Red pepper dough join process introduction

is now catering market unpopular projects have many, many catering the bright younger generation were welcomed by consumers, to meet consumer demand, in which Zhengzhou chili wrapper is a good business projects, and public entrepreneurship rich project preferred. Red pepper was simple, with fewer people, 1-2 people can operate at a shop shop business, to join the project, entrepreneurial wealth has become very easy. Said so much, then, red pepper face how to join


red pepper red pepper pastry dough to join? Join process:

1, cooperative consultation: to join the red pepper phone, fax, face online message etc. the red pepper skin headquarters Advisory cooperation matters, to obtain relevant data;

2, cooperative application: fill in red pepper dough cooperation application, confirm the red pepper dough to join related matters;

3, field trips to chili dough fieldwork projects, and red pepper face joined the headquarters staff to communicate face to face.

4, signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation, through friendly consultations, signed a cooperation contract;

5, business confirmation: chilli dough partners according to the cooperation level, pay related costs, confirm the regional management right;

6, skill training: partners to accept red pepper dough technology, management and operation of all aspects of training, assessment and acceptance;

7, store decoration: red pepper dough headquarters to assist partners confirm business and location, and the red pepper pastry store decoration and layout;

8, opening: receive red pepper dough authorization, business gifts, perfect distribution, arrangement of promotional materials, ready to start


red pepper dough joining process consists of 8 steps, in accordance with the above process, you can easily join.

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