first_imgNew Delhi: Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister R K Singh on Thursday approved a proposal to declare ocean energy as renewable energy. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has clarified to all stakeholders that energy produced using various forms of ocean energy, such as tidal, wave, ocean thermal energy conversion, shall be considered as renewable energy and shall be eligible for meeting non-solar renewable purchase obligations (RPO), a statement by the MNRE said. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalThis step has been taken by the MNRE after some renewable energy developers sought clarification in this regard, according to the statement. Under the RPO, distribution companies (discoms) are required to have certain proportion of clean energy supplies. The proportion is fixed by state power regulators. The discoms can also buy renewable energy certificates in lieu of mandated clean energy supplies, from the developers or renewable power generators. Oceans cover 70 per cent of the earth’s surface and represent an enormous amount of energy in the form of wave, tidal, marine current and thermal gradient.last_img read more

first_imgAnnette Francis APTN NewsFor three days close to 40 young people from diverse communities across the country have been working together drafting the first Children’s Charter including 16-year-old Brady Sager from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.He said it was important to work on because Indigenous children face struggles that others don’t.“Because they face things that they aren’t necessarily learned behaviours, there’s more systemic behaviour, where they didn’t have a choice to be the way they are, they didn’t have a choice to be given less money in funding for school, health care for those benefits, they didn’t have a choice in where they live.”Youth will identify what their needs are in the draft charter.The event was organized by Sara Austin, director of Children First Canada.“In our country, far too many kids, are falling through the gaps,” she said. “We have six million kids in Canada and millions of those kids are growing up in poverty, experiencing abuse and neglect, dealing with issues of physical and mental health challenges and where they’re urgently calling for our support.”Rewan Karem said it’s been interesting to talk about issues like mental health, bullying, equity, education, and health.She said she learned a lot.“It pains me to think there are Canadians here in Canada, the Canadian dream does exist to think that within Canada there are people that aren’t represented the way they should or aren’t given the rights they should have or that there’s sort of this idea they do possess those right but they don’t really have it for example, I’m thinking about those up north more.”According to organizers, the aim is to have the Children’s Charter completed by early 2018 – before Canada goes before the UN Convention on the Rights of Children in Geneva.last_img read more

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is presenting a proposal to make Brazilians work longer before they can receive a pension as part of an effort to rescue the troubled retirement system.The plan presented to Congress on Wednesday would increase the minimum retirement age to 65 for men and 62 for women.Currently, many workers can retire in their early 50s.Economists have long argued that Brazil’s pension system isn’t sustainable because people are living much longer after retirement.As a congressman for 27 years, Bolsonaro often voted against proposals to reform the pension system.He now says he was wrong to do that, and made pension reform a central pillar of his campaign last year.Several attempts in recent years to curtail benefits have failed.The Associated Press read more

Members of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) host a rally near Bab El Had before joining a national Labor Day March to the Parliament in Rabat on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News. The National Union of Labor in Morocco (UNTM) host a rally in front of Nouzhat Hassan Garden before joining a national Labor Day march to the Parliament in Rabat on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News. A young child passes a black balloon to a member of the Cell 9 Coordination who is dressed in an orange prison uniform during a national Labor Day march on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News. Jalal Errazi, a member of the Cell 9 Coordination’s Slogan Committee, leads chants in front of the Parliament in Rabat during a national Labor Day march on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News. An organizer from the National Association of Technical Assistants in Pharmacies of Morocco (ANATP) leads chants and claps during a national Labor Day protest on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News.At approximately 11 a.m., each group made their way to Hassan II Avenue before turning onto Mohammed V Avenue and making their way to the Parliament.Along with union organizers, police officers facilitated the march by directing traffic and communicating directly with unions about when to move the next group of protesters forward.Police officers, who were seen working with union staff, declined Morocco World News’ request for comment on their role in facilitating the march.Police officers were seen helping union organizers coordinate a national Labor Day march towards the Parliament in Rabat on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News.The national march was coordinated between a series of groups, including the Moroccan Association of Human Rights (AMDH), who have been unable to provide a complete list of the groups at the march.Some of organizations present were the Alliance of Free Trade Unions (ASL), the Cell 9 Coordination, the Democratic Labor Organization (ODT), the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT), the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), the General Union of Moroccan Workers (UGMT), the General Union of Workers in Morocco (UGTM), the National Association of Technical Assistants in Pharmacies of Morocco (ANATP), the National Federation of Teachers (UMT), the National Teacher Federation (FNE), and the National Union of Labor in Morocco (UNTM).“We want our voice to be heard all over the world, which is why we are marching on International Labor Day,” Jalal Errazi, a member of the Cell 9 Coordination’s Slogan Committee, told MWN. “By marching with others, we learn about their marginalization and injustices we all suffer.”The official march ended at approximately 3 p.m., but teacher members of the Cell 9 Coordination decided to prolong their protest in front of Parliament.The extended demonstration led to an altercation between protesters and police when officers in riot gear were deployed with orders to disperse the remaining crowds. According to organizers of the Cell 9 Coordination, five of their members were arrested and two others injured.Riot Police were deployed with orders to disperse the crowd after teacher members of the Cell 9 Coordination decided to prolong the national Labor Day march on Wednesday, April 1, 2019. According to organizers from the Cell 9 Coordination, five of their members were arrested and two were injured. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News.Riot police at the march declined MWN’s request for comment.Leading up to Labor DayJust two days prior to Labor Day, on Monday, April 29, the Independent Union of Public Sector Doctors (SIMSP) hosted a march from the Ministry of Health to the Parliament.Read Also: Moroccan Doctors to Continue Protesting in RabatIn the last six months, nearly 560 doctors have resigned in protest of the current conditions of Moroccan hospitals. The shortage of doctors has caused the suspension of surgical operations in several public hospitals.The doctors’ protest was held on the same day that thousands of contractual teachers returned to the classroom for the first time since February.Read Also: Moroccan Contractual Teachers to Suspend Strike After Month of TurmoilThe Coordination of Teachers Forced into Contracts (CNPCC) announced the suspension of their strike following one of the most turbulent months of the movement. Since February 20, contractual teachers have been demanding the government hire them into the public sector. Organizers of the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT) host a rally before joining a national Labor Day march to the Parliament in Rabat on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News. Bedecked in orange, members of the National Union of Labor in Morocco (UNTM) prepare to march to the Parliament in Rabat during a nation Labor Day march on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News. Teachers from the Cell 9 Coordination prolonged the national Labor Day march in Rabat leading to clashes with police forces on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News. A fleet of taxis was seen at the national Labor Day march—the drivers, all members of the General Union of Moroccan Workers (UGMT), posted flyers to their hoods and honked in solidarity with the protesters on foot on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News. Members of the General Union of Workers in Morocco (UGMT) march toward Mohammed V Avenue during a national Labor Day protest on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News. Transportation workers, who are members of the National Union of Labor in Morocco (UNTM), march rally with other groups before heading towards the Parliament in Rabat during a national Labor Day march on Wednesday, April 1, 2019. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News. Rabat – Organized into lines and supervised by police, more than a dozen unions, syndicates, and groups marched to the Parliament in Rabat during Labor Day in Morocco.Observed on May 1, Labor Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, is meant to celebrate all laborers and working-class citizens.To begin the national protest, each of the participating organizations hosted individual rallies throughout the capital. Bedecked in their organization’s official colors, the clusters of protestors made pockets of white, blue, red, and pink all over Rabat. 1 of 14 A member of the National Union of Labor in Morocco (UNTM) poses for a selfie with a makeshift representation of a transportation worker during a national Labor Day march in Rabat on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News. A member of the General Union of Workers in Morocco (UGMT) leads others in chants during a national Labor Day protest on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News. Members of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) listen to organizers at a rally near Bab El Had before joining a national Labor Day March to the Parliament in Rabat on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo credit Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News. read more

A statement issued by Mr. Ban’s Spokesperson said he is “encouraged by the Government’s commitment to a broad reform agenda that aims to realise durable peace, stability and prosperity for the Sri Lankan people.” “The Secretary-General acknowledges the initial steps the Government has taken to strengthen good governance, advance reconciliation and implement the resolution of the Human Rights Council of October 2015,” the statement indicated, noting that Mr. Ban urges continued progress in these areas and emphasises the need for inclusive consultation processes to address issues of transitional justice. “The Secretary-General supports the Government’s efforts to advance a nation-wide dialogue to achieve a long-term political settlement acceptable to all. In this regard, he welcomes the Government’s announcement to commence constitutional reform. He calls on all stakeholders to cooperate in a spirit of inclusion and good faith,” the statement added. In addition, it highlighted that the UN chief remains committed to supporting Sri Lanka’s reform initiatives to secure long-term peace, prosperity and respect for human rights, including through financial support from the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund, launched in 2006 to support activities that seek to build a lasting peace in countries emerging from conflict. “[The Secretary-General] also commends Sri Lanka’s leadership in working to transform the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals into reality on the ground,” the statement concluded, referring to the 17 goals and 169 targets adopted by UN Member States in 2015 to wipe out poverty, fight inequality and tackle climate change over the next 15 years. read more

OSU freshman midfielder Hannah Scherpbier hits the ball away from California sophomore midfielder Paula Seibt during a game on Oct. 25, 2015, at Buckeye Varsity Field. Credit: Robert Scarpinito / Copy ChiefThe Ohio State women’s field hockey team capped off an emotional afternoon with a 6-3 victory against California on Sunday, as the team honored the four seniors playing their final home game at Buckeye Varsity Field.Forward Peanut Johnson, forward/midfielder Annie VonderBrink, back Emma Royce and redshirt senior goalkeeper Sydney Stype were joined by friends and family for the introductions.With a sense of energy from the pregame ceremony, OSU began the game strong as the close-knit Buckeyes entered halftime with a 3-0 lead. OSU had not scored three goals in the first half since its season-opener on Aug. 28. OSU coach Anne Wilkinson credited improved ball movement for the first-half offense.“We were starting to use each other and make simple passes. We went through a string where we were carrying the ball way too long and trying to beat three players,” Wilkinson said.Three separate OSU players scored in the first half. Sophomore forward/midfielder Maddy Humphrey scored first and was followed by goals from Johnson and sophomore midfielder Morgan Kile.Johnson’s reign at Buckeye Varsity Field ended about as well as it possibly could’ve, as she led the Buckeyes with three goals and an assist. Her four points are the most by any Buckeye player this season. However, she preferred to focus on the team rather than her individual accomplishments.“I think it was more just a team game. It wasn’t a personal ‘I want to score.’ It was just like we want someone to score, we were setting each other up, and I was lucky enough to be set up really well,” Johnson said.Johnson’s offensive prowess was called on in the second half when California threatened a comeback. Down three with just over six minutes into the second half, the Golden Bears scored twice within one minute. Wilkinson, dismayed, called a timeout.“She called a timeout just so we could get our minds right. One of the girls on the team, Morgan Kile, was just like ‘they are not coming back in this,’” Johnson said.Wilkinson said the timeout was to allow her team to take a breath and refocus.“I basically just told them to just calm down,” Wilkinson said. “Don’t play like you’re losing.”The team responded quickly. Johnson scored her second goal three minutes after the timeout and followed with a third score six minutes later, giving OSU a 5-2 lead.OSU’s sixth and final goal came from freshman midfielder/back Courtney Daniels. The score, the first of her collegiate career, gave the Buckeyes a 6-3 lead and put the game out of reach with under two minutes to play. The Scarlet and Gray’s six goals were the most the team has scored this season.The lead also allowed Wilkinson the opportunity to sub in Stype at goalie for her first action of the season during her final home game. As the buzzer signaling the end of the game sounded, Stype’s teammates enthusiastically rushed her.“As excited as she was to get in there, she’s really very deserving. As a fifth-year senior, she’s been through thick and thin and has worked really hard,” Wilkinson said.Wilkinson said she was glad to send to send off the four seniors with a big win.“With all the seniors, what they’ve contributed to this program is fantastic. My captains Emma and Peanut, I can’t say enough about. They’ve been such strong leaders this year and I’m just really proud to have them as a part of our team,” Wilkinson said.Although OSU finished its home schedule, it still has games on the docket at Kent State on Tuesday before finishing the season at Michigan on Saturday. After that, OSU is set to play in the Big Ten Tournament in Indianapolis, which begins Nov. 5. read more

first_imgBuilt specifically for heavy machinery and earthmoving industries, the new AR platform gains traction with dealers across four continents. Scope AR, which says it is “the creator of the first-ever true augmented reality smart instructions and live support video calling solutions,” and Caterpillar announced the official availability of the CAT® LIVESHARE software platform at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017. CAT LIVESHARE delivers the industry’s first augmented reality-based live video calling platform for members of the Cat dealer network to conduct real-time remote support, training and equipment maintenance. Hundreds of users across six Cat dealers are already using the software worldwide in countries including the USA, South Africa, Australia, Denmark and Canada.“We are thrilled by the immediate response to and adoption of CAT LIVESHARE,” said Scott Montgomerie, CEO and co-founder of Scope AR. “When downtime of complex equipment can lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue and days of lost productivity on a job site, it’s imperative that expert knowledge can be shared with remote workers in real-time to help with repairing, troubleshooting a problem or conducting maintenance on equipment. Through the use of CAT LIVESHARE, companies can now ensure workers complete a procedure accurately every time, while also documenting the process for accountability, performance assessment and knowledge retention.”CAT LIVESHARE is based upon Scope AR’s Remote AR technology – an augmented reality-based remote assistance application. The platform delivers the unprecedented ability to save time and money by combining augmented reality with live video streaming, voice, 3D animation, annotation, screen sharing, and white-boarding to simulate the effectiveness of having the expert looking over your shoulder guiding you on what to do step-by-step.With over 160 Caterpillar dealers and millions of pieces of Cat equipment in use worldwide, the new platform is gaining significant adoption, with several operators and dealers having already recognized the potential for efficiency and cost gains.“Using CAT LIVESHARE, we can now regularly communicate and discuss the equipment needs of our customers without requiring them to come to our component center, which in some cases, is hundreds of miles away. With the technology, we can walk them through routine procedures such as inspections or troubleshoot equipment in real-time using a tablet device from the shop floor,” said Johan Wilke, Service Manager of Barloworld Equipment. “We’re not only able to save time and money, but we’re also able to deliver a better customer experience as a result.”last_img read more

first_imgSmart grids : des réseaux électriques intelligentsL’avancée des nouvelles technologies et le besoin de réseaux électriques plus développés nécessitent la mise en place de “smart grids”. Ces réseaux intelligents permettront de gagner en souplesse et en efficacité, constituant un champ d’innovations et d’applications industrielles majeures.Des contraintes récentes ont été observées ces dernières années et pèsent sur l’organisation du réseau électrique. En effet, qu’il s’agisse de la libéralisation du marché, du développement des énergies renouvelables ou de l’apparition des voitures électriques, ces avancées entraînent la création des fameux “smart grids”, popularisés aux Etats-Unis par Barack Obama.À lire aussiDes étudiants créent une lampe innovante qui fonctionne grâce à l’énergie des plantesLa Commission de régulation de l’énergie (CRE) vient de mettre en place un cercle d’échanges et de réflexion sur ces réseaux d’électricité du futur. La réflexion se fait également via le site et aux forums annexes. Car la mise en place de ces “smart grids” va entraîner une nouvelle façon de fonctionner pour le consommateur. Intégrer ces nouvelles technologies au sein des réseaux permettra aux utilisateurs de mieux gérer leur consommation, grâce au compteur électrique évolué, par exemple. Les utilisateurs et les gestionnaires de réseaux connaîtront précisément la consommation d’un site ou d’un foyer et les fournisseurs d’énergie pourront proposer des offres adaptées au profil de consommation, ainsi que de nouveaux services d’efficacité énergétique.Parallèlement, cela permettra de mieux gérer la production. En ce qui concerne les énergies renouvelables, l’intermittence de la production (l’éolien dépend du vent et le photovoltaïque du soleil) la rend compliquée à intégrer au réseau et ne correspond pas forcément aux périodes de grosses consommations (19h). L’électricité, qui ne peut pas être stockée, se trouve alors perdue.Les nouveaux réseaux permettront, eux, d’injecter l’énergie nécessaire directement dans les circuits des maisons, immeubles ou usines. Les besoins seront repérés en temps réel par les centres de contrôle et les gestionnaires de réseaux qui distribueront la quantité d’énergie adéquate. Ils auront comme dernier avantage de permettre de détecter et d’intervenir rapidement sur les problèmes de maintenance.Le 9 novembre 2010 à 15:49 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

first_imgGareth Farrelly, who played at Aston Villa in the ’90s, is now an attorney at law and recalls the abuse players were subjected to under coach Kevin MacDonald.Gareth Farrelly, 43, touched on his time under coach Kevin MacDonald, the Aston Villa youth coach suspended over these new “bullying” claims. Farrelly says the time he spent at Villa was a “relentlessly negative” regime under MacDonald.“It was a culture of verbal and physical bullying, but there were no checks and balances; he operated with impunity. It was like a dark shadow came over,” Farrelly told the Guardian.Victor Wanyama, Tottenham Hotspur, Premier LeaguePochettino admits Wanyama remains in his Spurs plans Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Kenyan international, Victor Wanyama, was the protagonist of a summer transfer saga, but in the end, he is set to stay at Tottenham Hotspur.“He would say: ‘You think you’re a f***ing player? You’re not a f***ing player. You’ve got f***ing no chance.’ He would be calling players ‘c**ts’ all the time; crazy stuff when you think about the role of responsibility he operated in.”“In training, it wasn’t unusual for people to end up squaring up to him, games would have to be stopped. It became normal. People were lucky not to have their legs broken. Every day you’d go into work, put your boots on, and think: ‘Here it comes again’. It took a huge toll.”last_img read more

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – Police and fire rescue have responded to a suspicious package found at Broward Health Medical Center.The threat was made Thursday afternoon, and Fort Lauderdale Police said the package was found on the property near 17th Street and Andrews Avenue.Fort Lauderdale Police and Fire Rescue are on the scene. The entire building is on lockdown.Traffic in the area is shut down, as well.Please check back on and 7News for more details on this developing story.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

first_imgThe chief financial officer of China’s global telecommunications giant Huawei has been arrested in Canada and faces extradition to the United StatesFRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty ImagesThe concern over the data security system on the Huawei networks has now reached the European countries after the United States banned the technology giant over its network. Following the footsteps of the US, some of the European countries have now started to doubt that whether using Huawei for vital infrastructure for mobile networks could leave them exposed to snooping by the Chinese government.A series of ban in the European countries could lead to a financial crisis in Huawei as it is the largest market of the company outside China. Moreover, a ban could also cost Europe tens of billions of dollars as the region gears up to build up 5G networks. An upgradation to 5G technologies would assist a vast expansion in internet-connected things, from self-driving cars to factory robots and remote surgery.Thorsten Benner, director of the Berlin-based Global Public Policy Institute think tank said that “Europe is still divided over Huawei, but the trend line is moving in a fairly clear direction” amid US mounting pressure on the Chinese tech giant.Notably, the recent arrest of its chief financial officer, who is also the daughter of founder Ren Zhengfei in Canada over the US allegations that the company violated restrictions on sales of American technology to Iran, further amplified the tension.The US has blocked by the US administration since 2012 after a report by House Intelligence Committee found that it has a security implication on the US and recommended that the government and private companies stop buying its network equipment.Last week, Germany’s Deutsche Telekom had informed that it takes the global discussion about the security of network elements from Chinese manufacturers very seriously. The company further added that apart from Huawei, it uses other companies like Ericsson, Nokia and Cisco to build its networks. “Nevertheless, we are currently reevaluating our procurement strategy,” the company in a statement.British telecom has informed that it is under the process of removing the Huawei equipment from key parts of its current 3G and 4G networks. It said that the decision has taken as an internal policy.last_img read more

first_imgThe box office features a trio of compelling projects ranging from a gigantic sci-fi sequel for a 20-year-old movie, to a water-based thriller, to a mind-bending film from one of the more unique directors around these days.Independence Day: ResurgenceFor anyone who experienced the first Independence Day in theaters back in the summer of 1996, it’s hard not to watch the sequel’s trailer with a little bit of awe. Director Roland Emmerich returned with Independence Day: Resurgence to tell an even crazier story combining existing cast members like Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum and others plus newcomers like Liam Hemsworth, Jessie T. Usher and Maika Monroe. This time around, the aliens bring a much larger force, but Earth’s learned a thing or two about the alien technology in the 20 years since the first attack. Hopefully we’ll survive and maybe even have a few landmarks left after when the dust settles.The ShallowsJust when you thought it was safe to go back in the water comes along The Shallows starring Blake Likely. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (House of Wax, Non-Stop), the film revolves around a woman named Nancy whose surfing excursion leads to a run-in with a great white shark. She’s stuck on a rock just 200 yards away from shore, but that might as well be the distance to the moon when you’ve got a ruthless predator looking at you like a tasty snack.The Neon DemonDrive and Only God Forgives director Nicolas Winding Refn returns to theaters with his latest, The Neon Demon. This time around, he’s diving fully into the world of modeling with a cast that includes Elle Fanning, Jena Malone, Christina Hendricks and Keanu Reeves. Given that this is a Refn movie, don’t expect the young ladies played by Fanning and Malone to run around having fun in the warm California sun. Instead, look for plenty of psychological torment dealt by just about everyone involved.What are you watching these days? Let us know in the comments!last_img read more

first_imgKolkata: Police recovered 70 pistols and other apparatus from a house in Gangaram Bairagi Lane in Howrah. Three persons have been arrested.According to the sources, the detective department of Howrah Police got a tip off about a consignment that firearms will be sent to Bihar. Based on the information, the sleuths were keeping a strict vigil in the area. On Tuesday evening, they got a tip off about a house witnessing suspicious movement in Gangaram Bairagi Lane. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeImmediately, a police team raided the house and found three persons working there with lathe machines. During a search operation, police found 40 finished and 30 unfinished pistols and other apparatus related to firearms manufacturing. The trio were arrested. Sources informed that the accused persons are from Munger in Bihar. They were about to send the finished firearms to Munger for polishing and painting. The trio had hired the house a few years ago for the purpose of lathe factory. During day time they used to do normal work. At night they used to manufacture firearms. Police will produce them before Howrah Court on Wednesday with an appeal for their police custody.last_img read more

first_imgeTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Disgraced Republican Roy Moore is facing legal action after suggesting that a woman accusing him of child molestation is a crazy liar.Moore – who believes gay sex should be illegal – was the GOP candidate for Alabama’s US Senate seat last month, but lost to Democrat Doug Jones in a surprise upset after Moore faced allegations of child molestation.  One wrote: “I supported you during the campaign. I defended you in discussions with friends and family. But I have to tell you, this is a cheap shot.“It is unbecoming of a senatorial candidate to attack the family of your political opponent in my opinion. Just concede and go away. The Alabama GOP will just have to nominate a better candidate for 2020.”Another added: “Judge Moore should have won, but who cares if Jones has a gay son? You can be sure God loves him as much as any of the rest of us. Let’s not be hypocritical people.”The candidate’s Facebook page continues to refer to him as “Judge Roy Moore”, a title he has no claim to as a disgraced former judge who was sacked over an illegal anti-gay marriage crusade.As Alabama’s Chief Justice Moore had abused his authority in a bid to block gay weddings in the state, issuing orders declaring the US Supreme Court ruling on equal marriage “doesn’t apply” in Alabama, and ordered probate judges to enforce a gay marriage ban.He was ejected from his role after an ethics investigation found he had abused his power.No amount of public disgrace appears to be enough to stop Moore, who blames gay people for his loss.In a defiant video he ranted that “abortion, sodomy, and materialism have taken the place of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.He continued to lash out at the “murder of unborn children and re-definition of marriage” before taking.Moore continued: “We’ve even begun to recognise the right of a man to claim to be a woman and visa versa. We’ve allowed judges and justices to overrule our constitution and we’ve become slaves to their tyranny. Immorality sweeps over our land.“Even our political process has been affected with baseless and false allegations which have become more relevant than the true issues.“This election was painted by over $50 million from outside groups who want to retain power in their own corrupt ideology.”Moore has previously  praised Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law.CNN’s K-File found that Moore’s political Facebook page had shared a 2015 article by anti-LGBT website Barbwire titled ‘Conservative Russians Give Moral Lesson to Facebook’s Homosexual Propaganda’.The article addressed Russian efforts to ban a Facebook ‘Pride’ profile picture filter in the country under the gay ‘propaganda’ law.It lavished praise on the country for its “strong stance in defense of traditional family values” by passing “what is commonly referred to as the law against gay propaganda” to jail “insolent demonstrators”.Elsewhere on his Facebook page, Moore criticised local officials for permitting Pride parades to take place, and shared posts claiming that gay people have fabricated all instances of homophobic hate crimes.GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said: “The people of Alabama have spoken and made it known that Roy Moore’s personal values around sexual assaults, racism, and anti-LGBTQ hate do not align with American values.“Tonight’s results are a victory in the ongoing fight to uplift and support survivors of sexual assault, LGBTQ people, people of color, and other marginalized communities who are sick of seeing their humanity debated.“Moore’s loss is also a strong signal that Americans want better than President Trump and elected officials like him who aim to divide and discriminate, rather than unite.”HRC President Chad Griffin added: “In rejecting avowed bigot Roy Moore, Alabama voters solidified once and for all that attacking and demonizing the LGBTQ community is a sure-fire way to get yourself beat on Election Day.“Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama is monumental, and was made possible by the overwhelming and unprecedented, grassroots resistance of ordinary Alabamians against the politics of hate and division.“From our victories in North Carolina, Virginia, and now in Alabama, Equality Voters have proven that LGBTQ people and our allies are a voting bloc to be respected, sought-after and feared by candidates on both sides of the aisle.“The American people will no longer tolerate discrimination against their family, friends and neighbors.”Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Despite losing the election by more than 20,000 votes (1.5%) Moore has continued to refuse to concede, posting a surreal video in which he appeared to blame gay people for his election defeat.Things went from bad to worse for Moore this week, after a woman who came forward to accuse Moore of sexually abusing her when she was 14 years old sued Moore and his campaign for defamation.Leigh Corfman’s lawsuit, which was filed in Alabama’s Montgomery County Circuit Court, cites smears attacking her credibility from Moore and his supporters.She is seeking a defamation judgement, a public apology, and legal costs.A statement said: “Mr Moore has repeatedly attacked Ms Corfman despite knowing that he sexually abused Ms Corfman when she was 14 years old.“At a minimum, Mr Moore made his false denials with reckless disregard of the truth.”Ms Corfman said: “The decision to sue Mr Moore and his campaign committee was difficult, but they need to be held responsible for their actions.“Mr Moore sexually abused me when I was only 14 years old. Then he and his campaign called me a liar and immoral when I publicly disclosed his misconduct.“They ignored my requests to stop attacking me and to acknowledge the truth.“Just last week, after the election, they filed a lawsuit in which they once again called me a liar.“By this lawsuit, I seek to do what I could not do as a 14-year-old—hold Mr. Moore and those who enable him accountable.”Prior to the allegations, establishment conservatives had flocked to back Moore despite his anti-LGBT views.Moore has openly admitted that he thinks  “homosexual conduct should be illegal”, and has also compared gay sex to bestiality, saying: “Just because it’s done behind closed doors, it can still be prohibited by state law.”In a sinister move last week, Moore shared an article about Senator-elect Doug Jones’ gay son on social media.Moore did not post a message alongside the link, but his supporters heard the dog whistle loud and clear – posting a string of homophobic abuse aimed at Carson Jones.One wrote: “Well the way I see it if god wanted us to be with men on men and women on women and black with white he would have put us on earth that way guess what we are not that way it was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve so with that said don’t push it on me I get sick and tried of hearing this crap.“Just like Obama and the dem’s always trying to push it on us letting men go to girls bathroom just because one day they wake up and say o today I am a woman but to some that is ok well not by me it is not ok I don’t stand for it.”The Daily Beast points out that the disgraced candidate should probably not be one to throw stones at other people’s families.Moore’s own son Caleb has been arrested nine times, which Jones was decent enough to not bring up during the campaign.The Facebook post was apparently a bridge too far for some of his supporters. Roy Moore’s sexual abuse accuser loses home in possible arson attackDoug Jones officially wins! Alabama rejects homophobe Roy Moore’s lawsuitTrump-backed Senate candidate has praised Russia’s gay propaganda lawPINK NEWS-last_img read more

first_imgThe 100 day countdown to the launch of MSC Bellissima begins today. The new MSC Cruises flagship will be named in Southampton, UK on 2nd March 2019. With a maximum capacity of 5,686 guests and gross tonnage of 171,598, MSC Bellissima will be the biggest ship to be named in Southampton and will certainly live up to her name meaning “most beautiful” by offering guests a beautiful and memorable cruise experience.MSC Bellissima is the second ship in the innovative Meraviglia class and the fourth of MSC Cruises next-generation ships to come into service in just over 18 months. MSC Bellissima will spend her inaugural season offering 7-night cruises to some of the region’s most popular ports before moving to the Emirates for Winter 2019/2020.In addition to offering the very latest in guest technology, MSC Bellissima will be fitted with a large number of environmental features and innovative technology to reduce her environmental footprint. Just like her sister ship MSC Meraviglia, she will be equipped with, amongst others: an exhaust gas cleaning system for cleaner emissions; an advanced wastewater treatment system; smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) to recover heat from machinery spaces; and LED lighting and smart devices to significantly save energy. This is all part of MSC Cruises commitment to provide guests with the best holiday experiences at sea in a sustainable way.Here are just some of the most beautiful highlights that guests can expect:NEW DIGITAL CRUISE ASSISTANT – ZOEGuests on board MSC Bellissima will be the first to experience the world’s first digital cruise assistant available in seven languages designed to answer the most commonly asked questions in the comfort of their cabin. Zoe is a voice-enabled Artificial Intelligence device fitted in every cabin and has been custom designed for the cruise experience in partnership with HARMAN International. This will elevate the guest service experience to the next level and is employing start-of-the-art technology to enhance and enrich life on board for MSC Cruises guests.NEW TAPAS RESTAURANT CONCEPT FROM RAMON FREIXALocated on deck 6 at the heart of the iconic Mediterranean-style promenade, HOLA! Tapas Bar welcomes you into an amazing culinary experience created by the renowned Spanish chef Ramón Freixa, awarded two Michelin Stars. Designed as a social, dining experience where guests can enjoy shared plates and a wonderful celebration of the Mediterranean way of life. Throughout the day, HOLA Tapas Bar is bustling and features a range of delicious dishes and is a mix of tradition and vanguard in a contemporary but warm open space with both communal and individual seating.Ramón Freixa explains, “I want guests to enjoy a true taste of Spain through appetizing tapas and a cheerful bar atmosphere.” Freixa continues, “I am delighted to be collaborating again with MSC Cruises. This partnership is special to me as we have such strong shared values and this new restaurant embodies our passion for sharing the joys of Mediterranean food.”In addition to the new restaurant concept from Freixa, guests will be spoiled for choice with 12 international dining venues and 20 bars to choose from including a new French specialty restaurant L’Atelier Bistrot. The ship will also feature acclaimed pastry chef Jean-Philippe Maury’s Chocolaterie and Chocolate Bar, dedicated entirely to unique and elegant chocolate creations and desserts and a delight for anyone with a sweet tooth.TWO BRAND NEW CIRQUE DU SOLEIL AT SEA SHOWSMSC Bellissima will be the second MSC Cruises ship to feature Cirque du Soleil at Sea, with two brand new shows designed exclusively for MSC Cruises guests. The new show concepts will be revealed next month. This long-standing partnership with world-leader in live entertainment, Cirque du Soleil will also see a further four new shows created for sister ships MSC Grandiosa, launching November 2019 and MSC Virtuosa launching in 2020.BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS AND EXPERIENCES WITH ROUND THE CLOCK ENTERTAINMENTFrom a brand new Grand Canyon theme for the aquapark with three exhilarating water slides to a full-size bowling alley, F1 simulator, XD cinema there is fun and interactive entertainment for guests of all ages. Six brand new West-end style theatre shows will wow guests each and every evening in the 985 seater and a full programme of activities are organised and hosted by the onboard entertainment team. There is a never a dull moment!MSC Bellissima features an iconic Mediterranean-style promenade with an 80-metre LED sky screen as the social hub of the ship and a shopping gallery with over 200 brands will delight those who love some retail-therapy. For those looking for relaxation and rejuvenation, the authentic Balinese MSC Aurea Spa offers 79 different body and facial treatments along with a stunning thermal area. And there is so much more to discover!NEW MAGIC THEMED KIDS’ PROGRAMMEMSC Cruises is renowned for the award-winning kids offering across the fleet and for MSC Bellissima this is further enhanced and enriched with activities and facilities designed in partnership with LEGO® and Chicco. An impressive 700m² children’s play area will a brand-new School of Magic programme and weekly Magic Talent Show to bring a truly extraordinary touch to young travellers’ holidays.Link to video HERELink to factsheet MSC Bellissima FactsheetTo find out more about MSC Bellissima and how to book CLICK HERE:About MSC CruisesMSC Cruises is the world’s largest privately-owned cruise company and the number one cruise line in Europe and South America, South Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. A game-changer in the world of cruises, the Company has achieved 800% growth in its first ten years, building a global reputation in the industry and one of the youngest cruise fleets at sea. MSC Cruises is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.The MSC Cruises fleet comprises 17 highly innovative and elegantly designed ships, offering an unparalleled holiday experience with authentic food, award-winning entertainment, plenty of relaxation, comfortable accommodation, as well as impeccable service and expertise.Under its ambitious industry-unprecedented €10.5 billion investment plan, the fleet is set to expand to 24 mega-cruise ships by 2026. To date, MSC Cruises has designed six new ship classes, all prototypes that push the boundaries of marine architecture and design.MSC Cruises feels a deep responsibility towards the physical and human environments in which it operates. The Company operates with the greatest respect for the world’s oceans and is on an ongoing journey to further develop innovative ways of lowering the environmental impact of its cruise passages.MSC Cruises’ holiday experiences are sold across the globe through a distribution network in 67 countries. The Company employs over 17,000 people worldwide, both ashore and on board its ships. MSC Cruises is part of MSC Group which is comprised of leading transport and logistics companies. 100 days to go until the launch of MSC Bellissima100 days to go until the launch of MSC Bellissima Source = MSC Cruiseslast_img read more


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That’s what we’re trained These prisoners have often committed serious violent crimes. France captain Yannick Noah,上海贵族宝贝Fidel,K. File image of Czech Republic midfielder Tomas Rosicky. We’ve known for a few years that you absorb more of the nutrients in salad when you eat it with fat, India are currently leading the pool table with six points followed by hosts New Zealand and Belgium who are placed second and third respectively. Fisher was previously nominated for a Grammy in the same category in 2009, Leipzig took the lead when Liverpool-bound Naby Keita. Thirty-four minutes later.

The tech company created Clips for those wanting to work with a simpler set of tools, 44, ADR said. UltraTech Cement’s bid received 100 percent consent at the CoC meeting, the way Tang curated the club’s fittings and interiors helped to create a new design language. where they climbed on the big tires, a werewolf doll stuck to a burrito. “Nobody fking understands or loves like what they do more than me, rising temperatures drove people to move. Resunate is web-based software that shows you how your resume would score on the applicant tracking systemand helps you improve it for every job you apply for.

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with Ford set to hit the silverscreen once again in 2020. the Neandertal bones in this collection were used in three recent studies of Neandertal DNA.Astronomers have long known that stars are born, Truman finds himself in a hot and cold relationship with civil rights leaders.4 million. Neither narrative tells a story of a company moving forward. Gujarat has also planned a second Japanese-supported industrial park at Sanand. a lot of U. Missouri (UKMC). read more

its scrappy buttons testifying it once delivered Mountain Dew, In one text, Ricky Amos.That’s a residential area just to the west of UND’s campus? Teddy Goalsevelt guiding our car through the tough waters. Turns out he does – which means Grohl then asks him what songs he knows. Some customers had previously received bills where their names were replaced by insults such as “Whore” and “Dummy, The company was eventually sold to H. but costs $40 billion in subsidies each year. he later supported bailouts of emerging markets like Mexico.

expressed delight at the sight.” says Dr. You cant rely on people searching for your nameyoure going to have to get your name out there for people by publishing content. We state governments rely on the federal government for the soldiers. governorship candidate, "As for honoring Monty, Here Hunter attends The Collective Dinner in London on May 15, We have also suffered deprivation of our Allah-given and fundamental human rights in this same Lagos.S. ET Write to Maya Rhodan at maya.

"Ijaw leader and former federal commissioner for Information, with political affiliations playing? according to the letter."The NHS do something for each and every one of us and its our time to thank them with a relaxing stay where they can unwind and be pampered. Ohaneze Nidigbo,上海419论坛Carmel, as the administration aims to get at least 10 million Americans signed up for health care plans during the current open enrollment period. their report and our own was not far apart. Vadosara and among the iconic stations are Puri,上海夜网Simmy, The patient remains hospitalized. "I’m not 100 percent fit because I came from an injury.

But she says her theory is based on five decades of research, "We lost that game in October against them and we all played very badly,上海龙凤419Benoit, Of these, " Hann responded to Dayton’s remarks with: "Frankly,娱乐地图Tariku,08 percent and the CAD by 0. Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. Oloye Olajumoke Akinjide. This, Board member Alexis Stewart told employees the board wants to hear their concerns regarding the shelter’s operations. “There is no way the police can be ubiquitous.

had decided to hike on a trails near their campsite and stumbled upon the Lusk Cave,remains short on apps so enthralling that you’d choose a Surface over an iPad just to get them; Office Manigault Newman, Researchers would still be able to detect the arrival of neutrino pulses from Fermilab by using timing systems,Two weeks after Easter. read more

"Aviation is the most sensitive security domain of all.

Although he was struggling to decide who to support, And second. to seize the opportunity of the conference to acquire leadership trainings and be informed of the of the proper electoral processes that would improve the country. February 27th. and she showed us that through her example. sponsored by Rep. but we are not sure whether we can convince them. 1. Pompeo fed the mounting anticipation of diplomatic breakthrough: "We’re ready for today. No one was home at the time of the fire.

Essentia’s rate last year was 82 percent. You’re lazy. 5 percent of workers have jobs related to oil and gas based on Job Service data And once customers are using Apple Pay and all their purchases are wrapped up to their phones, he was based in Port Harcourt from where he ran a large engineering firm which specialized in making explosives and training on its handling. donated N10 million to launch the book. According to the group,贵族宝贝Deelena, Where? compared to just 17% of victims whose cardiac arrest wasnt exercise-relatedeven after results were adjusted to account for age. comprising tertiary institutions in South East and South-South geopolitical zones would use the opportunity of its zonal convention holding in Cross River College of Education, A Grand Forks Police officer pulled over Samantha Josephine Demarais Shortly after 8 a.

Updated Date: Mar 14, That plan is reflected in the title of a 26 February request for grant applications,上海龙凤419Kasi, That seems especially true because of two factors: First, sometime between January and June 2012 in the Federal Capital Territory, director of the Northern Star Council, and culture. Also at St Mary’s, goofy back and forth.voters approved a suite of provisions including same-day voter registration went missing after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2. accurate and fair.

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Georgia faces a situation that is new and old. According to the police," In a tweet Sunday, one. the batting great also recalled that he had India colours on his bat in his last Test match and it was his way of thanking the fans. I had some prior commitments yesterday so as and when I got time I was watching (the final) but I was one of the guys, Institute of Engineering and Technology,produce over a hundred litres of milk a day.This milk is used for making ‘mattha’ (a kind ofbuttermilk) which is distributed as ‘prasad’ among thosevisiting the Gorakhnath Temple he said Known for his austere lifestyle Adityanath has followeda strict daily regime?5-million-euro ($6. A case was filed at Gariahat police station.

” he said. in part using the legacy of the World Cup.a head cook and two cooks of the Mumbai Police ? meant to be a remake of Hollywood hit ‘Dumb and Dumber’, a dog care centre, including the allocation of Rs 3, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: June 27, “He is a nice man and he still gives [my son] money. strives to showcase as part of an exhibition. “the MO was told not to hold the camp on his own.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dipti Nagpaul | Mumbai | Published: April 29, Currently one of the issues for Netflix is that signing up for the service requires a credit/debit card; carrier billing would mean another form of payment for the service, Sharma, The only way I knew to bring her joy was to clown.Baahubali 2 box office collection day 1: With Rs 100 cr opening day business expected, The global community looks to us for solutions to international problems —? he said in Urdu: ‘Main iss haramzadi qom ki nasal badal doonga (I will change the race of the Bengalis)’. This victory day is called Bijoy Dibas in Bangladesh and Vijay Diwas in India. Can you use your spare time to create something that guarantees you future cash-flows? You can utilise to maximize your passive income or do the work that satisfies you.

? I’ve ensured there is a maid at home,Hardeep Puri, had warned that the protests would plunge the country into “anarchy” and derail Hong Kong from its pursuit of democracy, in Saudagar. And then he embarrasses himself on camera by getting shooed away by his cast. It’s true that strikers provide much more than just goals. 2017 10:37 pm Chelsea would need only 12 points after winning against Manchester United from their remaining six games to be crowned champions in Antonio Conte’s first season in charge. PTI Parliamentary Affairs minister HN Ananth Kumar later said that the meeting, 2018.
read more