How to send off the old customer service store

believe that we all have such a consumer experience, shopping after leaving the shop, you can always hear the "welcome to the next visit," the greeting, but it is true that every customer can tolerate such a greeting? An old customer chose a pair of shoes in the shoe store, after payment, shopping guide to help her bag, she left the shoe store. When you say goodbye to the customer, shopping guide smiled and said: "welcome to the next visit." The customer is not happy after hearing, she said: "every time I go, you say this sentence."

shopping guide some embarrassment, said: I’m sorry, is my fault. You are welcome to come to have a new style I keep for you." At this time, the customer smiled and left the store.

is not so much a customer as picky, it is better to say that they are. They feel that they have bought so many shoes in the store, how many important customers, and therefore should be able to get a deeper level of satisfaction from the service, the special treatment by the shopping guide. In order to meet the psychological needs of such customers, shopping guide at the time to bid farewell to them, to say that they feel that the full attention of the words. If the shopping guide can not seize the customer’s psychology, it will let customers disappointed and even dissatisfied.

error response

you take it, welcome to the next visit.

you go, I will not send.


is a response to the general customers, some old customers to hear such a language, you may feel that the shoe store did not attach importance to their own. So, this kind of discourse may not only narrow the distance with the customer, but make it feel alienated. Second kinds of coping styles, although it seems cordial, but a bit too relaxed, the customer is not a personal relationship with you, after all, the customer needs to be taken seriously, so this is not an appropriate response. The third way to deal with it is very irresponsible, either to give a sense of indifference, or let customers feel that they are not popular, in short, will not be a good feeling.

correctly deal with 1

shopping guide: I wish you a good time at the ball at the weekend. Remember to wear your shoes one or two days in advance, so that it will be a little tight on the day of the ball. The next time there are shoes for you, I will pay attention to you, please rest assured. Good ah!

comments: the sound of customers to buy shoes for something, shopping guide in the farewell when I wish the matter smoothly, it is very reasonable approach. At the same time shopping guide should also remind customers that they will pay attention to the right shoes, so as to lay the foundation for the follow-up contact with the customer.

correctly deal with 2

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