Xuzhou province college students to get started in the business model

Xuzhou has always attached great importance to support for entrepreneurs, the day before, a Xuzhou passenger record won the title of model in college students’ Entrepreneurship entrepreneurship competition, entrepreneurship is not only his own glory, but also on behalf of Xuzhou entrepreneurial career progress.

I venture model Wei Kai graduated from Soochow University in 2007, 2011 to obtain a doctorate in engineering at Shinshu University in Japan advanced fiber, led the team that developed the world’s first electrospun fiber production equipment Nano-I. In September 2014, the first antibacterial anti haze masks to market products using nano fiber membrane as the core of the filter material, can effectively prevent dust, bacteria, exhaust gas into the respiratory tract, to fill the gaps in the domestic technology in college students entrepreneurship group played a good lead role model.

throughout the college entrepreneurship competition, the emergence of a number of entrepreneurial talent, they have excellent technology, innovation or development has broad prospects of entrepreneurial projects, which will be a part of China entrepreneurship development, contribute to economic development.

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