What kind of business opportunities will be brought to the investment market

beauty of the woman’s heart is being awakened by the rapid development of the world, but the use of low-quality products beauty industry has gradually been exposed, so that women are hurt consumers. If the green beauty products will not cause a burst of looting in the market?

ecological beauty salon: knowledge required: hair, nails and skin care; demand for funds: 10 thousand to $99 thousand; the starting time: a few weeks to several months; special challenges:.

health problems for consumers and practitioners are aware of the beauty industry

whether senior luxury SPA or shopping mall in the corner of the small beauty salon, one of the common salon and SPA is the use of a large number of chemical agents. Provide healthy natural beauty products of environmental protection SPA and beauty salon is increasingly becoming the trend of development.

there are many non-toxic materials can replace traditional cosmetic preparations. Environmental protection salon also need environmental protection decoration, the use of renewable materials made of furniture, the use of energy-efficient appliances and lighting facilities.


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