Shut the door between Jiangsu nine industrial group why night

in life, we can often see a lot of inspirational stories, someone from an ordinary character, how through their own efforts, to obtain a greater development, the achievements of their own career. Today Xiaobian to introduce the Jiangsu nine industrial group Mister nine, the following specific look.

10 years ago, a stranger to Wuxi to open a beauty salon, now has not only a dozen stores, but also played a financial project. A lot of people in Wuxi only know the boss nickname A Jiu, the boss also made the name of the shape by the A Jiu, finance composed of the Jiangsu industrial group of the. But just a few days ago, the more than and 10 stores suddenly shut overnight, what happened?

nine nine other financial closing

yesterday, modern express reporter arrived at the people on the nine financial, saw the door closed, empty inside. Nine other flagship store not far away to the store, is also the general iron door, the door "for the company training, notice for ten days. In addition to the two stores in the city of Wuxi, all the other nine were closed for a time, cause a lot of speculation.

fact how? The reporter from a nine financial department staff learned that the company has owed wages for several months, the company did not honor the maturity of financial products. "There is a customer called the boss’s brother, said the boss has died of illness."

The citizens of

Ms. Cao said, she bought 100 thousand yuan financial products in the financial nine, the period from May 2016 to November, the contract promised annual income of up to 12%, did not think of is now likely to face down the drain.

how many people are involved in the money? According to the estimation of a nine financial staff, nine financial investment amount is 10 thousand yuan. And the purchase of financial products and a nine beauty salon of the prepaid card amount may not add up to tens of millions or even billions, is reported to have.

police have been involved in the investigation

reporter from Wuxi city Industrial and Commercial Bureau learned that at present they have received consumer complaints about a nine beauty salon, prepaid card, but the financial investment is currently not involved in the complaint.

it is understood that the Wuxi Beauty Salon Industry Association launched the Wuxi hairdressing industry prepaid card consumer dispute resolution (Trial) has been introduced for 4 months, and the introduction of prepaid consumer card format contract. Wuxi City Council also reminded consumers, in the choice of prepaid consumption must take the initiative to sign a written agreement with the business.

Industrial and Commercial Bureau through the official website, the reporter learned that Wuxi nine Financial Consulting Co. Ltd. legal representative of the beam Weimin recommended

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