What is the process of opening a store

what is the process of opening the store? People often see a variety of brand stores signs, such shops are relatively good business? How should we start business? If you want to store business investment, so hurry to cooperate with the headquarters, so you can easily create wealth, do security investment business.

of the overall marketAnalysis and Research on the overall situation of many

The depth of

market positioning

location is to choose the battlefield

here with particular emphasis on organic battlefield choice, store the location and layout of the problem, if the wrong battlefield, encounter rival, or lack of passenger flow and cause failure. Therefore, we should be very careful, as far as possible, the professional senior people to complete the site selection, location, location, location, because the scope of the store’s sales activities are usually relatively stable shopping district. Due to the differences in the management of products, traffic factors, geographical location, business scale and so on, there is a big difference in the scale of the business district and the business district. Choose the business district is the basis for the rational selection of new stores.

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