How to open a shop in Taobao


shop shop is a common choice for many businesses, on the platform of entrepreneurship threshold is low, the market is also larger, so if you want to shop can first look at the pioneering steps, hope can help you successfully lock the market, quickly come to see.

: flow shop

1 login registered, fill in the account password, set the mailbox – (this is the Alipay


2, login – activation: Alipay successfully activated

3, ID card: landing Taobao – click on the top I want to sell – – authentication – enter the relevant information – upload ID card scanning – three working days to prove successful

4, bank card authentication (first copy Alipay account, ID cards to the bank Alipay cartoon, and online banking functions):

1), with your Alipay account login Alipay page and select "my Alipay";

2), go to "my Alipay" and select "account management information";

3), enter the "account management information" after the "bank account management";

4), enter the "bank account management" to fill in the form after the completion of the click "save";

5), Alipay will inform your account information has been saved, the bank account is bound to complete!

6), three days to see Alipay bank remittance, if you see a similar 0.05 yuan this is

7), landing on – Alipay – 0.05

– input digital authentication

8) on your Alipay mail – click activation system will automatically return to the Alipay page – successful activation of

completed, shelves baby:

input price – input mode of transport – Baby – detailed description of input quantity, choose 7 days to submit

– Automatic shelves

– left the store management to create names — write a notice: — be sure your shop officially opened!

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