How to arrange the venture capital

as long as the business, even if the choice of the cost of the project is low, is also a need for money. So, want to realize the dream of entrepreneurship, venture capital is a prerequisite. However, many entrepreneurs due to unreasonable arrangements, resulting in funding problems. So, how to arrange reasonable venture capital?

borrow money from business, perhaps is a very simple thing, but it is also a dangerous thing, because other people’s money to do business, easy to chew, rash not really, can easily lead to operational risk, it is hard to start a business success. So, even if you want to borrow and start a business, you must have their own funds, especially small business capital, it is best to have more than half of the funds are paid.

only in this way, will be responsible for their own, each spend a sum of money is determined by their own, with a sober, spend carefully. Moreover, entrepreneurship is not necessarily a success, once the failure of the debt crisis, the future will have a negative impact on entrepreneurship.

entrepreneurs in general, it is easy to ignore the cost of accounting on the financial issues, may lead to financial crisis in the future. Although entrepreneurs filled with enthusiasm, but if lack of rational thinking and comprehensive plan, that is very easy to make money, the plan underestimated the cost of accounting, will bring great risk to the enterprise, it will be to bring entrepreneurs operating on revolving funds is not enough.

so, it is necessary to properly calculate the accounting costs, and then can not be arbitrarily changed. Nor can the cost too much, because the initial stage of making money is more difficult, the cost is too large, so that the opportunity to recover the principal to reduce the confidence to fight business.

increase in cash flow, in addition to increase sales, also can improve the speed of payment for customers, for example, let the customer within 30 days instead of 60 days of payment, can be 30 days in advance to recover cash, accelerate the capital turnover rate, new ventures will bring unexpected benefits to cash starved.

in order to avoid the phenomenon of cash flow difficulties, it is best to cherish the cash on hand, as far as possible to save. If it is not very necessary, then rent a house and equipment do not spend money to buy. This is why some entrepreneurs, knowing that the real estate is about to rise, at the beginning of the business rather than renting office rather than renting. Do not want to show that they have the strength and a large number of equipment to buy, as far as possible to set aside as much cash as the reserve force of entrepreneurship.

in addition, in the publicity expenses above, must be careful, though the propaganda is necessary, but the enterprise real success is not on it, so a lot of money in the propaganda business was not spent, that caused the collapse of the enterprise, you know, so the actual benefits of publicity costs take a long time, as long as the propaganda in place, do not affect the transfer of the money.

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