Sabin Merino: “Since I arrived everything has been good, let it continue”

first_imgWhat I notice most is its closeness, its treatment. It had been a long time without playing and arriving at a team that is watching you, asking me where you are comfortable on the field, playing … All that helps a player to perform at a higher level.And he arrives at Depor and meets Aketxe, Vault and Peru. A Basque clan …Arriving and having that support is very important. Help to integrate and even when playing because I know them.The four are from Athletic.Yes, perhaps the one that I least agreed with was Peru, a preseason. But with Ager and Vault I agreed two years.How was your stage there?The jump from Second B to First is big. But in my first season I scored seven goals playing from inside left. In Bilbao Athletic I had marked 18. My progression stopped a little the second year, that I had injuries. But I’ve always kept working, that’s why I’m here now.Is Aduriz’s shadow too elongated?What he has done is of the highest level player. He had three or four years scored many goals, in addition to what he brings to the game. Measuring with him is complicated, it is very difficult to reach that level.Aduriz left and returned. Do you think about returning to Athletic?I am a player who left there. Of course I would like to return one day, although now it is something I don’t have in mind. To return you have to do things very well and I think I am in the right place.You debuted in Primera with Valverde. Do you think it’s just what happened?It is not a dish of good taste. You will find a very good team, it is a great coach. Things were not good in Barcelona, ​​but it wasn’t all that bad either. Leaders, in the Cup, in Champions …Is playing second not a step back in your career?At no time did I see Deportivo coming as a step back. I am in a big club, very often in Spain and a perfect place for me.Had Depor interested in you before now?There was something this summer, but they didn’t decide. There was no offer at any time. It was this winter with the arrival of Richard Barral when he took the step and that’s why I’m here. He has entered Deportivo with his right foot …They are two games, two victories and to see if now starting to poke the head out of the descent, it would be important.And personally, two games and two goals.It is true that there are times when you are more successful. The strikers live off the goal and it helps a lot to the confidence mark. And a Riazor delivered …Since I’ve arrived everything I’ve lived has been good, that’s why I can’t value the above. We have a very competitive staff and very clear ideas. Continue.They are still in decline, but there is even some euphoria.We must be very cautious and be cautious with what is said. We all want to get as high as possible, but the first thing is to get off the descent.How about Fernando Vázquez? What surprised you?center_img Do you score a number of goals until the end of the league?I do not like to put figures, besides the work of a striker are more things. What I would like is to be a complete striker and help the team in many other aspects.He came to the colist. Did you expect such a positive environment?The team already came from two victories. I saw everything calm and the people very plugged in. I never perceived anything in another way.last_img

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