Corpora speaks on Year of Mercy

first_imgWith Pope Francis’ declaration of 2016 as the Jubilee Year of Mercy, one of Pope Francis’ Missionaries of Mercy spoke at Coleman-Morse Center on Wednesday night. This Missionary of Mercy, Fr. Joe Corpora, a Holy Cross Priest, director of university-school partnerships in ACE, and priest in residence at Dillon Hall, spoke on the power of mercy and his personal experiences as a Missionary of Mercy.“I believe that God gave Pope Francis an extraordinary grace to look at the signs of the times and to read them, and looking at the signs of the times the Holy Father sensed this dire need for mercy, that it might have been the one thing the world needed more than anything else,” Corpora said.Corpora said Francis has made great strides in the understanding of mercy.“Pope Francis goes as far as to say mercy is God’s name,” Corpora said, “He’s moved the understanding of [mercy] from something that God does … to something that He is. He is mercy.”With this declaration of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, Francis set about spreading this message of mercy by calling out for missionaries of mercy. Corpora was nominated and chosen to be one of these missionaries, an act which he said was incredibly emotional for him.“Well, I just wept,” Corpora said, “I was overcome with joy and gratitude.”This position as a Missionary of Mercy allowed Corpora the opportunity to travel to the Vatican where he met with other missionaries and Pope Francis himself. Corpora said the Pope was “entirely the person you see on TV.”“There is nothing I wouldn’t tell him about my life. He just exudes grace and mercy,” Corpora said.After leaving the Vatican, Corpora said he set about spreading this message of mercy.“I received a lifetime of mercy, so what else could I do but give it away?” Corpora said.One of the most important aspects of this mercy, Corpora said, was the act of confession. Corpora talked on his own approach to confession through mercy.“I try in each instance to help the person see that the mercy of God is bigger than any possible sin than any person could possibly commit. That our sins are like little blips on the screen of God’s mercy, that God’s mercy trumps and overcomes any sin that anyone could have committed,” Corpora said.Corpora also spoke on how anyone could go about fulfilling this message of mercy. Corpora said that all must go about, “practicing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.”“Whatever work of mercy we practice must bring us into contact with people, whether it’s a corporal work of mercy, giving food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty, visiting the prisoners. It brings us into contact with people,” he said.One must undertake this mission of mercy in a way that focuses on human to human interaction, Corpora said.“Imagine how much our lives would be different if we engaged with each other from that perspective, which is basically human to human. Instead of, as we often do, we engage with others as Mexican to Anglo, African American to Asian, gay to straight, documented to undocumented, rich to poor, but rather as human to human … which is basically I have something good to give, and something good to receive from another person,” Corpora said.Corpora said he has faith this message of mercy will endure.“We’ve had a lot of these thematic years in the last ten years — the year of family, the year of faith, the year of consecrated life, but they began with a big flourish and you didn’t hear about them until they were over, but the Year of Mercy just keeps growing,” Corpora said.Tags: Joe Corpora, Missionary of Mercy, Pope Francis, Year of Mercylast_img read more

College environmental studies program to encourage care through tubing

first_imgSaint Mary’s students are sliding into St. Patrick’s County Park to celebrate community on Sunday.The day will consist of snow tubing, community engagement, fun and warming up by the fire, environmental studies professor Aaron Moe said in an email. The event was co-sponsored by the environmental studies (ENVS) program and the Office for Civic and Social Engagement. Moe commented on how the event contributes to both of the program and offices goals.“[The OCSE director Rebekah DeLine and I] started talking about a tubing trip to Saint Patrick’s Park,” Moe said. “She liked the idea that such an event would help students connect with the rich history of the early [Holy Cross] sisters who farmed on what is now St. Pat’s park. It could be one of many events that celebrates the 175 years of Saint Mary’s. And from an ENVS perspective, it is a great way to get outside.”Both Moe and DeLine played pivotal roles in the planning of the event, Moe said.“I helped get the vision of it established and then helped where I could to bring the vision to fruition,” he said. “Rebekah DeLine covered all the logistics with St. Patrick’s Park. I helped by making the flyer, the Google form, and things like that.”Moe said he hopes to raise awareness for available programs at the College and for the rich history that connects the College and the sisters to farming and St. Patrick’s Park. He sees the event connecting students with the sisters’s early farming practices, which will also help to support the building of a sustainable farm on the Saint Mary’s campus.“One of my hopes is that such events will increase awareness of our environmental studies program at Saint Mary’s. It is now a major,” Moe said. “Along with the ENVS major, a group of people have been working to start an organic, sustainable farm at Saint Mary’s. … I hope that students who go tubing recognize that the vision of the early sisters growing their own food for Saint Mary’s students to eat is carrying forward in the efforts to have a farm on Saint Mary’s campus.”Moe invited the entire Saint Mary’s community to the event via email, and three and a half hours later, the 99 available slots were filled. Moe said he had some ideas of why the event appealed to so many people.“Even though there is a constant, low grumbling about the snow, many people out there — myself included — love it,” Moe said. “The fact that this filled up so fast shows that many students, too, love the snow. Some people may be surprised that it filled up so fast, but then, why should anyone be surprised? If someone is surprised, they probably need to reexamine their assumptions as to who the students are at SMC.”Many people were placed on a waitlist for the event after the 99 slots were claimed. Moe said he is planning similar events for the upcoming seasons that he hopes will connect students with the environment in the future.“I plan to make sure the Fall Float happens each autumn, the spring hike, and, I imagine, that this won’t be the last time we go tubing,” Moe said.Moe said he is excited to help establish a relationship between students and the outdoors. He feels as if connecting students to nature in this seemingly trivial way will translate into love for the earth and a passion for environmental justice, while also helping to fulfill the Saint Mary’s mission.“I love that Saint Mary’s has a mission that involves both social and environmental justice,” Moe said. “Getting outside develops our love for the Earth. We fight for the things we love.”Tags: Aaron Moe, environmental studies, Office of Civic and Social Engagement, Saint Patrick’s County Parklast_img read more

Odds & Ends: Jake Gyllenhaal Fights for Oona Laurence in Southpaw & More

first_imgWait! What show are we doing?? #ilovethesekids— Kelli O’Hara (@kelliohara) March 27, 2015 Sophie Okonedo Will Return to New York TheaterSophie Okonedo has been tapped to star in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible in New York in 2016. According to the Daily Mail, the production will be helmed by Ivo van Hove; no word yet on theater or specific dates. Okonedo won the Tony last year for her Broadway debut in the revival of A Raisin in the Sun.What Show is Kelli O’Hara Doing Again?It’s Friday, so we like to leave you on a high note, or even better one of Kelli O’Hara’s high notes. Check out the adorable video below of the five-time Tony nominee singing with the kids of The King and I a number from…The Sound of Music. We presume they’ll have their Rodgers and Hammerstein tuners straight before they officially open at Lincoln Center’s Vivian Beaumont Theatre on April 16. View Commentscenter_img Here’s a quick roundup of stories you may have missed today.Jake Gyllenhaal Fights for Oona Laurence in Southpaw TrailerBroadway alum Jake Gyllenhaal’s movie Southpaw, co-starring former Matilda lead Oona Laurence, will hit theaters on July 31 and the first trailer certainly packs a punch. A pumped-up Gyllenhaal plays a boxer in danger of losing his daughter (Laurence) in the family drama. Check it out below—it’s crystal clear why Gyllenhaal is generating so much buzz on stage and screen this year, and how the Tony-winning magical maggot has lined up a string of screen projects.last_img read more

The scoop on poop

first_imgBy Cat HolmesUniversity of GeorgiaIt wouldn’t be a stretch to call Georgia the king of the hill when it comes to poultry. After all, the state produces 24.6 million broiler chickens each day, more than any other U.S. state and more than most nations.And that hill would be largely composed of chicken litter were it not for an innovative voluntary nutrient management program.”The whole purpose of the plan is to teach farmers how to apply chicken litter correctly to soil as a fertilizer and avoid nutrient contamination in soil and ground water,” said Dan Cunningham, a University of Georgia poultry scientist and the program’s administrator.Less than four years after its start, nearly every poultry grower in Georgia has been trained in the best way to manage the poultry litter on their farm, whether it’s applied to their own fields or hauled to nearby farms. More than 3,800 farmers had the training in more than 70 sessions.”We’re as close to having every poultry producer in the state trained as we can possibly be,” Cunningham said. “Since January, we’ve been doing follow-up programs, which are basically refresher courses. And we’ve already done eight to 10 this year, working with 400 to 500 people.”Pros and consWhen the adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” was coined, the coiner may have had chicken litter in mind.”Chicken litter is actually what we call a complete fertilizer,” said Glen Harris, a soil scientist with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. “It contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, as well as other minerals, so it’s good stuff. And that’s the reason we bother using it.”The challenge with poultry litter is that we fertilize most crops for nitrogen,” Harris said. “Poultry litter contains too much phosphorus in proportion to the nitrogen. So if too much litter is applied to a field, the excess phosphorus can eventually run off into the groundwater, causing algae blooms in lakes and reservoirs. Eventually, you can get fish kills.”Another challenge it presents, he said, is its odor. “Folks have tried all kinds of deodorants and such. But let’s call a spade a spade: it stinks,” he said.How it worksTo use chicken litter as fertilizer and avoid nutrient contamination, poultry growers must keep careful records. They must have both the litter and soil to which it will be applied analyzed.”The program and training are site-specific,” Cunningham said. “That’s the point: one farm may have a major water source running through it, and obviously the concerns there would be quite different from another one down the road with no proximity to a water source.”Growers are also trained on how to apply and store the manure, prevent soil erosion and dispose of dead birds.The Georgia Poultry Federation plays matchmaker, matching farmers who want manure and with those who have it available. Because transporting the litter is costly, finding farms near the growers is crucial.Environmental protectionAs the poultry industry in Georgia has grown, so have concerns about water and soil contamination. Algae blooms in Lake Lanier and Lake Allatoona, as well as soil samples showing too much phosphorous in the farmland of 13 counties, have made it clear that properly managing poultry litter is necessary.The fact that Georgia’s nutrient management program is voluntary is unique, Cunningham said.”Before there was any indication that there was an environmental problem, before there were any rules or regulations, we decided to take a proactive approach,” he said.”We protect the state’s surface water and groundwater and enhance the value of litter as fertilizer through best management practices,” he said, “which is what this program teaches.”(Cat Holmes is a science writer with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

Be prepared

first_imgBy David Emory StooksburyUniversity of GeorgiaWhether you live on the coast or in the mountains, a major hurricane will be devastating when it inevitably strikes the Georgia coast. How will you and your family fare? It all depends on how well you prepare.The first step you need to take is to have an all-hazards kit that will allow your family to survive at least three to seven days without water, food or electricity.FirstThe most important element in the kit is at least 1 gallon of bottled water per person per day. Don’t forget to plan for your pets. An “all-hazards kit” can be used for any natural or manmade disaster. Details on assembling one are at second step is to know what your county emergency plan is and to follow it. If you’re asked to evacuate, it’s important to do so. If you’re not asked to evacuate, it’s important to stay where you are, keeping the roads free for those who must get out of harm’s way.ThirdProtecting property is next on the list. By far, the most important way to do that is to buy federal flood insurance. Standard homeowner and business insurance doesn’t cover flood damage.The most devastating damage from Katrina was caused by flooding, and many were shocked to find that their policy didn’t cover water damage. If you don’t have federal flood insurance, you’re probably not covered for water and flood damage.Georgians living hundreds of miles from the coast need to seriously consider flood insurance. The remnants of Tropical Storm Alberto in 1994 caused massive flooding in middle and south Georgia.The mountains aren’t immune from flooding. With the state’s rapid urbanization, locations that were safe from flooding just a few years ago are now much more likely to flood. The entire state is vulnerable to flooding.Buy nowSince it takes 30 days for a flood insurance policy to cover the flood damage, you have to buy it well ahead of the event. And since Georgia is nearing the heart of the hurricane season, you should have already bought flood insurance. If you haven’t, there’s no time to wait.You can learn about the federal flood insurance program from your insurance agent or at Or call 1-888-CALL-FLOOD, ext. 445, or TDD (telecommunications device for the deaf) number 1-800-427-5593.After flood insurance, securing the home with proper wind shutters for doors and windows is a must. Taping windows is a waste of time.The best choice of shutters is either plywood or manufactured shutters. Make sure that plywood shutters are well attached. Underestimating the power of the wind is common. Many people return home to find plywood shutters ripped off the house by the wind.With manufactured shutters, make sure they’re properly installed. Learn more about properly securing your home or business at actions you and your family should take well in advance and once a hurricane watch has been issued can be found at Emory Stooksbury is the state climatologist and a professor of engineering and atmospheric sciences in the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

Soggy Bottom SUP Tour: Day 3

first_imgClick here to read reports from Day 1 and Day 2 of the tour.“Sunshine at Last” First stop – Cheat Lake, West VirginiaWe left Deep Creek under mostly cloudy skies and a temperature of 57, the weather forecast was promising as we headed southwest into West Virginia. By the time we reached our first stop of the day Cheat Lake, the sunshine had returned and the temperature was a warm 74 degrees, much better than the previous two days of rain and cool temperatures. We launched at Sunset Beach public boat launch and headed out of the cove into the main body of Cheat Lake, the water was cool around 67 degrees and rather cloudy with debris from the recent two days of storms, it was a fun paddle and easy access off of I – 68 and only minutes from Morgantown. The Cheat Lake is great place to learn to paddle board especially since it is so close to WVU and Morgantown area. We had a good paddle, we checked out the new bridge construction and a few lakefront houses and headed back to the launch to head to our next site Stonewall Jackson Resort and State Park.  Along the way we checked out the Mon river and Tygart rivers, due to all the rain the previous two days we skipped the paddle in downtown Morgantown on the Mon river and the stop at Tygart Lake. As the new name “Epic Stand Up Paddleboard Tour”  headed south on I – 79 to Stonewall Jackson Lake, we dialed up another friend, Jim Haas from our days at Snowshoe that works at a office along I-79 now near Bridgeport, West Virginia to look out the window as the paddleboard tour headed south. Cheat  Lake Area information:Launch site: Sunset Beach public boat launch, freePaddleboard rental nearby or Bring Your Own Board:  Sunset Beach Marina & WatersportsNearby lodging: Lakeview Resort, lots of lodging options in nearby MorgantownDining options: Archie’s Lakehouse (on the water, casual dining) Cheat Lake Pizza (pizza & pasta)Other nearby area activities: Coopers Rock (climbing, mountain biking and hiking) Cheat River (kayaking and rafting)Second stop – Stonewall Jackson LakeThis is now one of my  favorite paddleboard sites; I had been to the lake before for other activities in the past, but today’s visit was truly epic, we headed out from the launch near the lakefront cottages,(theses cottage are the perfect place to stay for a weekend paddleboard adventure with some friends, they are waterfront at the northern end of the park) the lake was calm, the skies were sunny and the water was a warm 74 degrees, almost as warm as the 76 degree air. We headed up the lake toward the Stonewall Resort lodge, we noticed a tunnel under the road leading to a cove which had some dead trees still standing from the days when the lake was built, the tunnel was a unique experience as was the gladed paddleboard trail through the old trees, on our return trip to the launch we saw a Osprey dive down and catch a fish about 25 yards away, we followed the shoreline around the other side of the lake back to launch which had many areas where you could stop and check out the beautiful scenery of the park. We returned to the launch to let Rasta and Bahama, my two 4 month old golden retriever puppies enjoy the water and do a little paddleboarding, this complete a great visit to Stonewall Jackson Lake. Once we convinced Rasta and Bahama to get off the boards and out of the water we loaded up and headed about 15 minutes down I – 79 to a new lake on the tour, that Jeff’s sister “Samme” had suggested since we missed Tygart Lake earlier due to the rain storms the previous two days, this new stop was Burnsville Lake.  1 2last_img read more

BRO Athletes: Laura Farrell Takes on the Great Falls Kayak Race

first_imgA few weeks ago I experienced what was one of my most fun weeks of the year, and surprisingly enough it involved me being in D.C. working 8 hours a day! It was the week leading up to the Great Falls Race and started off with my first time running the Fish Ladder section of the Falls followed by an evening watching fireworks from my kayak with awesome people.A few good friends from North Carolina were all in town working from home from my house for the week so that we could get evening practice laps on the falls after work. Everyday the team would pick me up from work loaded down with kayaks and a cooler of beer and snacks to head out to the river. Getting to paddle Class 5 rapids after working a full day was pretty awesome! It really highlighted just how special having a place like Great Falls in your backyard is and how fun it is to have friends in town!Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 10.55.41 AMAfter a super fun week, it was finally time for the race! We loaded up one final time on Steve’s truck and headed to the park. The parking lot was filled to the brim with kayaks on roofs and scroungy kayakers walking around getting geared up.We all met for a short safety meeting and were told about the race logistics. The Men’s longboat would go first followed by the Women’s Open Class then the Short boat and Slalom competitions. There were over 60 competitors total with  After the meeting, everyone headed out to squeeze in a practice lap or two before the race started.My practice lap went great, nice and smooth. I was feeling strong at the starting line when it was my turn to go fast. My lines through the first and second slides and the back canyon went well, and I cleaned up some of the moves I had been struggling with. I was feeling good coming into the fifth slide which had been a line I was styling all week. During the race however, I got pushed a little right and ended up in the river right eddy, which was only a problem because the finish line was on river left! Having to work my way up the eddy then ferry across the river to make my way to the finish cost me too much time to be competitive in the race, but it was still one of the most fun races I have been part of.Paddling to takeout after evening practice lapI ended up placing third behind Moriah Heaney and Erin Savage, but one of the best parts of the race was getting to compete was these awesome ladies! I am already can’t wait for next year’s Great Falls Race. Put it on your calendar!last_img read more

2 injured in rollover crash

first_imgAccording to police, the vehicle was traveling east on State Route 17 near exit 84 when it went off the road and rolled for an unknown reason. The driver, a 65-year-old male, was transported to Wilson Hospital by Hancock Ambulance for head lacerations. A 20-year-old female passenger was transported to Wilson Hospital by LifeNet for head injuries. A 52-year-old female passenger was not injured. State Police say the accident remains under investigation.center_img DEPOSIT (WBNG) — State Police say a vehicle involved in a rollover crash has left two people injured. last_img read more

Wilfried Zaha wants Arsenal to speed up transfer negotiations with Crystal Palace

first_imgAdvertisement Metro Sport ReporterSaturday 29 Jun 2019 11:08 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link480Shares Comment Wilfried Zaha is keen for Arsenal to make their first move (Getty Images)Wilfried Zaha is hoping that Arsenal will submit their first offer to Crystal Palace before the start of next week, according to reports.The 26-year-old made it clear that he wants to join a Champions League club earlier this year but he is now open to joining the Gunners, despite their failure to qualify for the competition.Arsenal, however, have a restricted budget of £45 million for the summer transfer window and that falls well below Crystal Palace’s £80m valuation of Zaha.But according to The Times, Zaha wants to stay in London and his preference is to join Unai Emery’s side.ADVERTISEMENT Zaha reportedly favours a move to Arsenal this summer (Getty Images)The report claims that Zaha wants Palace to reduce his £80m asking price and wants Arsenal to make an official bid before the club’s players begin pre-season training next week.AdvertisementAdvertisementBut Palace are in a strong negotiating position as his £130,000-a-week contract expires in the summer of 2023.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityUnless Palace are willing to drastically compromise, Arsenal will need to offload at least one of their first-team regulars this summer.Mesut Ozil and Henrikh Mkhitaryan have been made available, while Arsenal are actively trying to offload Shkodran Mustafi.The Gunners are also open to selling Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang but only if they recoup the £56m they spent on signing him from Borussia Dortmund in January 2018.Zaha, meanwhile, is currently with Ivory Coast’s squad for their Africa Cup of Nations campaign but he was surprisingly left on the bench in the 1-0 defeat to Morocco on Friday.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal Advertisement Wilfried Zaha wants Arsenal to speed up transfer negotiations with Crystal Palacelast_img read more

Arsenal target Chris Smalling to fix their defensive issues

first_imgAdvertisement Arsenal target Chris Smalling to fix their defensive issues Arsenal are keeping tabs on Chris Smalling’s progress at Roma (PA Images)Arsenal are targeting a move for Manchester United’s on-loan centre-back Chris Smalling, according to reports.Smalling left United in the summer following the arrival of Harry Maguire and joined Roma on a season-long loan.The 30-year-old has impressed during his first few months in Italy and the Serie A club are already keen to make the move permanent.But according to the Sunday Mirror, Smalling has attracted interest from Arsenal, with the Gunners constantly monitoring his progress in Serie A.ADVERTISEMENTThe report claims that United are open to selling Smalling but are demanding £18 million for the centre-back. Comment Smalling is also being monitored by Everton and Leicester City (PA Images)It’s also claimed that Everton and Leicester City are keeping tabs on Smalling’s performances at Roma in preparation for a potential move at the end of the season.AdvertisementAdvertisementSpeaking about Smalling’s displays at Roma, Solskjaer said earlier this week: ‘Chris has been fantastic. We know sometimes if you change the environment it can go both ways.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City‘But Chris is the type to relish these challenges he’s cultured, enjoys life down there, it’s a new experience for him.‘He’s a boy who couldn’t be here without being a regular and we’re so happy for him because we can see the top player he is.’More: Manchester United FCRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starNew Manchester United signing Facundo Pellistri responds to Edinson Cavani praiseEx-Man Utd coach blasts Ed Woodward for two key transfer errors Advertisement Metro Sport ReporterSunday 8 Dec 2019 2:56 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link714Shareslast_img read more