Financial irregularities at Region 4 NDCs engaging attention of LGC

first_imgAs investigations continue into financial irregularities at several Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDC) in Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica), the matter is now engaging the attention of the Local Government Commission (LGC).The Diamond/Grove NDCThis was announced by Regional Chairman Genevieve Allen who noted that the Grove/Diamond and Enmore/Hope NDCs are being further investigated with the aim of resolving their financial crises.“The case is being sent to the Ministry of Communities to the Local Government Commission to be investigated. That is the two that I know of. If there are any others, my officers haven’t parcelled any information to me as yet,” Allen told Guyana Times during a telephone interview.She later clarified that the other NDCs have been cleared from all investigations, leaving just the two in the midst.The Enmore/Hope NDCFifty-six million dollars in revenue and taxes collected at the Grove/Diamond NDC was reportedly stolen by a former employee between August 2015 and February 2017.This was brought to the attention of the relevant authorities during the Regional Accounting Communities (RAC) meeting.In light of the revelation, an investigation was launched by the Guyana Police Force on the request on the Chairman of the NDC, Bharrat Narine.Narine in his plead to the Regional Chairman, highlighted that there were many unanswered questions, stressing that the suspected embezzler, Latoya Moore could not have stolen the money alone.On this note, he believes that others should have been questioned in connection with the disappearance of the money including the then, overseer.In addition, there were concerns surrounding a fund-raising activity that was hosted by the Enmore/Hope NDC. After the fundraiser, it was reported that the event ran at a loss but reports suggested otherwise.Enmore/Hope NDC Chairman Mark Mahase in clearing the air on the matter stated that the money generated from the event was handled by the overseer and the other organisers and that they are responsible to present the financial statements.Meanwhile, allegations that were levelled against the Little Diamond/Herstelling NDC were quashed after the aggrieved workers were paid their salaries.It was reported that Allen intervened and called for an investigation to be launched into the matter, which stemmed from the NDC Chairman, Madan Singh refusing to sign the vouchers for the workers to receive their payments.These incidents had raised eyebrows among the members at both the NDC and RDC levels and were ultimately addressed by the Local Government Commission due to the technicalities of the cases.last_img

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