Pablo Gállego, the only Spanish footballer who resists the coronavirus

first_imgIn the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that ruthlessly plagues the world of football, there is a championship that refuses to cease its activity. Although behind closed doors, the First League continues in Nicaragua, where the measures to prevent the spread of the virus are much more lax than in the rest of the planet. “I stay at home by my own decision, but everything remains normal. The government has launched a prevention campaign and each one must take their own measures,” he discovers from the Central American country. Pablo Gállego, the only Spanish footballer who continues to work.The Huesca forward belongs to Managua, one of the nine clubs that showed themselves in accordance with the decision to continue with the championship. Only the leader, Diriagén, expressed a discontent that his footballers showed in the preliminary stages of the match against Ocotal: the starting eleven posed with a mask, gloves and keeping the safety distance. “I do not know if the decision is correct or not, they are the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, but the situation seems controlled in Nicaragua and I don’t see the reason why we have to stop“Pablo Gállego evaluates. “It seems that the cases are controlled and they are still playing behind closed doors,” he details.– Ball Migrants 🏠 (@migrantesbalon) March 24, 2020Some Nicaraguan media published that the First League footballers were forced to play under threats and extortion. Something that Gállego denies: “Not in Managua. We are going to continue competing because we want to fulfill our obligation and duty with the club. Yes, we will take the necessary hygiene prevention measures. “After the cancellations in Hong Kong and Australia, Nicaragua is the only foreign country with Spanish representation in which there is football.Pablo Gállego, who after 10 days He is the tournament’s top scorer with five goals, trusts that the situation will improve soon in Nicaragua, where so far only two coronavirus infections have been detected. Despite living relatively normally, the Huesca striker keeps an eye on what is happening in his native country: “There is always a fear. I confess that I am having trouble sleeping because I am very concerned about my family and the people of Spain, but I hope everything ends as soon as possible “. Thus relates @ PabloGallego7 How Nicaragua lives the coronavirus health crisis. last_img

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