The island of Hainan high speed rail officially opened the train tour

yesterday, Hainan high-speed rail across the island formally. This is the world’s first high-speed rail line around the island, in the future passengers can take high-speed rail travel around the island in Hainan. China’s train along the scenic line has added new attractions.

12 30, the world’s first tropical region around the high-speed rail – Hainan high-speed rail across the island. Since then, China put into operation high-speed railway up to 19 thousand km. China’s high-speed rail because of this moment by the world’s attention.

World Records "holder"

China in the south, in between the blue sky and the blue sea, well-proportioned coconut trees beside the white car over Mercedes benz. The world’s first tropical region around the high-speed rail built into a unique landscape in Hainan Island;

China in the north, snow cover, minus 30 degrees Celsius in extremely cold weather, the world’s first Alpine high-speed rail high-speed rail as a "Snow" back and forth, smart and smooth;

China in central, Zhengzhou-Xi’an high-speed rail operators, which in a large area of collapsible loess on the successful construction of a world-class problem is written into the history of high-speed railway……

It also makes the

"China railway passenger transport network and any country passenger rail are not the same, there are no country like this is a basic China, high-speed rail network." Close to recommend

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