Personal summary of the name of the store experience

give a shop name, there is too much knowledge to master, which will undoubtedly make a lot of shopkeepers feel headache. In fact, wait until the real time to the store, these rich content is not how much the owner can grasp, often really play a role is only a few practical. Below, the small series on the personal summary of the name of the store to introduce the experience, I hope to help more shopkeepers play a suitable name.

just read an article, what is the name of good store, a good name is self-evident, and shop style collocation, consistent with the product, can let the consumer remember you, I buy things in Taobao, the recommendation of a friend, is a direct say the name, some shops are long English, I automatically filter out, not in his house to buy, unless something very good, no other home. The name of the shop is difficult to remember, recommended to friends also can not say the name, such a direct pass out, and sometimes forget to collect the next time to find his shop is also hard to find.

I summed up a few points, we hope to add:

1, do not have an English name, unless your family’s customer base is such.

2, words do not go, do not know the word, who remember your shop.

3, do not take the name of the shop with your baby, even Lenovo’s space is not, a look is layman, consumers will not buy things to sell laymen.

Do not use the

4, as everyone knows but has been used to name a few days ago to collect a name, several, some two words in front of space, there is the last word space, finally turned to the others to do the wedding dress.

other welcome everyone to add.

to talk about my family, we are selling Home Furnishing jewelry, flowers, vases and so on, I think Home Furnishing is always beautiful, full of warmth, come to my house to buy things must be the love of life, the time to enjoy the elegant women, and I shop has been focusing on the packaging of this culture from the concept, shop decoration, shop, to culture, are advocating elegance, independence, love life, this is my understanding of Home Furnishing class.

the United States and China are very short:

first, too little baby in my shop.

second, Home Furnishing jewelry name my name among the flowers, flowers in a deliberate, that you may know, but, a lot of people know, I asked a few friends, they can hardly speak a mouth, but I really love this name with the name, persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, although the name good note.

this is me

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