How to run an adult toy store

shop to succeed in business is actually a skill to speak of, in short, the success of this goal is good, but it is not easy to achieve. So, how to manage an adult toy store? Let Xiaobian to you.

adults also love toys, domestic adult toy market has great potential for development. Invested forty thousand yuan or so, open a feature of the adult toy store, through multiple points and multiple operations, the monthly income of $three thousand can be obtained. This is a lot of people want to have unexpected things, some people have been early adopters in the front. Investment in adult toy store, you do not want to play it?

operating range can be collected at all times and in all aspects of the best operating characteristics of the

a wide range of toys at all times and in all countries, we should choose one of these categories of features, such as the ancient Chinese intellectual toys, modern cartoon toys, etc.. In addition, you can also operate other household goods such as cartoon image. Damage to some toys, also available in their stores, lighting and rental services, and of course this is to charge a fee.

The secret of success through a variety of business

both wholesale mall multiplier

Shanghai Dexin

Business Development Co., Chinese marketing director Tang Xinwen is Tactic bear to join headquarters of the person in charge of marketing, combined with the analysis of Tactic bear according to her franchise business, adult toy store business success are worthy of our reference:

multi-faceted Marketing – in Beijing, there is a teddy bear franchise, an area of about more than and 80 square meters. China World Trade Center is located in the East, the rent is relatively expensive, monthly rent of 30 thousand yuan, but the annual purchase of several hundred thousand dollars. The reason is that, in addition to operating the toy stores, sales agents also a toy crafts, although the proportion accounted for only 1/4, but in the entire store has a role. In addition, many advertising companies to their order Tactic bear, the sales than in the store sales of many times, but also the goods wholesale florist, Home Furnishing shops, clothing stores, the difference is not much, but still is not a small income.

and a number of shopping malls in the above sales – sales coming out in the mall has three advantages: one is not need storage, two free rental housing, three is no utility overhead, but in the 1 home shopping business is certainly not earn money, because the toy profit is not high. If you only sell in 1 stores, then sales will certainly not as good as the retail stores, so if you are ready to enter the mall, you must enter more than 3 stores for sale, so as to be profitable.


is now the major market competition is very intense, if you want to succeed, do not have a certain skill is very difficult to do. But, as long as we grasp

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