webmaster friend: are you ready to buy space when doing the site, in the network of a lot of IDC, there is no choice, the cost of mind, choose a good feeling of space, spent 200 yuan. Used only to find out, hanging three times a day. Listen to the QQ group of "master" and "inspiration" to know other places similar space is only 150. This time you want someone to give you advice about how to buy a suitable space ah, but you searched QQ friends to give you advice are those IDC salesman, they say they are the most perfect space. read more

once, someone put the database bank if there is no money to spend, and then go to the bank to get some money, the pond data in cash, if money is wealthy, to accumulate some data, change of water to the fish pond. Although it sounds a bit exaggerated, but in fact, these two really have the same purpose.

today, Huo always want to share with you the success of Taobao passenger must collect 3+N database:

Witkey database

is known as China ancient wisdom God Zhuge Wuhou, actually did not die from enemy, but died on their own, in more than forty penalty stick to personally determine, so hands-on, even the strong body does not carry live. read more

doesn’t know how many professional webmasters still live in the wave of the internet. The first sentence of the article was sad and hurried, and it was so sad. Chang Xiaofeng has for a long time without writing, because I want to write some useful articles to help you, those with no reality whatever anything we touched, but today I still want to write false, because this is a kind of consciousness that can help you take some detours or to help themselves struggling out from the pain.

what is a professional station, read more

I’m a person who likes to download things online, movies, software, music, animation, novels, and so on. All the things I like to see in my computer. One reason it online, sometimes more cards, there is a reason it is not so much time to see this see that squatting in front of the computer, in addition, there is one of the most important reasons Oh, I love to watch the whole book, and then put the whole book downloaded to the mobile phone, so we can guarantee that I can watch it whenever and wherever possible. Hey hey, read more

focus on the blog, the content of patient. Content building here mainly refers to the content of blogs that focus on a particular field, rather than the content of an individual life blog. If your blog is just a record of the little things in your life, you don’t have to think so much, what you like, what you want to write, and what to write about. But if your blog is a blog focused on a professional field (the webmaster blog is mostly of this type), the content of the construction can not be so arbitrary, must be patient. read more

The site

station also has 3 months, for the operation of the site can be said to be feeling a lot, to the site but also spent a lot of effort, but due to the unreasonable planning website 3 times in just 1 months, until June was officially finalized for now this way, because of the space stability the middle is Baidu and Google in sand box for a long time, the construction experience of 941 Wangzhuan information station has the following main points:

1, must do the construction site before the official release, the test is completed and then released, because Baidu Google is love new sites, often a large number of new sites included, there is no problem, since he has given higher weights, if a new all the content is collected, also contains the wrong connection, then Baidu is do not love you, also won’t give you much traffic, the new station must not change, is a painful lesson for the river after a seaman, I stand after the two revision, Baidu Google into the sandbox for more than a month only scraped escaped from the sandbox. read more

I don’t know much about the operation of the company, but I’ve seen a lot of companies and see a lot of them. Maybe it’s the mode of operation that defines the size of the business. Don’t talk too much. Look at the differences between big, medium and small businesses. Let’s find out why, too.

user experience chapter

large enterprises: to improve the user experience of the website by investigating the big data on the website, and to evaluate the quality of the website through questionnaire survey. read more

in fact, whether we do articles, websites or software download class website, different industry sites, and its promotion methods are almost the same. Today, I will be my article stand how to promote, do a simple experience share! Hope to play a role in attracting!


I want to talk about my article, the station is a website which was made in the beginning of 2010. What is the specific website, and I don’t want to be afraid of being called AD. Because before doing this station, I think a lot of the theme, the website localization in what direction and so on, my website program and the name of the site keywords, changed many times, half a month to start, Baidu is not included, so I don’t change the program, not the title, no more new content a few days later, Baidu released a collection of web pages, but because my program changed many times, Baidu included the long gone! No way, had to stick with it, I hope there will be a miracle. read more

doesn’t remember how much through the night, with the U shield turned much money, Baidu cut off many pages in how many domain name, how many times have black IDC, how many times users are not cheat… Say… What, see the wife is sleeping, spit smoke ring: "at least I’m still here


I don’t hate the black heart of the IDC, after all, do IDC also has his own reasons: do not want to criticize the relentless Baidu, after all, what big birds are… The most hateful is to engage in malicious code (Trojan) person, but 2: read more

Cao Guangyun in an article on to share the success of "the first" master piece of content, is currently has more than forty websites reproduced, reproduced here to open website thanks, because you will let more people understand to reprint the basic elements of success in, this article is to continue on a also, for the share of four successful people need to have quality:

success five: success is often not just what you want,

everyone knows one thing. When someone is famous, honor, money, beauty will be there. Just like the imperial examination system in ancient times. Fame, maybe he started only one idea, is promoted. But often when the promotion to achieve the goal of wealth and connections, then there will be. These were not originally thought of. Although web578 is not at all stages, but I feel it already. Web578 profit point is to join VIP members. But often a lot of people find me through this platform, in-depth cooperation. There is a VIP member whose family is from Hebei. The family opened a steel tube factory. After joining VIP, I felt I learned a lot. I felt that I was very helpful to him. One of his friends wanted to do an online marketing program, and finally handed me the list directly. read more

some time ago to see an article wrote "campus forum brilliant and lonely", in the face of micro-blog, WeChat and so on renren.com, one by one to rise, before a lot of high flow campus forum not brilliant, other types of forums have similar situation. On the one hand is the reason of site type and social demand, is also due to the core value of forum of the problem, the core value of the forum will have to mention the content in the end is what? Management mechanism is suitable for the current forum member read more



received a communication call from Wang Huadong about journalists’ day, the first response was: "I’ve never been a reporter.".

wrote this line to show that I wanted to be a journalist, but I didn’t know if I would have another chance.

2003 and Sohu signed a labor contract, I was allowed to use the title is chief reporter, who looked not bow to see the media colleagues see my name card will be handed out and asks a commercial website to have the interview right now? read more

construction of a very fruitful site, traffic is the fundamental guarantee of success, but how many owners to stop? Most of the time, always blame the "SEO technology is not in place or search engine suck. But there is a fall, there is, in the Internet, every day there will be new sites mixed with the wind and water. So, what gives these sites full of magic traffic, is the search engine? Yes, or not, and more often, I think: the achievement of website value is attributed to the self "gold content". Webmaster if successful, forging web site "gold content", is to win the search engine and the user’s only shortcut! read more

yesterday noon, I arrived at the Wa King Town Hotel in Guangzhou, in 2009 Guangzhou webmaster conferences, came to the hotel after I phoned Huang Baohua (Ali mother community senior moderator), first saw the Chinese brother not recognize them, with advantages of photos of the differences, see the real fertilizer. After seeing each other is not strange, and soon chatted together.

himself and Huang Baohua (right)


sign webmaster more, so more than 2 officially began in congress.

This conference will read more

many people regard marketing as a difficult task, but a good marketing staff should not only have theoretical support, but also need practical experience to improve the marketing process. Today, let’s take a look at the ordinary cup to see how marketing combines theory with practice.

theory one, work is only heavy, the result is not heavy process, but can see the process

through the resultWhen

walks with the cup, the glass is broken on the ground by someone else. The responsibility is not for others, because you haven’t properly protected the cup. read more

I was born in 1982 from Jiangxi, Ji’an, pure Jiangxi Laobiao home, surrounded by mountains, the villagers are simple. When reading learning is good, the test at the University of what, in the first phase of examination, because a classmate lost 20 yuan, and then I just stole 20 dollars from home money (at that time the family was poor, when reading every week with meals only 3 yuan pocket money, look at others to eat snacks, so tempted to steal money from home) so the students every day that I stole the money, according to the dispute to no avail, I love this man face, not long after I leave school. To tell you the truth, when I studied well, I expected a lot from my family. After leaving school, my parents often hit me and scolded me, but in the end I didn’t go to school. At that time, because he was only 14 years old, so he could not work. Stayed home for two years, raised fish, raised ducks, planted fruit trees, and had a small business. In the eyes of the village people, I am a weirdo in the eyes of my relatives and friends. I always think of something that other people don’t want to do, even if I don’t think of it. For example, in December of that year, other people planted winter vegetables, and I tend to grow in autumn to grow sparse dishes, in fact, that is, anti season vegetables. At that time, in the village village, no one heard of the "season against vegetables" this word, so no fewer strokes home abuse, village people are pointing fingers, saying I’m a weirdo. I must have been 16 years old, and I could not stand the pressure from all sides, so I went down to work in Fujian. read more

, I’ve been confused for a long time. I’ve been doing full-time website optimization for two years. Said two years, the actual lack of a year, because the middle and off, often on the edge of giving up and reduction.

recall, little success so that they continue to insist on is nothing more than a few websites, confirmed me in my belief, today some experience to share with friends, I hope those who have had less fortunate friends, hold on, maybe victory will belong to you.

scores are mainly in the early stage, when people are relatively easy to meet, a little achievement, it is very happy. At that time, just contact SEO, very lucky to fumble to a doorway, fortunately done two ten thousand IP station. Now want to do is be nothing difficult, but definitely was not so smooth. read more

some web pages are full of disgusting ads that hinder not only the acquisition of information, but also the mood of visitors. In particular, some irrelevant multimedia ads and pop-up windows not only make people feel harassed, but also easy to delay and waste precious time. Hence the famous cross platform AdBlock plug-in, which has its extensions or plug-ins on any mainstream browser, where users can install it and block most of the ad.

since AdBlock has a way of detecting ads and shielding them, as a web maker, there are actually ways of checking AdBlock in turn. read more

actually do stand long time webmaster all know, choose a good server will give us hard to do stand, bring unexpected effect. The reason is simply that the station is not for the sake of its own sake. The quick response server helps speed up the search engine and the user’s access. In particular, the value of our target customers, their feelings, or is favored, is our power to build the site. It is imperative for our God to provide a high speed access space.

half a month ago, received a single, is a production of brick Trade self-employed, there are three countries to build language websites. Because the database and style of what is provided by the other party, very smooth, ready. After the test, there is no problem with the delivery. But yesterday, the other side called again to say that the speed of the visit was slow, especially for some foreign users. So I began to do after-sales service, I tested in my own space, no problem, in the other party space test is no problem. Why foreigners do not? Distress in an afternoon, aimlessly looking for answers on the network, and finally a kind of friends offer a clue: it is not placed in the server? Suddenly find the root of the problem. Indeed, the server location choice in China, our own browsing is not the problem, but it doesn’t necessarily have to do foreign trade so smoothly, to know the region will give the web browsing speed has difference. Many of the domestic server access abroad is very slow, so call each other, specifically told him that the server is the problem, if you want to quickly open, you have to set up servers abroad. If you are browsing the website information transfer is very slow, the basic is the slow death, the deal on the basic question. read more


group has been on the Internet about safe car field does not change, although negative, 6 billion investment in the development of a good car safely but busy, Ping An Group and a larger investment, the acquisition of vertical site car home 47.7% stake for $1 billion 600 million, as a vertical website, after the valuation obviously again for the industry shocked, people once again eyeing the vertical


‘s original car home realisation: content + ad

‘s first car home is to make the content of birth, and then sell some ads on the site, now the car home, it is not difficult to see that these traces, in terms of content including automotive information, reviews, product, car video and other basic information, of course, in addition, the car home and the forum, online comments to the user to speak of the plate. read more