Shop location should pay attention to what

for operators, how to store the location is very important, the location of the shop is good or bad to determine whether the key to profitability. How to choose a good store location is the most important problem faced by the majority of store operators, shop operators to go through serious consideration and scientific choice.

1, according to the location of their stores operating location

Before the

2, we should try to avoid the traffic control in the streets of the site, the shop in front of the car to have a suitable location

3, to select the residents gathered, the population concentrated areas, not in the residents of the residents and the residents of the slow growth of

4, prior to the store to understand whether the possibility of being demolished, the existence of property disputes or other issues

5, pay attention to the characteristics of the street where the shop and the direction and classification of the street passenger

7, to choose the same store to gather more blocks, or choose the professional market for their own shops

"order three" is a lot of people often take the way of shopping, choose similar shops concentrated blocks, more easy to get to the target consumer group more.

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