is not why we are on this Earth. There are other companies that do that and it is just not who we are.” Related Posts dan rowinski Tags:#Apple#iPad#iPhone#Tim Cook Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfacescenter_img Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

first_imgA giant consumer-electronics company, dependent on smartphones for its profits, sees its stock hammered even as it reports huge earnings.Last year, that company was Apple. Now, it’s Samsung, whose shares fell 3% Friday as investors worried about sales of its flagship Galaxy S4 phone.Of Samsung’s $8 billion profit, 70 percent comes from mobile devices, so the concern is understandable. But wait: $8 billion, up 47% year over year? What’s not to like?A lot, apparently.Shifting SandsThe problem for Apple and Samsung is not just fickle investors: Consumers are equally hard to please. And outside developed markets, they are very cost-sensitive. Sub-$100 smartphones from everyone from Nokia to ZTE are catching on.Smartphones and tablets are almost all screens and chips. The glass displays and the silicon processors all come from the same substrate: sand. Wrap metal or plastic casings around them, and you have a phone. As Google CEO Larry Page recently mused at his company’s I/O conference, the raw materials of smartphones don’t add up to a big bill.The value to consumers comes from software, which is why Apple rolled out a major update to iOS, its mobile-device operating system, and Samsung is trying to figure out how to differentiate its Android smartphones from other devices running the same Google-designed software.Excess SuccessWhat Samsung may be facing, too, is that it simply did too good a job getting the revolutionary technology of a modern smartphone into people’s hands. Its marketing blitz over the past year may have convinced people to buy Galaxy phones, but investors aren’t persuaded it can repeat the act. (And indeed, Samsung’s weird New York launch and subsequent campaigns seem to have done it no favors.)Is there a way out? Perhaps the answer is to stop selling sand. As hardware becomes cheaper and more commoditized, software becomes more and more important. And not operating-system software: The Android vs. iOS battle, while likely to serve as fodder for comment threads for years to come, isn’t what matters.It’s all about apps now. Apple, despite its opaque ways, has done a good job of cozying up to key developers. Samsung is making strides here, from its partnership with Dropbox to the new Accelerator offices it is opening up in New York and Palo Alto, Calif.It might help, though, if Samsung’s user interface weren’t so complicated that it needs an “easy mode.” Get the software wrong, and all you have is an expensive hunk of refined sand. Can you blame investors for worrying that that’s what they’ll get stuck holding?Image courtesy of Shutterstock. What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … owen thomas Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologycenter_img Related Posts Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Tags:#Android#Apple#Google#iOS#Samsung#Samsung Galaxy#smartphone#smartphones last_img read more

first_imgRelated Posts Andrej Kovacevic Digital Marketing Jobs in the Government Sector Modern businesses rely on their web properties as their primary means of attracting and communicating with consumers. Web properties have become an all-important sales and marketing channel, and stand as the public face of most brands, shaping perceptions and public sentiment in innumerable ways.The primacy of the web has caused companies the world over to obsess over their website statistics, spending much of their marketing spend on refining every imaginable aspect of their online operations.Generally speaking, the majority of businesses focus on search engine optimization (SEO) practices to drive visitors to their websites, and rightly so – more than half of all website traffic comes from organic search, after all. That has created a booming industry of companies dedicated to the task of deciphering the major search engines’ ranking algorithms, seeking any kind of insight that could provide businesses with a competitive edge in a crowded digital marketplace.At the end of the day, however, what matters to a business are the bottom line results they see from their internet operations. More often than not, though, the average startup finds itself putting plenty of effort into increasing pageviews but ends up with little to show from it beyond some impressive analytics. To remedy that situation, and to drive results that will actually boost the bottom line, here are the four key components of building web properties that actually convert.Quality, Not QuantityOne of the earliest lessons most startup businesses learn online is that although it takes plenty of effort, it’s not really all that hard to drive traffic to a website. Since organic search is such a big part of the overall picture, all that’s necessary are a few high-ranking pages, and the visitors will roll in. The real trick is not necessarily maximizing visitors, though; it’s attracting the right ones. The way to do that is to focus as much as possible on the quality of the content that is being used to attract visitors.Whether that content lives on the business’s web property itself or is part of a content marketing campaign spread across a variety of other outlets, it is vital that the content is laser-focused on the target audience. When that isn’t the case, and a business focuses on the sheer volume of content they’re producing, the visitors engaging with that content produces aren’t likely to engage with the brand or service because they may have arrived expecting something different than what they encountered. The bottom line is that quality content produces quality traffic.User Experience is VitalToday’s Internet-savvy consumers are exposed to more web properties every day than they may have seen in an average month just a few short years ago. The result is that they simply don’t have time to waste on any website that doesn’t deliver a smooth and useful user experience (UX) right out of the gate.Research indicates that an average website visitor makes the decision to remain on a website or leave within an astounding ten seconds. That means page designs must be succinct, to the point, and clear enough to absorb within that short amount of time. If visitors can’t be captured within that all-important window, no other on-page optimization efforts will make a difference.Measure Twice, or Three or Four TimesPhoto: tashatuvango / Adobe StockIf there is anything that may be considered a near-universal truth in building successful web properties, it’s that the first iteration of any site is rarely going to represent the final result. That’s because even experienced designers need specific audience feedback to create a finished product that meets the expectations of visitors and also produces results for the business.Within the iterative process, it’s essential to measure the results of every change through thorough A/B testing to make sure each alteration has the desired effect. Convincely shows us that that’s also one of the keys to fine-tuning visitor action paths, which can help to optimize visitor conversions further.Engagement Protects SEOOnce efforts have been made to drive high-quality, relevant traffic to a web property, there’s another goal beyond conversion that must be measured and improved wherever possible: user engagement with the site. While that may sound like an apparent goal, it’s one that many startups miss in their quest to increase visitors and develop leads, because engagement doesn’t always mean conversion.Despite that reality, high user engagement and lengthy site visits are the real lifeblood of long-lasting success. That’s why search engines consider something called “dwell time” as a factor in SERP placement, and it is one of the secrets to actual search engine staying power.Basically, dwell time measures the amount of time a search user spends on a website before returning to a search result page. Since search engines want to provide the most useful and relevant results possible, they tend to give preference to sites that capture users’ attention and hold it when arriving from the SERP.They regard such sites as higher quality and use the measurement to gauge how useful the page was to the searcher. For businesses, that means making user engagement the focal point of every part of their web properties to create a self-sustaining process – SEO raising search rankings, and high engagement protecting those rankings over long periods of time.A Virtuous CycleFor startups seeking to build successful, high-converting web properties, paying attention to the above factors is a must. Doing so will increase the number of relevant, motivated visitors arriving at the site, give them an experience they’ll enjoy, and guide them toward conversion. In addition, the very act of holding the visitors’ attention for as long as possible will help keep the pages ranking high, allowing them to keep drawing in precious prospects for longer periods of time.Getting these components right means creating a cycle of positive traffic and leads that will boost the company’s bottom line and keep the web property thriving without having to continually re-address time-consuming and often expensive SEO efforts. At the end of the day, establishing that cycle will help the site accomplish the objectives it was meant to while allowing the startup to do what it does best – innovate and grow. Andrej is a dedicated writer and digital evangelist. He is pursuing an ongoing mission to share the benefits of his years of hard-won expertise with business leaders and marketing professionals everywhere. He is a contributor to a wide range of technology-focused publications, where he may be found discussing everything from neural networks and natural language processing to the latest in smart home IoT devices. If there’s a new and exciting technology, there’s a good chance Andrej is writing about it somewhere out there. AI is Not the Holy Grail of Sales, at Least Not… Trends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Tags:#conversion#CRO#marketing#online business#User Experience last_img read more

first_imgRelated Posts How OKR’s Completely Transformed Our Culture Tags:#Adobe lightroom#Android#Apple#mobile#photo apps#Skillshare#social media#Viewbug We cannot argue that the photography world is in an exciting place right now. The new tech trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are being developed and implemented at an unprecedented rate. Even Facebook tried to downplay the incident in June 2017 — reported August 2017 — when their AI bots invented their own language — and locked the developers out of their own system. Businesses cannot move forward without fine artwork and photos on their websites.Businesses have even had to optimize their mobile technology for everything — including photos — or get a slap from Google. Everyone (and their dog) is working to make their social networks shine. We can finally find top-notch tutorials and educational material — that were previously only available to a few people. The entire industry is in an up-and-coming place for you to become a better photographer.Visuals are a driving force in everything we do nowadays. Our personal photos, podcasts, YouTube’s, and Snaps must be incredible — even astonishing — or our friends are — so kind — to tell us how lousy we did. We need help, and it’s here — in the form of apps for your photos.In the world of photography apps, it can quickly become overwhelming to know what app can help you improve your techniques and push your creativity forward. People love to share their photos and (in the past) could be happy using the basic tools major social media platforms provide. Just using the cast-offs that social affords you is not enough. It may sound cliché — but most individuals want to kick their skills up a notch and take things to the next level. As creatives, there is a search for excellence and a great desire and ambition to display your new skillsets. You search for inspiration everywhere — and we all search for the often illusive tools and services that will finally help you make your work look exceptional. From your photos, you hope to provoke an effect, to have an influence and to motive others. Experienced Co-Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in Web Design, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Strategy, Start-ups, and Strategic Partnerships. Strong entrepreneurship professional graduated from University of San Diego. Follow the Puckcenter_img What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Dozens of photography apps can help you improve your images, but there are a handful that can really make a difference in your creative journey. Capturing and post-editing are only part of the adventure. You’ll need to learn and understand the sharing process and how to use all of this information to the best advantage. These apps will give you the tools to grow into the exceptional creative you’re trying to become.Adobe Lightroom CCAdobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is a free, powerful, yet intuitive photo editor that is great to change the look and feel of your photos with a single touch. You can experiment with color, exposure, tunes, and contrast and make advanced tonal adjustments to your images. Take advantage of playing around with your photos on this site. Available both on Android and iOS.Amazing photos. Anywhere you are.SkillshareA community of millions of learners where you can explore over 25,000 online classes in pretty much any creative area including photography. You can learn at your own pace from great teachers in specific fields.  Available both on Android and iOS.VSCOWith this app, you can upload photos with quality presets and editing tools. VSCO is a place to express your true self, make beautiful photos on mobile, and connect with a creative community. Available on Android and iOS.ViewBugA great community to take your photography to the next level. On ViewBug millions of visual creators share photos and join contests in a community with photography tools to explore and grow their craft. Available both on Android and iOS.                                                             Join the Ultimate Community for Visual Creators.You will want to choose a community where you can thrive. Find a site and an app where you can freely access many variations and concepts for your visual creation ideas. Access as many interpretations and meanings for your photographic creatives and art for which you have the yearning. Have the aim to exceed what you usually find online and gain the power over your photos that you crave. Ori Guttinlast_img read more

first_imgWe’ve rounded up the best sounds of the holiday season – classic Christmas music for your video or media project!The sounds of Christmas – Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls and the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. These are just a few of the classic Christmas tracks that can instantly bring back warm memories year after year.In this post, we’ve rounded up some of these timeless Christmas songs to use in your media projects. These high quality royalty free tracks are warm and nostalgic, perfect for giving your Christmas project a classic feeling.We work exclusively with some of the world’s leading royalty free music composers to provide affordably priced music licenses for media creators. Unlike other commercial recordings of these tracks, our royalty free Christmas music allows you to legally use these tracks in your projects for one flat fee. Our Standard License covers a wide variety of distribution and allows for usage in multiple  projects without any future royalties.Add a dash of holiday spirit to your project with these Christmas classics.last_img read more

first_imgDCPs are in higher demand than ever before, but they are also far more accessible than ever. You now have several options for creating a full fledged Digital Cinema Package right from your own computer at a fraction of the cost of a post-house.It wasn’t too long ago that the price of creating a professional-level Digital Cinema Package (DCP) for a feature film could have easily run more than the cost of your average car. When DCPs first hit the market, there was initially a sort of mystique around them, and only the more technically adept post-production pros had a full understanding of how they functioned.Fast forward to now, and DCP creation is simpler and more widespread than ever. Just about any working editor has some type of DCP software on their computer, whether they realize it or not. Naturally that’s led many editors to attempt creating DCPs on their own, although doing so is certainly not always the best option.In many cases, post-houses will still give you the best and most reliable results when it comes to creating DCPs. After all, many facilities create DCPs for their customers day in and day out, which naturally means that their process is streamlined and their results will reflect that.But there will always be those filmmakers that want to take the DIY approach, either out of necessity or plain curiosity. If this sounds like you, here are three of the best platforms for creating your own DCPs today.DaVinci Resolve / easyDCPeasyDCP is one of the single best and most feature-rich DCP platforms out there. The company offers several different product types and bundles, which can cost up to several thousand dollars depending on the options you choose.While easyDCP does work as a standalone software, it can also work as a plugin within DaVinci Resolve. This allows editors and colorists who are already familiar with the Resolve interface to easily encode DCPs from their own system by paying for the easyDCP license fee. It’s not the cheapest option out there (not even close), but it’s definitely one of the best.Adobe Media Encoder / WraptorMany Adobe users are shocked to find out that it’s actually very possible (and relatively simple) to create a DCP inside of Adobe Media Encoder. The software uses a built-in plugin (called Wraptor, made by Quvis) to convert files into DCPs. Under the right circumstances, it can work very well.There are some limitations to Wraptor – for instance, it’ll only work properly with Rec. 709 footage, and does a poor job of converting 23.976fps footage (to true 24fps). But the software is free, or at least it’s bundled with Adobe Media Encoder, which makes it a great solution for budget-conscious filmmakers. There is also a “pro” version of Wraptor which will run you $699, and includes some added features such as higher frame rate support and adjustable data rates. It’s also worth noting that the plugin can also be used with Apple Compressor.CuteDCPFor Adobe users out there who want the ability to export a DCP from Premiere/Media Encoder, but don’t want to go through Wraptor for any reason, there’s another solution – CuteDCP.CuteDCP is the happy medium in all of this. It offers more control and customization than Wraptor, but doesn’t come with a high price tag like easyDCP. In fact, the software can be purchased for as low as $163, which ultimately makes it one of the best-bang-for-your-buck DCP options. CuteDCP won’t run quite as quickly as Wraptor will, but it does support higher frame rates than the lite version of Wraptor. It also allows you to toggle the XYZ color space conversion on or off, which can be a deciding factor for certain power users.Final ThoughtsThere’s really no substitute for getting a professional DCP created by a dedicated post-house  — for now, at least. Much like other finishing services (like color grading or audio mixing), the best results will often be achieved when you leave it to a specialist, even if you have the right software at your disposal.Still, there are instances where you may need to create your own DCPs, and it’s fantastic to know that there are several very strong options out there to help you in a pinch. If you need a long term solution and money isn’t an issue, easyDCP with Resolve is the way to go. But if you need something more immediate and want to keep costs down, ultimately Wraptor and CuteDCP are two of your best bets.Have you ever created your own DCP? Have any tips for our readers? Let us know in the comments below!last_img read more

first_imgWillie Sutton robbed banks. He is credited with stealing over $2,000,000. When they asked Willie why he robbed banks, he replied: “Because that’s where the money is.”There are two groups of people who struggle to recognize the wisdom in Mr. Sutton’s strategy: struggling salespeople and many startups.Those Who Wish to Make Selling EasyStruggling salespeople want selling to be easier. They call on the companies that buy a lot of what they sell and benefit the most from doing so. When these companies resist their efforts to meet with them to entertain changing providers, these salespeople look for easier and more receptive targets. Eventually, they find their way down to companies that don’t buy what they sell.In their minds, these struggling salespeople believe that companies that don’t buy what they sell are virgin territory. They don’t already have a partner, so their are no loyalty issues or switching costs. And, they don’t yet recognize the value of what these salespeople sell. By moving down to non-users, they have swapped the challenge of not being competent enough to execute a competitive displacement for an even greater challenge, the challenge of selling to non-buyers. Sutton would be confused.Startups That Don’t StartMany startups make the same mistake. They believe that anyone and everyone can benefit from what they sell. They believe this is true even when their product or service is a solution in search of a problem. Silicon Valley is full of companies that have identified a capability that they believe in so strongly that invest their time, their money, and other people’s money bringing a product to market, only to discover their is no market.The very best test as to whether or not there is a market for your product is the willingness of people to pay for it. In many cases, people who will pay for a product are harder to come people than people with money to invest in building the product.The Willie Sutton strategy is to go where the money is. Call on the prospects and clients who spend money trying to achieve what your product, service, or solution can help them achieve. This means you do not call on people who can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t spend money on what you sell.Your efforts are always better spent improving your skills than trying to make selling easier. Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

first_imgNLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They were studying the most powerful approaches to therapy, including Gestalt and Ericsonian hypnosis, when they recognized that they could help people change faster with an approach that combined an understanding of how we program ourselves. They gained a lot of attention, particularly through curing people of their longest held fears.Anthony Robbins studied with Bandler and Grinder before popularizing his own version of their work, calling it Neuro Associative Conditioning. He mastered the ability to cure phobias in a very short period of time, but his preternatural skills have allowed him to exceed the original work of NLP.I don’t believe that this work is necessary to salespeople, and I don’t believe that it is a good use of their time, energy, or attention.First, hypnosis and state changes are not easily accomplished, and mastering the ability to do so takes decades. The idea that modeling someone’s sitting position or pacing their breathing is going to generate enough rapport so as to create a preference is not likely.If you want to create rapport, you’re better off learning to be comfortable in your own skin, and working on a self-deprecating sense of humor.Second, any sort of tactical approach like that is designed to create an “advantage,” and suggests that you are doing something to someone, and not for them, and with them. There is no case where it makes sense to use manipulation to achieve an outcome when it comes to sales—or any other human relationship.Honesty, integrity, and candor are far more valuable when it comes to selling well. Trust is the currency we trade in.Finally, there are so many more powerful things you could spend time learning that would help far more than something like NLP. You could develop your business acumen and situational knowledge, developing yourself as an expert in your field. You could learn to prospect more effectively, sharpen your sales story, learn to gain commitments, or learn to negotiate in a way that allows you to sell at margins that allow you deliver results.You could also learn to manage your time in a way that multiplies your results. You could interview your clients and prospective clients to better understand their world, and in doing so, learn how you can do something more to create value for them.If you want to be more successful in sales, develop yourself into someone worth buying from, someone your dream client believes they need on their team.last_img read more

first_imgJammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Tuesday asked Pakistan to stop backing militancy in the State and enable restoration of peace so that a dialogue process could begin.“It is my appeal to those across (the border) that they should renew the policy of not supporting militancy or the gun that they had adopted during (Prime Minister A B) Vajpayee’s time,” she said addressing an election meeting in Dooru in Anantnag constituency.“Help us restore peace in Jammu and Kashmir and then talks will take place here and across (PoK) as well,” she added.The Chief Minister was campaining for Mufti Tassaduq Hussain, her brother and ruling PDP candidate for Anantnag bypolls. Ms. Mufti had vacated that seat last year.Mehbooba said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Pakistan in December 2015 had rekindled hopes of improving relations between New Delhi and Islamabad.“Narendra Modi went on his own to Lahore to meet Nawaz Sharif. A new hope was attached to it but unfortunately Pathankot (terror attack) happened,” the Chief Minister said.“These (tense) times will not last forever. Vajpayeeji used to say that you can change friends but not the neighbours. We have to live with each other cordially,” she added.last_img read more

first_imgChild victims of cyber crimes can now lodge their complaints at the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)’s POCSO e-box.Developed by NCPCR, POCSO e-box was unveiled by Minister of Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi last year.Considering the growing menace of cyber crimes targeting children, NCPCR has now enhanced the scope of POCSO e-box to handle cyber bullying, cyber stalking, morphing of images and child pornography. Complaints can be filed by via the e-box button at the Commission’s website, or emailing; or contacting: 9868235077.last_img read more

first_imgA massive search operation was carried out in Berdo village near the India-Pakistan border in Kutch district on Saturday after the signal of a suspected satellite phone call to Pakistan was traced to the area.Four people were detained for questioning after the combing operation, police said.Acting on an intelligence input from security agencies, 24 police teams launched a search in the area, Superintendent of Police, Kutch (West), Makrand Chauhan said. “Twenty-four teams of police officials consisting of around 150 police jawans carried out search operation in Berdo village in Bhuj taluka of the district today after satellite signal was traced near here, suggesting that a call was made using satellite phone to Pakistan,” he said.Four suspects“We rounded up four persons and searched several houses in the village and nearby areas to find the source of the traced call and [check for] any suspicious activities,” Mr. Chauhan said, while refusing to divulge any further details saying that investigation into the matter was on. “Since this is a national security issue, I am not in a position to reveal any further details into the matter. All I can say is that we have gathered some evidence and further investigation is on,” he said.last_img read more

first_imgA Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Goa police, which is probing cases of illegal mining in the State, arrested the accused, Imran Khan, on Tuesday evening. Superintendent of Police Karthik Kashyap, who is heading the SIT probe, said Khan extracted iron-ore amounting to crores of rupees between 2007 and 2012 during the Congress-led coalition government headed by Chief Minsiter Digambar Kamat.He allegedly acted at the behest of an influential politician in extracting ore from TC No. 65/61 belonging to the mining lease holder, Amalia Figeriedo.last_img read more

first_imgBahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati on Wednesday said the attack on Dalits at the event by members of the “saffron brigade” was a “fascist attempt to crush Dalit pride”. Ms. Mayawati alleged that the Bhima-Koregaon incident was a “result of the involvement and conspiracy of the BJP” to fuel a “caste war” similar to the one in Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh last year, when Dalits clashed with Thakurs, leading to police action against Bhim Sena.last_img

first_imgIn a major embarrassment to the BJP-led government, the Maharashtra legislature — for the first time ever — was adjourned due to a power outage on Friday. The outage was caused by water logging in the power supply room of the Vidhan Bhavan here.Worse still, as the administration swung into action to drain the water, officials found bottles of beer and country liquor, and plastic bags clogging the drains. Assembly Speaker Haribhau Bagde, who was personally monitoring the work, left the premises without speaking to the media after the bottles were removed.Nagpur usually hosts the winter session of the Assembly. However, for the first time since 1961 the monsoon session was held in the city, which has witnessed heavy rainfall since early Friday. The downpour resulted in water logging in several areas, including the civil lines area where the legislative building is located.The Assembly was in darkness even before proceedings began at 10 a.m., With no electricity, Mr. Bagde announced an adjournment for an hour. At 11 a.m., however, when the House reconvened, the security staff had to switch on the mobile phone lights to enable the Speaker to reach to seat. He then announced that the House had to be adjourned for the day.However, Power Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule denied any administrative failure in the incident. “The only problem is water has entered the power supply room at the ground floor and as a result we had to cut the electricity. There is no power shortage,” the Minister said.“It is for the first time in the history of the State that work had to be adjourned due to power outage. There was absolutely no need to hold the monsoon session in Nagpur ,” said NCP leader Ajit Pawar.last_img read more

first_imgThe Odisha government and Tata Trust will jointly spend ₹1,000 crore for development of cancer care facilities in the State over the next five years.The decision was taken at the first advisory committee meeting of the Odisha Comprehensive Cancer Care Programme that was held on Monday under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary A.P. Padhi.Under the programme, a state-of-the-art Tata Memorial Hospital will be set up in Bhubaneswar. The State will provide 25 acres of land free of cost for the hospital. The existing Acharya Harihar Cancer Care Hospital at Cuttack will also be upgraded.A special purpose vehicle called the Odisha Cancer Care Foundation will be constituted as the management entity. It will be under the chairmanship of the Secretary of Health and Family Welfare Department.It was also decided that 15 clinical units having different levels of cancer treatment facilities will be set up across the State.Comprehensive diagnostic facilities will be made available in government medical colleges at Burla, Bhawanipatna, Berhampur, Koraput, and Capital Hospital in Bhubaneswar.Daycare and diagnostic facilities will be set up at government hospitals in Jharsuguda, Kendujhar, Baripada, Balasore, Balangir, Bargarh, Nabarangpur and Angul.last_img read more

first_imgThe All India Federation of University and College Teachers’ Organisations (AIFUCTO) on Monday wrote a two-page letter to Union Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar demanding a high-level inquiry into the attack on an assistant professor of Mahatma Gandhi Central University of Bihar and “forged” documents submitted by the university’s vice-chancellor.“On behalf of AIFUCTO we express our concern over the brutal attack on the assistant professor of the Mahatma Gandhi Central University at Motihari, Sanjay Kumar, and also over corruption and tyranny of the Vice-Chancellor Prof [Dr.] Arvind Agrawal who has been made V-C on the basis of false and fabricated statements and testimonials in his application for the post,” said AIFUCTO letter, a copy of which is with The Hindu. ‘False information’In the letter undersigned by AIFUCTO general secretary, Prof. Arun Kumar, and president, Prof. Kesab Bhattacharya, the organisation has alleged that the V-C , Arvind Agrawal, has furnished “false information that he has been awarded PhD from Heidelberg University, Germany, in 1989, whereas he has been awarded the degree by the University of Rajasthan under the supervision of Professor N.K. Sanghi in 1992”. “Such a corrupt V-C… can only spread corruption,” said the letter.A large section of the university teachers have been protesting against the “fascists and dictatorial attitude” of the V-C since May 29. On August 17, Prof. Kumar, who had also been protesting against Prof. Agrawal, was dragged out of his third-floor flat by a mob and beaten up for making a comment on social media on the demise of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The attackers allegedly also tried to set Prof. Kumar on fire after pouring petrol on him. “The attackers were, in fact, goons sent by the V-C to teach us all protesting teachers a lesson… The social media post was just an excuse for the attack,” said Mritunjay Kumar Yadavendu, a colleague of Prof. Kumar.Prof. shifted to AIIMSThe injured professor was first admitted to Patna Medical College and Hospital but later on Monday he was shifted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi as he complained of some eyesight problem.The police said two persons have been arrested for the attack so far. Earlier, Prof. Kumar had lodged a case against 12 persons for attacking him at the town police station in Motihari in East Champaran district. “Ever since we have exposed his misdeeds in running the affairs of the university and set-off our protest on May 29, the V-C has turned hostile and is looking for an opportunity to target us and the attack on our colleague Sanjay Kumar was the fallout of his reaction,” charged another Assistant Professor, Sashikant Ray. “We request you to take these issues on serious note at your end and set-up a high-level enquiry against the V-C and during the enquiry he should be kept under suspension,” requested the AIFUCTO letter.State BJP leader and Tourism Minister Pramod Kumar alleged that Professor Kumar was a part of the “divisive forces” as his comment on Vajpayee on social media was not acceptable. The Opposition party leaders and students’ organisations have extended their support to Professor Kumar, while demanding removal of the Vice-Chancellor.last_img read more

first_imgBased on recommendations of an inspection committee, the National Green Tribunal(NGT) has set aside an order directing Hero Motorcorp to connect its effluent discharge unit to a common effluent treatment plant.A Bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel said, “We accept the recommendations and set aside the impugned order subject to the condition that the pollution control board must regularly monitor the unit for compliance.”Challenging a notice issued by the Uttarakhand Environment Protection and Pollution Control Board, that directed the unit to connect its effluent discharge unit to a CETP, the unit had contended that it was a zero liquid discharge unit.Referring to the inspection report, the green panel observed that if the effluent discharge was more than the permitted limit, the unit will have to upgrade its unit.“In case, in the future, the waste water generation be more, the system will be upgraded to comply with the recommendations and the law” the Bench said.The report submitted by the inspection report stated, “A time bound action plan for reduction of waste water generation through water conservation measures shall be submitted and implemented by the unit to ensure that the total waste water does not exceed 270 KLD at the inlet of ETP or 320 KLD at the outlet of ETP.”last_img read more