The three venture after the success of the legend of the young 80 after the miracle of the three

said that entrepreneurship is difficult, countless losers, but there are also the kind of God’s darling, always be able to seize the right time to do the right choice. The three entrepreneurial success of the three, after 80 entrepreneurs become the eyes of many entrepreneurs legend.

in the business circles, born in 1988, but Yang Lei is already a veteran. Although the student era with a keen eye and persistent toughness, won the first pot of gold, but in the eyes of any one of the parents, then Yang Lei are not mainstream students:



"will not lose, wanchuanai, a server has several million people, I belong to the top 5 level." Yang Lei said.

however, with strong skills of the game, Yang Lei not only out of a "game of life", it shows how to use the game to dig into the pot of gold of life, and from the fascination with the game "bear children" into the field of the Internet mainstream entrepreneurs. This process, he spent nearly 10 years.

10 years, Yang Lei after 3 venture, with a bright blind record. The first company he led, with hundreds of millions of dollars for sale; second, he is the co-founder of the company, now in the industry is still booming; he was in charge of the third companies love on behalf of the drive, located in Shanghai, is a generation of driving service platform, has been to C round of financing. He fought a number of battle, perhaps only to prove successful: no set number, as long as have passion, perseverance, execution and other qualities, even if this road can still be extremely hard and bitter, happiness within, entrepreneurship addiction.

Hardware fancier: from "buyers" to qualify for the "seller"


"as to mumbo-jumbo right?" Yang Lei somewhat proudly, "no way, I’m more of these fancier, through love, parameters of these things."


the freshman, Yang Lei often go to school near the computer city around, for a long time, he and a shop owner became friends, or even the main recommendation

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