Bosnian who broke 111 Concrete Blocks set a New Record

first_imgKerim Ahmedspahic (15) from Breza, a teenager who has the “thickest” head in the world, defended his record on Saturday in Saalfelden (Austria).A challenge of 100 pieces of concrete building blocks, each 5 centimeters thick, was before him. Kerim easily broke 90 building blocks with his head in just 25 seconds.He set the record of 111 broken concrete blocks in 35 seconds on March 25, this year, in Visoko.His taekwondo coach Edin Kajevic – Kaja managed to set a new record as well and broke 46 cans in 30 seconds, while his mentor Muhamed Kahrimanovic managed to break 41 coconuts in 15 seconds, which also represents a new record in this discipline.“Austrians are delighted and very surprised with the performance, as well as records. BiH is presented in the best way possible, and I would like to thank the organizers for their hospitality,” wrote Kerim Ahmedspahic on his Facebook profile.His parents, father Mirset and mother Sabina, are very proud of their son.Sabina revealed that she was afraid when Kerim first told her which sports he is planning to deal with.“When he told me that he will be breaking building blocks with his head, I got scared and started talking him out of it,” said his mother Sabina.(Source:

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