nvest in new direction Xiamen enterprises choose Africa

in the current economic environment, an enterprise wants to gain a foothold in the market, just one is certainly not, must go out in real time in order to achieve better development. Before the day, reporters from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce held in Xiamen City, investment in Africa "business exchanges and seminar learned that in recent years, Xiamen and Africa economic and trade cooperation development. Experts also reminded Xiamen enterprises in the process of investment in Africa to pay attention to risk prevention. Investment in new directions, Xiamen enterprises choose africa!

it is reported that in 2015, Xiamen’s imports and exports to Africa amounted to 21 billion yuan, an increase of 8.1%. Project investment in Africa Xiamen enterprises amounted to 34, the agreement investment amounted to $550 million, located in 15 countries in Africa; among them, since 2015, the city’s total investment in Africa totaled US $430 million, is 4.2 times the sum of the previous year, visible African countries are gradually become a foreign investment destination are enterprises in our city.

at this seminar, experts from the China Export and Credit Insurance Corp and the China Africa development fund focused on the risks of African investment and business environment. African market opportunities and risks coexist. Advantage, the low cost of labor in Africa, Xiamen enterprises can invest in textile, light industry and other industries.

are you going to sell your business to the domestic market in your life? In the face of the vast market overseas, you prefer? Why do so many Xiamen companies choose to invest in Africa? African exports to Europe can also enjoy preferential tariff. Of course, the investment risk is also very obvious, mainly reflected in the sovereign risk, the risk of expropriation, exchange risk and business risk. These risks can be passed on by insurance. CITIC Insurance Corporation Credit Evaluation Center Wang Fujian said that enterprises in the investment before it takes effort to understand the local investment environment, the enterprises in the overseas investment risk is only able to obtain compensation insurance.

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