How to operate the hot pot restaurant in summer

hot pot, although very delicious, but this business is subject to time constraints, usually in the summer, the business will be greatly affected. Therefore, as operators, naturally need to take more strategies to be able to ensure that hot pot restaurants in the summer business can also be prosperous. So, how to operate the hot pot restaurant in the summer?

summer is the beginning of the beginning of the hot pot restaurants, so all the businesses have been thinking about the low price of hot pot catering marketing means, and in the daily operation of some attempts. Hot pot restaurant at this time to change ideas, increase marketing means, in order to do off-season not light.

Hot pot due to the factors of consumers’ ideas, and will always be considered in spring and winter is suitable to eat the food, so many stores will encounter Hot pot in summer and autumn management problems, are also trying to use discounts, coupons, free drinks, free dishes and other means to attract consumers, of course, also played some have, in some places, the summer eat Hot pot also has become a kind of fashion, so that other parts of Hot pot industry envy.

any kind of consumption behavior and consumption habits are guided by the guide of course need more businesses whether from product development, packaging, publicity, marketing or various other aspects of joint efforts.

in the Hot pot catering the traditional off-season, can focus on the seasonal characteristics of the adjustment of product strategy, but don’t ignore the restaurant itself in the position adjustment of product strategy at the same time, leading to the customer for restaurant management direction disorder.

summer guide consumers to eat hot pot

summer eat hot pot should pay attention to eat chicken and duck meat, multi dishes. Especially in the heavy oil hot pot, side dishes more attention. Many people think that the choice of vegetables as a hot pot ingredients is very safe, no matter how much will not gain weight. In fact, the impact of these ingredients for a hot pot is not large, and those healthy and low calorie vegetables, in addition to the heavy oil pot, will absorb a large number of oil slicks, heat up. For example, 100 grams of vegetables into the hot pot of basil, oil absorption can be as high as more than and 10 grams! Equivalent to 1 bowls of rice calories.

select ingredients, not only to consider the ingredients of their own heat, but also to consider the amount of oil absorption. In general, thin slices, smaller particles, there is more contact with the higher food intake of food, especially considered to be more healthy leafy vegetables, oil absorption is much higher than other foods. And some smooth surface, large block of food is relatively low oil absorption, such as quail eggs, pig blood, wide powder, etc.. Choose the time to pay attention to reasonable collocation.

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