Billy Porter’s While I Yet Live Delays Off-B’way Previews

first_img Star Files While I Yet Live Show Closed This production ended its run on Oct. 31, 2014 Due to technical issues, the world premiere of While I Yet Live has been delayed. Performances, originally scheduled to start on September 23, will now begin on September 24. The production is still set to open officially on October 12 and run through October 31 at Primary Stages at The Duke on 42nd Street. The play, written by Kinky Boots Tony winner Billy Porter, stars Tony winner Lillias White and Emmy winner S. Epatha Merkerson.Directed by Sheryl Kaller, While I Yet Live follows the story of a young man’s coming of age in Pittsburgh amongst a bevy of fascinating and strong-willed women.The cast will also feature Elain Graham, Sheria Irving, Kevyn Morrow, Larry Powell and Sharon Washington. Related Shows View Comments Billy Porterlast_img read more

Dry, cool Georgia

first_imgBy Pam KnoxUniversity of GeorgiaJuly was cool and dry across most of Georgia, with many places receiving record low temperatures.In Atlanta, the monthly average temperature was 78.1 F (1.9 degrees below normal), in Athens 79.2 degrees (.6 degrees below normal), Columbus 79.8 degrees (2.2 degrees below normal), Macon 80.1 degrees (1 degree below normal), Savannah 80.9 degrees(1.2 degrees below normal), Brunswick 81.4 degrees (1 degree below normal), Alma 80.8 degrees (1.2 degrees below normal) and Augusta 79.9 degrees (.9 degree below normal). Many daily low temperature records were broken mid-month as cool dry air from the northwest entered the state. Macon’s daily low temperature on July 21 was 56 degrees, 9 degrees below the previous record set in 1967. On the same day Columbus reported 61 degrees, 6 degrees below the previous record set in 1974.Rainfall across most of the state was below normal, according to radar estimates. However, rainfall amounts as much as 8 inches were observed along the Georgia coast, particularly near Brunswick, St. Mary and Savannah, and also along the southwest border near Clay County, according to the Georgia Automated Environmental Monitoring Network. The highest monthly total from National Weather Service reporting stations was 7.17 inches in Brunswick (2.36 inches above normal) and the lowest was in Athens at 1.33 inches (3.08 inches below normal). Atlanta received 5.02 inches (.1 inch below normal), Columbus 3.83 inches (1.21 inches below normal), Macon 2.19 inches (2.13 inches below normal), Alma 1.91 inches (4.10 inches below normal), Savannah 6.57 inches (.53 inch above normal), and Augusta 3.29 inches (.78 inch below normal). The highest monthly total rainfall from the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network was 15.29 inches near St. Mary in the far southeastern corner of the state. Another observer near St. Mary reported 14.57 inches. An observer in Morganton reported 11.49 inches for the month, and an observer in Kingsland reported 10.31 inches. The high daily rainfall reported by CoCoRaHS observers were 4.80 inches in Carnesville on July 11, followed by 4.68 inches in St. Mary on the July 10, 4.44 inches in Tucker on July 13 and 4.29 inches on Skidaway Island on the July 11.Two one-day record rainfalls occurred in July. One was in Atlanta, where 1.89 inches fell on July 13, and the other in Brunswick where 2.59 inches fell on July 3.There were no tornadoes reported. There were scattered reports of hail or strong winds somewhere in Georgia on 13 days. Damage from these events was limited to a few trees down or temporary power outages to a few locations.The dry conditions aided hay harvesting but caused stress on many field crops. The hit-or-miss rainfalls did not provide any wide-spread relief through the state, although some local areas benefitted.last_img read more

US SBA September loan volume highest since August 2007

first_imgChanges under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to U.S. Small Business Administration loan programs led to a rebound in SBA-backed loans for small businesses and greater access to much-needed capital.Since the Recovery Act was signed on Feb. 17, SBA has supported more than $11.3 billion in lending to small businesses through its two largest loan programs and seen its average weekly dollar volume increase by more than 60 percent in comparison to the weeks before the Recovery Act.  Additionally, the average number of loans approved per week has increased by more than 50 percent. The dollar volume for September 2009 ($1.9 billion) was the highest single-month total since August 2007.“These numbers, along with our conversations with lenders and small business owners around the country, show that the Recovery Act hit the mark,” SBA Administrator Karen Mills said. “The Recovery Act was critical to unlocking the market and as a result we’ve helped put billions of dollars of much needed capital in the hands of small business owners during this tough economic time, and brought more than 1,200 lenders back into SBA’s loan programs.  With half the nation’s workforce either working for or owning a small business, these dollars played a critical role in driving economic recovery across the country.”As a result of the credit crunch, SBA lending saw a significant decline in the fall of 2008 and early 2009. For the seven weeks prior to the Recovery Act being signed, SBA’s average weekly dollar volume was $165 million.  The average weekly average since the Recovery Act was signed, through Sept. 25, was $275 million. Mills cited Recovery Act provisions that reduced fees on SBA loans and raised SBA guarantees to 90 percent, as well as actions that reinvigorated the secondary markets for SBA-guaranteed loans as especially helpful in improving access to SBA-backed credit.Overall, SBA loan approvals for the fiscal year amounted to a combined 50,829 loans (preliminary number) worth $13.1 billion under the 7(a) and 504 loan programs.  The comparable figures for fiscal year 2008, which ended just as the nation’s economy entered the financial crisis, were 78,317 and $17.96 billion. The dollar volume totals for SBA loans in fiscal year 2009, which ended Sept. 30, do not include loans made under the agency’s ARC, (America’s Recovery Capital) loan program.  Launched on June 15, the agency has approved 2,715 ARC loans worth more than $88 million as of September 29.  Thus far, nearly 740 lenders have made ARC loans, and the number of participating lenders is increasing by an average of about 50 per week.For more information about these and other SBA programs, visit the SBA Web site at is external), or contact your local SBA field office.  You can find contact information for your local SBA office at is external).  Source: SBA. # # #last_img read more

Weekly unemployment claims up 400

first_imgFor the week of June 19, 2010, there were 1,103 new regular benefit claims for Unemployment Insurance, an increase of 409 from the week before. Altogether 10,211 new and continuing claims were filed, an increase of 489 from a week ago and 4,084 fewer than a year earlier. The Department also processed 3,301 First Tier claims for benefits under Emergency Unemployment Compensation, 2008 (EUC08), 151 more than a week ago. In addition, there were 1,930 Second Tier claims for benefits processed under the EUC08 program, which is a decrease of 163 from the week before. The Unemployment Weekly Report can be found at: is external). Previously released Unemployment Weekly Reports and other UI reports can be found at: is external)last_img read more

Trail Mix | The Connells

first_img1993. I was a junior at Old Dominion University and spent a lot of time driving between my home on the Peninsula and school in Norfolk, Virginia.One disc that spent a lot of time in my player and became the soundtrack for many an across the water trek?Ring, by The Connells.The Connells, formed in 1984 in Raleigh, North Carolina, enjoyed a solid measure of success through the late eighties and early nineties on the strength of their ability to straddle the sounds of both British New Wave and the folk rock scene of the American South. The band toured heavily throughout North America and Europe, appeared on shows like Late Night with Conan O’Brien and MTV’s 120 Minutes, and 1993’s Ring included what is, arguably, their most popular song, ” ’74-’75 ,” which proved a major hit in numerous countries across Europe.While still gigging into their fourth decade, access to much of The Connells’ musical catalog has been hampered for years by legal wranglings between the band’s former record label and creditors. That ended recently, however, when, much to the joy of the band’s members, The Bicycle Music Company purchased the catalog. The band’s music being sprung from legal purgatory led to last month’s release of Stone Cold Yesterday: Best of The Connells.Imagine my delight when I heard that this favorite band of my college years was returning with a sixteen collection of their best. To say I was left slackjawed would be, well . . . . nevermind.Singer Doug MacMillan, smack dab in the midst of trying to dig out and clean up the mess left behind by Hurricane Matthew, was incredibly generous with his time and fielded some questions from me about releasing this collection of The Connells’ best.BRO – I graduated from college in 1994 and Ring was one of my favorite records. Can I offer you congratulations on this collection of hits while, at the same time, complain that you are reminding me of my age?DM – Yes, of course you can offer your congratulations, which are most appreciated, and simultaneously complain about feeling your age . . . just as long as you keep in mind that I’ve got roughly ten years on you.BRO – Did you envision, back in 1984, that you guys would still be at it 32 years later?DM – In the summer of 1984, Mike, David, John Schultz, our original drummer and lifelong friend, and I were rehearsing the same seven songs four to five days a week. I think the vision at that time extended to “I hope we can eventually play a show in front of people.” Once things eventually began to start moving along, the idea of “it would be cool to do this for a living” crept in. Something like the success of ” ’74- ’75 ” overseas, and being able to plays shows to this day, really were never on the radar.BRO – How much fun did you guys have revisiting these tunes and putting this collection together?DM – Just the idea of collecting a group of songs to represent the catalog that Bicycle Music had acquired was so cool. We didn’t want to overthink it. For instance, “Darker Days” is not included, nor is “Old School Dropouts.” The criteria, as I understand it, were songs that had been released as singles. So that made for a fairly painless process. But there are a couple of George’s songs, some that Peele wrote, etc., that could have been on there. You’re always going to have the problem with this sort of release.BRO – We are featuring “Stone Cold Yesterday” on this month’s Trail Mix. What’s the story behind the song?DM – As with many of our songs, the chorus lyric for this one was not written, but the melody was in place. During the process of working the song up and finding words to fit the melody, the phrase “stone cold yesterday” insinuated itself into the tune. Then Mike wrote lyrics around that phrase, from a narrative point of view – I remember he said, “Like a David Bowie song.” – thus these characters of Jimmy and Betty came to be. I have a pretty good idea about who those two are loosely based on, but I’m not going to say.BRO – Best bit of advice your 2016 self could offer your 1984 self?DM – 2016 me would follow 1984 me out of a bar, late night  . . . I would catch up to ’84 me, put him a choke hold, duck into a dark alley, spin him around, look ’84 me dead in the eye, and say, “Would you PLEASE be more careful? If you choose not to be more careful, then I’m coming back, and next time it won’t be pretty.”The Connells have a pretty quiet touring schedule right now. You can check out their website for more information on future tour dates, all of the band’s music, and how you can find a copy of the greatest hits collection, Stone Cold Yesterday.Also, be sure to check out the title track from that compilation on this month’s Trail Mix.last_img read more

Family moves to forest to avoid stigma after being examined for COVID-19

first_imgAccording to the Health Ministry’s coronavirus readiness guideline, people who live in places with confirmed COVID-19 are also categorized as ODP.People who are under general monitoring are told to self-quarantine at home for two weeks.Agustin said that, ever since they became ODP, people stopped coming to the small grocery store in their house.Furthermore, he said, when government aid was distributed in the neighborhood, they were the only family that did not get the assistance.“We feel alienated. We preferred the idea of living in the woods to being left out,” he said.The death of a neighbor from COVID-19 shocked the family added to their decision to temporarily leave their house.“When the COVID-19 patient in our village died, I was so scared that my body trembled. That was when we decided to live in the forest,” Agustin said.The three have lived in two locations in the forest. At first, they lived near a riverbank. However, fearing that the water could rise, they moved to a higher place, still in the river area.“We’ve been isolating ourselves here [in the forest] for a week. Though it’s cold out here and there are many mosquitos, we feel more relaxed here, because living in our house, we got anxious about the stigma,” said Agustin. (aly)Topics : With a car parked and a tent erected, the family has spent the past week in isolation, away from its neighbors.Agustin said they had made the decision following a change in attitude among their neighbors after North Minahasa Health Agency personnel had come to their house wearing protective gear to examine them on April 11, a day after their next-door neighbor died from COVID-19.The agency categorized them as ODP cases, those who have recently traveled to infected regions or come in contact with confirmed COVID-19 patients but do not show any symptoms. That status differs from the PDP status given to people who already show symptoms typical of COVID-19 and are in medical care but whose status needs to be confirmed through a test.“It is probably because our house is close to a COVID-19 patient’s house that we were declared as ODP,” Agustin told The Jakarta Post on Friday. A family in North Sulawesi’s North Minahasa regency has been living in the local forest for a week out of fear of being stigmatized after being tested for COVID-19.Agustin Sigarlaki, his wife Elly Lasahaeng and their youngest child, Meilany, found solace out in the wild, away from what they described as being stigmatized by their neighbors in Wineting village.last_img read more

Erdogan vows social media ‘control’ after family insulted

first_imgErdogan said despite the majority of positive messages congratulating the couple, there were some “dark-hearted” users who insulted the Albayrak family, especially Esra.He pointed to “an uncontrolled media” after such remarks, which were condemned by women’s rights organizations as well as political parties from across the spectrum.”Do you see why we are against social media like YouTube, Twitter and Netflix? To eliminate these immoralities. They don’t have morals,” Erdogan said in Ankara.”We don’t want to experience, see these developments which don’t suit this nation,” he added, speaking via videoconference to his ruling party officials. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday vowed to tighten government control over social media after he said his family was insulted online.Erdogan over the years has made no secret of his dislike for social media, once comparing them to a “murderer’s knife” and previously promising to “eradicate” Twitter.Finance Minister Berat Albayrak, who is also Erdogan’s son-in-law, on Tuesday tweeted that his wife, Esra Albayrak, had given birth to their fourth child. “This is why we should bring this to our parliament, to remove these social media networks completely, to control them,” Erdogan said.Soon after his comments, the hashtag in Turkish meaning “don’t touch my social media” was trending on Twitter.The government under Erdogan previously blocked Twitter and YouTube in 2014 after audio recordings were posted implicating the president, then prime minister, and his inner circle in an alleged corruption scandal.His aversion also dates back to anti-government protests in 2013, which were often mobilised by Twitter and Facebook posts.Erdogan’s angry remarks come after a videoconference with young people last week during which Erdogan was met with a flood of negative comments on YouTube.The Turkish presidency soon turned off comments but there were 388,000 clicks on the “thumbs down” button, compared with 114,000 on the “thumbs up” button.The Turkish National Police later on Wednesday said 11 suspects were detained over “insulting posts” against Albayrak and his family.Topics :last_img read more

PREMIUMIndonesia seeks to improve skills of its climate negotiators

first_imgLinkedin Indonesia has moved to improve the skills of its negotiators at global climate forums to better represent the country’s interests.The Environment and Forestry Ministry and the Foreign Ministry will work together to prepare negotiators for the 26th session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Conference of Parties (COP) in Glasgow, Scotland, which has been pushed back from November to 2021 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.As a party of the Paris Agreement under the UNFCCC, Indonesia is obliged to contribute to halting global climate change and submitted a pledge to the UNFCCC secretariat to curb its greenhouse gas emissions through its nationally determined contribution (NDC).Indonesia’s first NDC was drafted in 2016, with the country pledging to keep its emissions to 29 percent below a business-as-usual (BAU) projection, or up to 4… Topics : Log in with your social account Facebook Google LOG INDon’t have an account? Register here Forgot Password ? #ClimateChange climate-change-Indonesia climate-change environment #environment diplomacy #diplomacylast_img read more

PFA crowns Irene Holmslykke as new CEO of asset management arm

first_imgIrene Holmslykke, new CEO of PFA Asset ManagementHolmslykke, who has been working at PFA Asset Management since January 2019, would be in charge of this process, the pensions group said.Ahrndt Lorenzen praised Lindstrøm Lage, saying he had made a big difference for many years and played a leading role in developing the whole area of investment at PFA.Meanwhile, Holmslykke said she was looking forward to getting started in the new job.“We have undergone a great deal of development in recent years, and I have have been very involved in that process myself,” she said.PFA said she has had special responsibility for building the structure around PFA’s increased focus on unlisted investments, and in her new job, she would be continuing with a similar task across the whole of PFA Asset Management.Before joining PFA a year and half ago, Holmslykke worked in several top investment positions at Danske Bank and its subsidiary Danske Markets, PFA said.Since Ahrndt Lorenzen came to the PFA group and took charge of investment, he has put a new stamp on the overall strategy, bringing with him ATP’s all-weather portfolio construction mindset.He told IPE earlier this year that PFA was in the process of mapping all its alternatives in terms of public market risks.Looking for IPE’s latest magazine? Read the digital edition here. Denmark’s largest commercial pension fund is adding a new leader to its asset management arm, whose first task will be to re-define the top role as more management-centred and less of an investment job.PFA announced today that former Danske Bank investment staffer Irene Holmslykke is being promoted within the group to the position of chief executive officer of its subsidiary PFA Asset Management – replacing the unit’s current CEO Christian Lindstrøm Lage, who is leaving the firm by mutual agreement after 12 years.Lindstrøm Lage became CEO of PFA Asset Management in September 2019, according to his LinkedIn profile.Kasper Ahrndt Lorenzen, group CIO of PFA and chair of the board of PFA Asset Management, said: “I am very happy that Irene Holmslykke has accepted the job as the new CEO of PFA Asset Management.” She was an incredibly strong candidate with broad experience across the financial and investment area, and also a very skilled leader, said Ahrndt Lorenzen, who moved to PFA from ATP last September.“She has the right skills to lead the further development of PFA Asset Management,” he said.Holmslykke is due to start the new job on 1 September 2020, and Lindstrøm Lage will continue working until the end of October.PFA said that in future, the CEO role at PFA Asset Management would focus in particular on the management and development of the subsidiary, while responsibility for investments would be “further anchored” in the respective investment teams.last_img read more

Bermudan man spared jail for sexually exploiting 12-year-old girl

first_imgNewsRegional Bermudan man spared jail for sexually exploiting 12-year-old girl by: – May 8, 2012 Share Share Sharing is caring! Tweetcenter_img 150 Views   one comment Share Joshua CrockwellA former trainee firefighter today escaped a spell behind bars after sexually exploiting a 12-year-old girl when he was 20 years old.Joshua Crockwell, who is also well known as a member of the Robin Hood football team, met the victim when she was playing outside her home with friends.“His friends told him to leave the little children alone,” explained prosecutor Tawana Tannock today.However, he did not, and got to know the girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.They exchanged text messages and in June 2010, he arranged to meet her in the grounds of a school. He then caused her to attempt to perform oral sex on him twice.According to the prosecutor he pushed her head down towards his private parts during the incident.Ms Tannock said the victim suffered psychological and emotional distress, as did her family.Crockwell, now 22, from Pembroke, denied a charge of sexually exploiting the girl but was convicted after a trial. The victim was called as a witness for the prosecution during that trial.Ms Tannock said Crockwell deserved to be jailed for 15 months but defence lawyer Elizabeth successfully argued for the sentence to be suspended.Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo told Crockwell he will not have to serve prison time if he stays out of trouble for the next two years. He must also spend two years on probation.Crockwell, who has been suspended from his job pending the outcome of the case, apologised for his actions.Royal Gazettelast_img read more