The Red Cross money misappropriated donations to expose

for the red cross we are very familiar with, it is a charity in a society of domestic relatively high visibility, and in every year, there will be a lot of caring people to donate, I hope to help others.

the case mainly involved a total of 3 people were leading the Hanzhoung red cross. Among them, the dawn of former Hanzhoung HUAWEI executive vice president of the Red Cross, and Zhang Qi and Zhang Bing for the Hanzhoung red cross before and after two as the director of the office. Hanzhoung red cross a total of only 5 preparation, used to describe the collective fall from public funds misappropriated case, obviously not for.

Using a "pull"

and in the case of 3 suspects, both the Hanzhoung red leader, is also the Hanzhoung Municipal Health Bureau cadres, Hanzhoung Red Cross and belongs to the Hanzhoung Municipal Health Bureau under the jurisdiction, as not a knife can cut its own handle, their results themselves must be over from stealing. Look at the embezzlement of funds, means bad, just as easily as a child’s play, "borrowed" up to tens of millions of dollars of public funds.

In fact, the


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