Hubei Ezhou city to increase efforts to support small loan business power

for many entrepreneurs, more than a sum of money, it is possible to make their own career to protect. Therefore, the government’s financial support, will be able to help more entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. Now there are 8 varieties of flowers, daily sales of over 2000 yuan." Recently, Ezhou City Liangzihu district town of biogas Leroy flower planting cooperatives responsible Jin Huihua, blooming Gerbera at greenhouse, smiled said, "thanks to the Industrial and Trading Company timely assistance."

Ezhou Industrial and Trading Company, responsible for small business loans secured loans. The flood season this year, gold Huihua more than and 10 greenhouses were flooded, the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars, troubled. He and the guarantor found the Ezhou Industrial and Trading Company to apply for loan support. Industrial and Trading Company field view, only a week on the allocation of 200 thousand yuan loan. In July, the majority of entrepreneurs in the face of the difficulties caused by the floods, the company to accelerate the processing of security procedures, support for rural cultivation and breeding projects 26, the issuance of nearly ten million yuan of venture capital." The person in charge of the company.

in recent years, in order to play a small entrepreneurial loans secured 42 dial the leverage, to promote the public entrepreneurship, the people of innovation, Ezhou to increase the small business loans policy support. On the qualified personnel by the maximum amount of the loan, according to different groups of "50 thousand yuan, 80 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan" unified adjusted to 100 thousand yuan; the establishment of a partnership enterprise loan amount adjusted to 200 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan; the counter guarantor threshold settings, the difference between the funds raised from the branch, "the business unit in the on-the-job personnel into the counter guarantor range; the state organs, public participation, funding institutions at on-the-job on-the-job personnel guarantee amount is set at 100 thousand yuan.

in order to protect more entrepreneurs can realize their dream of entrepreneurship, the local government put the amount of loans is very large. It is reported that since the implementation of business loans in Ezhou City, the company accumulated issuing small loans 10865 pen, the amount of 556 million yuan; for the central and provincial financial discount funds accumulated 81 million 460 thousand yuan; support entrepreneurial projects of more than one driven by the employment of more than 4.12 people, effectively promoted the development of local economy and society.

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