Husband and wife with Mountaineering Tent to build an extraordinary wealth platform

in Europe and other countries, climbing and other sports concern, the major outdoor brands emerging market, while domestic outdoor brands are relatively few, a couple created a outdoor brand by chance.

10 years ago, starting from Beijing at the foot of Xiangshan two rows of bungalows, Shengfa Jiang Wang Jing husband and wife both as a designer, and as a salesman. Perhaps they did not expect that, 10 years later, their company has become China’s miracle outdoor market sales volume and market share in the year of the leader, and today in the GEM listed transactions in the world trade center in the World Trade Center ().

/ > from the tent tent

1992 years after graduation, Shengfa Jiang was assigned to the first survey and Design Institute of the Ministry of railways, based in Lanzhou, often engage in mountain land surveying, topographic surveying, have a deep understanding of the special function of outdoor products in strict environment, the Shengfa Jiang foreshadowed later start.

second years, "restless" he chose "the sea" came to Guangxi Beihai. He started his own business as a salesman in a small printing press and started a small printing company.

This time he met

see this tent products, love outdoor sports Sheng Faqiang couple shines, negotiations immediately and patent owners. The other party began to bid 200 thousand yuan, which for the time Sheng Faqiang is an astronomical figure. Eventually the other side was impressed by their enthusiasm and dedication to the price of 10 thousand yuan sold.

when the domestic similar products, how to achieve differentiation, play their own characteristics in the market, is toread [45.06-10.01%] chairman Sheng Faqiang has been considering the problem of heart.

he eventually decided in accordance with the "U" shape to create the smile curve Pathfinder business model.

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