The convenience store shelves of goods on display are what basic principles

shelf in place, but those goods how to display, it is a principle, if businesses do not know how to comply with these principles, I am afraid of the commodity display effect. Then, convenience store shelf display what basic principles? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

1, the convenience store merchandise display shelf always adhere to the principle of a commodity layer: a commodity layer does not represent a commodity to be filled with one layer, but do not need the vertical display; if a commodity display space to an extra layer, must meet two conditions display: inventory target decides the more layers display items can not be folded.

2, can be stacked on display convenience store shelves goods need to overlay display.

3, the display of goods only need to display a can.

4, high turnover convenience store shelf goods should be placed on the bottom of the shelf as far as possible.

5, to strengthen the effect of the wall of goods: the top of the commodity and the top of the board to the distance between the two principles.

6, convenience store shelves of all goods display surface is 2, the width of 20cm is the best display length.

7, convenience store shelves of all goods must have the correct direction of display. This is the basic principle of convenience store shelf display, more shelf display principles, commodity display requirements, fresh fruit and vegetable display standards.


said that the relevant work is not good, but also for the convenience store business will have a very big influence, but if you can follow the relevant principles, do a good job of commodity display will become easy. So, if you want to do a convenience store shelf merchandising work, now know what you can follow the principle of it?

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