How to reduce the risk of small business

small venture relatively speaking, less risk, so it can be said, even if all the compensation, it will not affect too much. But the most taboo is the time to start a business failure, even if it is a small venture should also pay attention to the risk. Here are a few ways to reduce risk!


essential insurance

many individual entrepreneurs are to buy insurance insurance is ignored, but is " little input, " security is essential. I have to say that there are two insurance, one employee personal insurance (injury insurance, accident insurance, hospitalization insurance), and the two is the property insurance (theft).

two, security facilities also need

Although the

here more effective one is (this method, reinforced doors and windows but I say here is not clear, must be equipped with drawings), but if you leave someone on duty must pay attention to safety reservation window. The two is to install the camera in the shelter, but this does not solve the prevention, can only help to follow up, but it is better than nothing, now on the market some security companies on closed-circuit monitoring system price is not high, a set of about four thousand or five thousand blocks. There is a alarm, there are cheap to install doors and windows on the family buzzer, open the window on the ring, as long as ten yuan; you are connected with the alarm telephone contact magnetic or infrared alarm, have little effect on inexperienced, the price of two thousand or three thousand yuan.

security fundsAs the saying goes:

I was with the company’s financial staff to talk, think 50 thousand is a critical point of a crime, should now be 100 thousand effective. >

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