KFC China female CEO favorite Kiwi sauce

Chinese KFC in high popularity is the China area now allow all doubt, Kentucky CEO has new office, this is a love of Kiwi sauce female, and the fast food industry has its own unique views of women.

this year, KFC encountered challenges in china. 2013-2014 fiscal year, yum China revenue growth of -4% and 1%, respectively, with the same store sales fell by 13 and 5%. Kentucky Fried chicken how to reverse the war after the first appearance of the media to join the show, the reporter interviewed Qu Cuirong Han lu.

this two years Kentucky controversy, earnings figures also suffered hitherto unknown challenge. In the outside world, the workplace and flexor need some courage chuei Rong lee.

in Kentucky, Qu Cuirong worked at Watsons UK, was originally a nearly bankrupt veteran retail chain Savers and Superdrug revitalized. She accepted the twenty-first Century Business Review (hereinafter referred to as 21CBR), said in an interview that he was very fond of the retail industry, because fast decision making fast, quick results. She said no one crystal ball can predict the future, but it is certain that KFC needs to continue to learn, explore, learn how to win back the market.

more vegetables

in Kentucky, add each product, each kind of food have gone through a long process, from which the decision-making of recommendation

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