What is the name of the studio method

is different from the general commercial atmosphere is particularly strong shop, may be in the name of no scruples, a studio if you want to get the consumer’s affirmation, the name above naturally need to spend more effort. Of course, if you can master the relevant methods, the name can also be simplified. So, the studio named method?

1, studio name directly use their own names, simple and rough named method, save time and effort. And do well can enhance their visibility, is conducive to the development of the day after.

2, studio name directly to the use of residential quarters, if the studio can be used directly to open its residential area as the name of the studio. Developers in order to sell the house in the name should be used a lot of thought, the name of the most elegant atmosphere, can be used directly. Such as Jia Lake studio, studio, etc..

3, studio name should have cultural atmosphere, cultural heritage. We can use the name of the ancient Chinese painting celebrities, but also from the ancient books to find suitable words. Such as Banqiao studio, Wu Daozi studio, etc.. This name is particularly suitable for Chinese style painting studio, but the use of such names when the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions, whether infringement, etc..

4, studio name determined according to the teaching object, to distinguish between teaching objects, teaching the child’s studio name can not be too esoteric; Young’s studio name can not be too childish, will lead to resentment of young people. If the child can be named small studio studio, studio and sunflower; youth, pinyihome studio studio available Hongying etc..

no matter what kind of shop name we give, naturally also need to pay attention to its function, studio, after all, in general, therefore, in the name of the natural need to be more careful. So, if you’re going to open a studio now, do you know how to name it?

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