What makes us entrepreneurs make money quickly

what makes us entrepreneurs make money quickly? How to succeed with a wealth of their own life? I hope I can get some inspiration from the following examples.

200 thousand blessing in disguise, Denver

2001 at the beginning, Zhang Jing took office in Qingdao, a shipping company due to an economic dispute facing bankruptcy. Disasters pile up on one another. even colds are rarely, usually from her suffering from cervical spondylosis neck, often feel tight, reading and writing are not lasting. She ate a lot of drugs, there is no obvious improvement. An accidental opportunity to read the medical background of a friend to understand the condition of Zhang Jing carefully, found that the culprit was actually a high pillow on her bed. What industry is best to do business, a friend explained in detail the reasons for which, Zhang Jingcai know, sit back and relax is a medical mistake. There are a lot of knowledge hidden in the original pillow. The next day, in her mother’s advice, do it yourself with a low pillow filled buckwheat skin. Soon, she recovered from cervical spondylosis.

had this experience, careful Zhang Jing couldn’t help feeling: human life 1/3 of the time in sleep, for modern people living at a fast pace for a good sleep can not only let people be energetic, physical and mental health is closely related with people. The choice of a comfortable pillow, to protect the quality of sleep is undoubtedly more important. As a result of the person’s physical condition, individual hobby is different, to the pillow height, material, shape and other aspects of the requirements are also different. What is the best business in the industry, but now the market to sell all of the pillows are the same specifications and styles, if they take the lead in opening a pillow store to fill the gaps in the market, it will be hot?

echocardiographyaction. Zhang Jing quickly made Qingdao pillow Market Analysis complete investigation, she found that Qingdao pillow sales is divided into two blocks: grocery stores and some stalls mainly engaged in low price and poor quality of the pillow; while the high-end products mainly in shopping malls and supermarkets bedding part of bulk operations, the price is relatively high. But the pillow is very single species, filled with buckwheat and vacuum filler made of cotton two, customers have no choice basically room.

2001 July, Zhang Jing >

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