Ten billion rich share wealth of Arcane

wants to become a billionaire, want to quickly realize the wealth of life, do not want to be ordinary, willing to fall behind, so let’s take a look at the billionaire secret enrichment of it, I believe it will inspire friends.

when the authority of the Department of private entrepreneurs in a business plan was Chinese Economic Planning Commission rejected, what will he do?

10 years ago, 36 year old Li Hejun chose an extraordinary confrontation: prosecution policy. The long game, to bring him, is now a bigger than Jinsha River, Gezhouba Dam hydropower station, as well as a steady stream of cash flow. According to Forbes, the entrepreneur from Guangdong, Heyuan, to 66 billion 490 million yuan ranked in the top 2013 China rich list of fourth.

staring at the silver people certainly don’t make a lot of money, I think the trick is not to make a lot of money money, money as a by-product can earn a lot of money, the money earned by the way.

borrowed 50 thousand yuan sea

the billionaire’s confidence in the business world, plays an important role. "In the eyes of many people in the industry, I am the destroyer." Mentioned 4 years ago into the field of photovoltaic, Li Hejun, 46 year old response.

if not for entering PV, hina would be still a free from the public "invisible company". Founded in 1994 (when the name of hina Huarui Energy Group) to the main business, the hydropower in wind power and photovoltaic. As of August this year, the Chinese hydropower project equity claims that its total installed capacity of more than 6 million kilowatts of wind power installed capacity of 131 thousand kilowatts, has been put into operation in 8 the total capacity of 3 million kilowatts of photovoltaic base.

energy, hina business is also involved in the trade, high-end business aviation, travel, education, real estate and other fields. Li Hejun said, the total assets of its holdings has exceeded 100 billion yuan, his personal shares of more than 97%, is expected in 2013 its total revenue over ten billion yuan, of which hydropower is the main source of income and cash flow, which helped him first on the Forbes China rich list.

1991, a Li Hejun from his university teacher borrowed 50 thousand dollars from the beginning to venture into the sea, railway transportation, mining, real estate speculation, to sell toys, sell mineral water, do not do. By the end of 1994, he has accumulated seven or eight million yuan of capital. "With so much money, I didn’t know what to do!"

hesitating, Li Hejun in a senior high school classmate read financial advice, decided to acquire assets into the hydropower station as recommended

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