Niu Sufang warm heart shop approved

each shop has a different situation, the need to take the business strategy will naturally be different, of course, the return of the store will also have differences. The city of Ji’nan, Zhangqiu Fang Fang, the owner of the wine shop after 80, is a stubborn and warm heart of the girl, Niu Sufang. Under her careful care, the shop in good order, business is booming.

"after opening the shop, I also met with me to recommend cheap cigarettes, but I refused. I can not violate the good faith for the sake of the moment. The customer’s heart has a steelyard. In contrast, the customer will recognize the standardized operation. I have a problem with customers, I will show them a tobacco monopoly retail license, so that customers buy more at ease." Between the words, Niu Sufang smiled confidently.

familiar with Niu Sufang’s customers know that the owner is a reliable girl. She sells cigarettes are purchased from the tobacco companies to the formal channels; the new and old customers alike, she; counter cigarette all blatantly; for minors, Niu Sufang refused to sell cigarettes.

"how can there be so stubborn, money does not earn the business?" Some people will wonder. In this regard, Niu Sufang said: business to the letter based, this is my business principles. Good reputation, rely on a long time to earn."

"the Mavericks sell cigarettes, we buy at ease." This is the customer’s evaluation of Niu Sufang. It can be seen that the standard cigarette business, let Niu Sufang hold the integrity, but also for her to win the favor of customers.

Niu Sufang is kind and warmhearted "tag", the surrounding neighborhood all praise her good personality. "To attract customers, not by the immediate short-term benefits. Only allow customers to feel your sincerity, in order to stand out from many businesses, so that customers remember you." Niu Sufang said seriously.

in the conversation with Niu Sufang, the phone rang in the shop. "Hello, hello! This is Fang Fang drinks firm. Are you aunt Guo? Would you like a ‘Taishan’ (Xin Yue)? No problem. I’ll be back in a minute!" Hung up the phone, Niu Sufang immediately got up from the cabinet to come up with a "Taishan" (Xin Yue), with the clerk to explain the good things out of the store.

clerk told the author, just call the need to live in the vicinity of the cigarette is not Guo Guo, is the store’s old customers. Due to the usual day walking inconvenience, it can not come to the store to buy. Niu Sufang learned of this situation, he offered to provide the initiative to send smoke door service. Niu Sufang warm heart service, attracting more customers to patronize.

do you want to keep the shop difficult to retain customers? Many shopkeepers are sure to answer, but for Niu Sufang, the business can also be simplified. Niu Sufang said: "sometimes, a cup of hot tea, a warm heart, or"

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