What should be done in the innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and Universities

many colleges and universities will focus on the employment of the tilt to the entrepreneurship education, and even colleges and universities, start-up companies can credit credits. For this news, it was praised with the times, but also some people questioned the innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities began to go.

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entrepreneurship in the end do not need to be reliable, after a period of time the game needs to use the results to prove. Guo Yansheng, President of the new road, believes that the innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities need to avoid the movement, colleges and universities should strengthen the guidance and training of College students.

for some domestic colleges and universities have one-sided understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship education status of skill training, the dean of Changshu Institute Of Technology professor Zhu Shizhong said, the students open a coffee shop, a small bakery is not equal to the entire contents of innovation and entrepreneurship education. Innovation and entrepreneurship education only with the integration of professional education, and the curriculum system, in order to cultivate innovative talents and innovative spirit of the employment.

before either the United States or the European Employment Rate of college graduates has been ranked in the success rate of entrepreneurship. A good university is not a simple talent production line: it is necessary to give students the knowledge and skills, but also to create a learning environment and atmosphere, the innovation and entrepreneurship education into the education links.

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"university students must be dominated by academic." Zheng Mengzhuang, deputy party secretary of Ningbo University, said the school does not encourage students to leave the professional study to open the shop, but to advocate and support the students and academic work closely together with the innovation and entrepreneurship.

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