How many grants can be obtained for Henan unemployed entrepreneurs

in today’s rapid economic development, population aging is also accelerating, many of the unemployed at home, still want to rely on entrepreneurship, to show their dreams! In response to such a social situation, Henan unemployed entrepreneurs can get government grants. So, the number of unemployed entrepreneurs in Henan can get subsidies?

7 month 14 days, reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that the office and the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued "on the use of the unemployment insurance fund to promote employment support measures" entrepreneurship, unemployed unemployment insurance during the choice such as self employment in our province can apply for, 5000 Yuan one-time start-up subsidies at the same time also can receive a one-time unemployment insurance benefits of the remaining period.

to encourage unemployed people to start their own businesses, the province will use the unemployment insurance fund to support and promote the employment of unemployed workers. According to the measures, the unemployed to apply for subsidies need to provide the following information: unemployed employment permits, identity cards, business license for their own business, application form, etc.. The unemployed need to apply for a one-time business subsidy within 2 months from the date of the business license or other valid certificates.

for the employment of unemployed persons, the province will also be given employment resettlement grants. Enjoy the conditions: the employer to participate in unemployment insurance and in accordance with the provisions of the full payment for 1 years, to absorb the resettlement is receiving unemployment insurance personnel, and signed a labor contract with more than 1 years and participate in various social insurance.

standards: the employer and the unemployed to sign a 1 year term of the labor contract, the amount of subsidy payment of 2 months of unemployment insurance; each additional 1 years of labor contract signed 2 months increased unemployment insurance subsidies per person, the gold standard maximum not more than 6 months of local unemployment insurance. The employer shall not be entitled to enjoy the subsidy of the public welfare post personnel who have been recruited within one year.

reported by the above we can clearly see that the Henan unemployed entrepreneurs can get 5000 yuan subsidy, although the number is not large, but it is a kind of encouragement, also do small business, is also a very good capital orientation.

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