Such a dish from the opening up to now has been 13 years of fire

What is the highest level of

restaurant operation? It should be the highest leadership without spending too much energy, without everything myself, without the need for the restaurant hard at work night and day fuck broken heart, can put their management’s catering brand management full of sound and colour.

in Chengdu, there is a restaurant, since the opening, the line for 13 years, Sichuan has been ranked as the ten major characteristics of the United States has been reported delicacy, CNN, who had been on the Singapore version of "tongue on China", but the owner of the restaurant, there are eight years do not often go to the restaurant, long during the period of touring the world, few management of the restaurant, even the restaurant waiter didn’t know her boss……

the name of the restaurant is "delicious guest", in Chengdu, the paradise of food, this strange bloom very brilliant. Over the years, the restaurant has been selling only a dish, and this dish is an early age graduated from Hunan University, electrical and mechanical trade to do business outside the circle of food – Lao Wang created.

first set foot on the restaurant planted

good guest boss Wang Libing, said Wang, 60, graduated from the Hunan University in HVAC, a state-owned enterprises to work, and soon, Wang will be director of the office of the position. When the tide across the country, Lao Wang felt in the state-owned enterprises is a vision of the future of the day, there is no meaning, he resolutely went to sea.

went to sea, Pharaoh went to Hainan, and then back to Chengdu to do mechanical and electrical trade. In 2002, there are just two cooks friends lost their jobs, came to look for Pharaoh, to invest in Chengdu to open a hot pot restaurant. The Pharaoh had inadvertently entered the restaurant industry, but the human sense of justice, stand up to two friends cook Ruanmoyingpao or out of savings, opened up a Hot pot shop.


Hot pot shop is dogged by bad luck, just opened in March January 2003, when SARS, a loss of 50 thousand per month.

"50 thousand yuan, at that time can buy a house in Chengdu." Lao Wang said.

arrived in June, the two cooks in the Lao Wang and do not want to do, the Lao Wang dry up.

finally, Pharaoh in the food and beverage industry’s first store encountered a crisis of survival.

Wang feel very humbled, he did not want to end his career in catering, unyielding character let him get stuck and catering.

2003 in July, before closing the first shop in Sichuan, Simon, Lao Wang and opened a new store. This shop is now good guest headquarters.

"shop opened, business is good, but a lot of guest"

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