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catering industry has a feature of the operating process is that some of the projects affected by the season, so that sales performance market volatility, not stable. In recent years, the rise of China’s fast food industry has made foreign KFC, McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants began to become popular. And China’s local food and beverage industry is also unwilling to lag behind, convenience (convenience, is a kind of Chinese fast food) industry has gradually formed a certain scale. Even a lot of takeaway shops have begun to set off a breeze to join the investment wind, to entrepreneurs to provide a good investment to make money. Taiwan flavor to join the full year business no off-season, good food and beverage business projects.

according to the relevant reports, 2016, convenient food in the whole food industry share will be greatly improved, and will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend in response to students, white-collar workers, Indoorsman! Indoorswoman, freaky daddy four people have strong demand, when hundreds of millions of people in large consumer groups so that when the franchise industry! The rise of a trend which cannot be halted. Taiwan flavor at that time with its unique product characteristics, the brand image of the domestic market, the development prospect is very considerable.

Taiwan flavor stores in Tianjin city is boiling away subway Catering Management Limited careful management, to create a strong vitality takeaway brand, headquarters chief development experts have many lunch restaurant experience, will be the world’s delicacy and Chinese flavors combine to develop the unique flavor of Taiwanese flavor containing stores takeaway lunch, resulting in Taiwan taste takeaway stores become the industry can not copy the gold brand.

Taiwan flavor takeaway stores featured delicious rice, oil crystal, one meal a dish of high force plate, creating a garden featuring convenience stores; passing Taiwan flavor takeout people see so exquisite dishes will not help but went to see what. This becomes passers guests; from raw materials + package material distribution low cost and taste;, hungry, Baidu takeaway group purchase cooperation support, diners. Taiwanese flavor development situation, when new, deeper into the world’s delicacy, small dishes, all kinds of table delicacy, hey world, more snacks and drinks, a diversified portfolio, the annual operating no off-season, Taiwanese takeaway stores is no taste of seasonal food items


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market demand, we will meet in what aspects, to provide products to win everyone’s love and pursuit, then the business will be successful, promising career development with distinctive flavor of Taiwan, Taiwan takeaway stores is absolutely taste make good project investment. Come and join us!

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