Spring car maintenance knowledge sharing

spring sunny, the scenery is very beautiful, people love to go for a ride, but very much rain in winter, car owners or people interested in the car business projects, but also should know some spring vehicle maintenance tips, the following is a skill to share a look!

A, in the spring of car maintenance

spring rain, acid rain ingredients has strong corrosive effect on the car paint in the course of time, it will cause damage to the car paint, so in the rain more spring, to pay special attention to protect the car paint. Maintenance must not ignore the car waterproof work. In maintainedregularly, can give the best car a paint beauty. The simplest is to the car wax, wearing an invisible protective coat, prevent paint fade ageing, beautiful car side.

drivers in winter rarely open the window, the car has accumulated a large number of bacteria, the spring temperatures rise, coupled with the humid air, is all sorts of bacteria multiply season growth, so pay special attention to the car indoor prevention work, let the car interior to keep dry and clean, especially for car seat and the outlet of the health no more to do cleaning work, to carry out disinfection on the console, door and other parts with special interior cleaning agent.

three, wiper inspection and maintenance should be more careful


spring car maintenance is a very important job, whether you are in the car market after the venture interest, or car owners, hope to share more than to be able to help you!



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