Prime Minister having a PTA meeting

first_imgDear Editor,The frauds, tricks and deceits which are being perpetrated by the AFC on the Guyanese people, especially Berbicians, are unparalleled when compared even to the PNC in the heydays of Burnham’s dictatorship.The late Forbes Burnham mastered the art of getting school children to line the roadways and wave flags in the sweltering heat at high noon, but he never made pretensions about it-he wanted a crowd and his acolytes must deliver! He never had to trick them about the purpose of their ‘homage’. This is unlike what the ‘siren’ Prime Minister is doing. He wanted to hold a political meeting to campaign on behalf of the AFC for the upcoming Local Government Elections, but he cannot advertise it as such, so he spun a yarn and used the children of Auchlyne Primary School instead. He printed thousands of expensive multi-colored flyers with his nouveau-riche image boldly displayed on it, spending taxpayers’ hard earned dollars in his quest to regain recognition. Further, he commanded his Representative in Region 6 to distribute them. The children were instructed to give the flyers to their parents, guardians and neighbors who must make special efforts to attend. I could recall this man lambasting the PPP for using Government resources for political campaigning. What hypocrisy!The flyer stated that it is a ‘Community Outreach meeting to discuss Local Government issues’ and followed at the bottom by ‘Make sure you vote on November 12’. Imagine, in the height and heat of the LGE campaign season the self-proclaimed ‘Elder’ of the AFC is having an ‘outreach’ with students’ parents and guardians. This sounds more like the Prime Minister having a PTA meeting, but the catch is that he badly needs some people to listen to his biographic cacophony and massage his now deflated ego. He would then follow this with the emotional plea to vote for the AFC so that he can show the APNU that he and the AFC are still relevant to the Coalition. The ploy, is to keep his ‘siren’ job at all costs!It is evident also, that for the past month the PM’s Representative Office has temporarily moved from Port Mourant to Whim in an effort to resuscitate the AFC. It appears that anytime Nagamootoo visits Whim, his birth place, he places undue pressure on his Representative to use whatever means will get a ‘crowd’ for him.But it all came to naught when he arrived at the Auchlyne School, sirens blaring all the way. There were few school children who stood around the tents with a few seated parents. It was evident that many from his audience were ‘bussed’ from various parts of the country. An entire entourage came from Georgetown. The group of protesters that greeted him, was actually bigger than his ‘outreach’ attendees. Compared to the PPP bottom house meeting at Whim, the leader of the Opposition attracted over two hundred and fifty persons from the village itself and the surrounding areas. The huge yard could not contain the overflowing numbers. There were numerous persons standing by the fence and the street corner nearby. I had assumed that Nagamootoo would have wanted to hold a meeting at his birth place and dispel doubts concerning his dwindling popularity in the face of the fraudulent backers’ lists. However, he displayed good sense not to do that!All of these trickeries, lies and deceit remind me of what Sir Winston Chruchill once said, ‘Some men change their party for the sake of their principles; others their principles for the sake of their party’.Yours sincerely,Haseef Yusuflast_img

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