LGC dragging feet on serious matters

first_imgDear Editor,In spite of the resolution of the imbroglio that had confronted the Local Government Commission (LGC) a few months ago with regard to the approval of its 2019 work programme and the release of funds for the payment of its expenses, including the salaries and emoluments for its staff and commissioners, which I might add are not insignificant, the LGC still seems to be paralysed, as many months are going by and yet one cannot hear anything out of them, particularly as it relates to the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry into the operations of the Georgetown City Council which was delivered to them almost half a year ago.With the exception of one recommendation, and that is the dethroning of the ‘Mighty King’, which was predictable due to the mountains of evidence of skulduggery in hand, there has been little or no movement on the other thirty serious recommendations. Whether politically motivated or otherwise, there seems to be a reluctance by the LGC to ‘rock the GT boat’.In the meantime, the kakistocracy at City Hall continues to bloom, with hose senior officers who were identified by the CoI for termination due to their poor management of the affairs of the city, and for a criminal investigation and charges be laid against those who were involved in irregularities that were found, continuing to operate with business as usual. This is just unacceptable and the LGC must explain to taxpayers who are paying them, why the Commission is dragging its feet on such serious matters.It makes one wonder, while Georgetown is being swallowed up in garbage, while the constabulary is playing cops and robbers at the same time with the ‘Three Card Trick Men’ and the villains under the Clock, while nepotism, cronyism and favouritism continues unabated at the Council and some sections of the Council, like their Public Relations Division, continue to do little or nothing for super salaries, whether or not there is some collusion to allow the status quo of the Council to remain the same.I ask in keeping with their constitutional duties, that the Chairman and Commissioners get on with fixing a very broken municipality.Sincerely,Mark Roopanlast_img

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