What is the most popular food and beverage industry

has a variety of different cuisines in China’s food and beverage industry, and other places or other countries are also increasingly popular with consumers. But according to a new survey, on what Chinese is the most popular delicacy, what kind of degree does not exceed the famous delicacy – this will Hot pot a variety of fresh ingredients to rinse hot soup delicacy

Europe clear analysis business management consulting firm report released this week, is the most popular food China Hot pot. The main hot pot in the Chinese restaurant chain restaurant brand reputation ranked highest.

the company’s survey of 2600 cities in China, the survey also showed that consumers, the domestic hot pot chain fishing in the most popular TOP10 restaurant ranked first in the list of 21. Other top 10 restaurants include foreign fast food chain KFC and McDonald’s, as well as casual restaurant Pizza Hut and Friday restaurant.

eating hot pot was originally intended to keep out the cold in winter, but now it has become a very popular food for four seasons. Famous hot pot chain restaurants, diners often have to wait in line for hours, even in the summer is also the case.

Rui Rui International data show that China’s full-service restaurant chain TOP15, there are 7 franchise hot pot.

hot pot, mainly due to its popularity throughout the cooking process, as well as the timeliness of social activities. Friends and family sitting in front of a pot of boiling soup, meat, vegetables and other ingredients into it, to absorb the fragrance, at the same time, diners chat, social two.

adds that the success of hot pot is also due to the customer service of the leading chain stores. Restaurant chains such as sea fishing provide diners with intimate services, including entertainment. For example, a dance performed by a waiter in the process of making dough into noodles.

according to Rui Rui International data, full-service restaurants accounted for 75% of China’s food market share. Compared with the independent restaurant, Chinese consumers are more recognized chain restaurant brand, that its quality, brand credibility and consistency is more secure. At present, the restaurant chain revenue accounted for only 8.7% of China’s food and beverage industry, far lower than other major markets. 2010 to 2015, the annual growth of China’s chain catering enterprises reached 9.2%, more than an independent restaurant of 7.2%, there is still great potential for growth in the future.

analysis of European analysts said that despite the volatility of China’s food and beverage market in recent years, but the growth rate is still far more than other major markets. Overall, the frequency of Chinese consumers dining out has increased, the taste has become more sophisticated, the international restaurant brand attention and acceptance

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