Open shop in the campus to make money to open a micro text printing society

many friends want to open a shop in the campus, indeed, the campus is very profitable shop. So, what shop on campus to make money? Are there any suitable projects? Today Xiaobian to recommend a suitable for the management of a good project on campus.

micro text printed agency cost: 1500 yuan

campus open what shop to make money? After entering the University, what should be standardized, standardized, handwritten report teacher does not accept, the application form must be printed, really do not understand.

this idea of the students believe that many, but it really is not much more hands-on. In fact, there is no difficulty in setting up, the cost can be controlled within 1500 yuan, the need to prepare a few packets of A4 printing paper, a stapler, and then equipped with a multi-functional machine even if completed.

campus open what shop to make money? In the campus to open a micro printing and social investment, a few thousand dollars will be able to shop, business is very simple. This project, whether for college students, or for small entrepreneurs, are very suitable.


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