Triple H: Survivor Series a ‘great opportunity’ for NXT to show it can compete with ‘Raw,’ ‘SmackDown’

first_imgEverywhere you look on WWE television these days, you see NXT. The organization’s superstars have been invading “Raw” and “SmackDown” in a series of strategic attacks.They’ve been part of the lead-up to Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series. For the first time, the black-and-gold brand will be a part of the big event, its superstars competing against superstars from “Raw” and “SmackDown.” The night before will be all be about NXT with its TakeOver: WarGames event, highlighted by men’s and women’s WarGames matches taking place inside two rings surrounded by a steel cage. Even before then, NXT will have its live weekly television show Wednesday on USA Network (8-10 p.m. ET). The man in charge of the promotion, WWE executive Paul “Triple H” Levesque, has promised that big names from the red and blue brands will make appearances on that show. Careful what you wish for, @TripleH.See you Wednesday on @WWENXT. #SurvivorSeries— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) November 19, 2019Join DAZN and watch more than 100 fight nights a yearTriple H spoke with the media Wednesday morning on a conference call to discuss NXT’s big week and other topics. Some highlights:On whether NXT talent will be take part in future WWE monthly events after Survivor Series: He said that isn’t the intent but added, “Never say never.” The intent instead is for NXT to be a standalone brand and feel different from “Raw” and “SmackDown.” He believes Survivor Series is the one place and time each year where all of the brands can go against one another.  “The split should be more defined after Sunday, but it’s a great opportunity for everybody to show, on the NXT side, to show that they can hang with anybody,” he said.On Johnny Gargano’s health and a timetable for his return: He said Gargano (neck) is day to day and that Gargano is “gutted” he will have to miss TakeOver and Survivor Series.On the tug-of-war between the creative teams for NXT and the other brands when it comes to building toward Survivor Series and not compromising the build to TakeOver:Some of this was planned, he said, and some of it came out of the “chaos,” which is then used to create greatness. He added that the collaborative process has been fun.”You can’t really fully make Wednesday until you get through Monday (“Raw”) because the changes, you tap the domino and everything else falls and you start over again,” he said.On the biggest learning curve for NXT TV in its move to live television:He said he has been pleasantly surprised by how easily the talent has made the transition. “We haven’t had a show yet where we missed this commercial spot or we really missed this or that,” he said. He added that the crew, a younger group, is also new to live television but that it has been fun to learn together. On having Imperium from NXT UK appear on the recent UK TV show tapings:He suggested the idea with the premise that NXT “has tentacles everywhere” and that he wanted to help make NXT UK bigger by giving those performers exposure. He added that there needs to be a long build to prevent a quick burnout.On whether he could be in the ring for NXT at Survivor Series:He said he has no interest in doing that and would fight vigorously against it if someone in the company were to suggest he take the last spot on team NXT. He said NXT is about a new generation of stars and that he will do what he can to help them get to another level. He added that the final member of Tomasso Ciampa’s team will be revealed the day of Survivor Series. He teased that the pick will be “epic” and leave people very excited.On wrestlers who have asked for their releases and why WWE has typically decided to enforce contracts rather than let those performers go:He said that some complaints are legitimate, but he doesn’t understand why some people air their issues publicly. “If I have a complaint with talent, I don’t go on Twitter and complain to them. I speak to them,” he said.He said that some people are just out to get clicks or they do it because they think it’s funny and gets them lots of buzz. He added that there are moments when people say things out of frustration and then later say they didn’t mean them, just as in any long-term relationship.”To me, there’s a maturity issue. It’s not how you handle business. Anybody that’s out there that is serious about it that’s talking on the internet, that’s not the place to do it. You handle your business like a professional. That’s what we’re trying to change about the business and make people more professional,” he said.On how often Ciampa will be able to wrestle following neck surgery:Ciampa will be more closely monitored, same as anyone who has had significant issues. There may need to be a change in his style, although Ciampa is not a big risk-taker in the ring. “When you go to the internet and you start to talk about all the people chattering about medical, 90 percent of them don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. I’ll put our medical system against any in the world,” he said.He added that the company always looks out for the best of the talents’ health but it’s a physical business. When someone gets injured, they take the best care of them possible and give them the best doctors and the best rehab. After that, it depends on what that person can do physically and what they want to do. Some people say the schedule is too demanding and then others say “I’d rather be on the road doing this”. It’s a personal choice for everybody and it also changes for people over time in their lives.On whether there were ever plans for a Brock Lesnar-Bray Wyatt-Adam Cole champions match at Survivor Series:He said conversations took place early in the process and there was a lot of debate, but the Lesnar-Rey Mysterio story was too strong to step away from and needed to take place now.  He added it’s “cleaner” for “The Fiend” to have “his own, unique storyline.” Cole will defend the NXT championship at Survivor Series against the winner of the Triple Threat match at TakeOver between Pete Dunne, Damian Priest and Killian Dane.On how Cole has handled the spotlight:”I can’t say enough good things about Adam Cole. Consummate pro. Represents well. Well-spoken. Smart. He has it all,” he said.He added that Cole got in the ring on short notice with Daniel Bryan on “SmackDown” and tore the place down. He did the same on “Raw” with Seth Rollins and then represented himself well on “Backstage.” He said that he was getting notes and calls from people about Cole being a star.”He has it. He’s humble. He’s smart. He’s a sponge for the business. He wants to know everything and more. He’s a leader,” he said. On whether NXT being a part of Survivor Series was always in the plans:He said that having all three brands at Survivor Series was talked about a while ago, but it was seen as a challenge because TakeOver: WarGames was scheduled for the night before. The challenge became greater as the event got closer and the shows were doing their weekly builds. He said that the travel issues for “SmackDown” several weeks back “created an opportunity that we took advantage of.”last_img

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