Retailers can carry out a variety of business risk

in order to make the store more, in order to allow the return of greater profits, and now many shops will carry out a variety of business. Admittedly, the cigarette retailers engage in a variety of business is indeed a good thing, you can open source, increase revenue, reduce the pressure on the main industry, reduce business risk, but the shop management should not have the order reversed, to the main industry, there is a retail in the area, because the love of a sideline, leading to the main industry recession, eventually closed.

Wang is a cigarette retail area, operating a grocery store has been eight years, good reputation, stable consumer groups, cigarette sales have been good, monthly sales of more than 400. Since last year, the user orders from the past each period order quantity 80 down to 10-20, sometimes only two cycles a second order. After visits to the investigation, the original cigarette market to see the weak households, the main industry to lose confidence in the store instead of placing a barbecue stalls, the night market to start a business.

at first, small business booming, earn a lot of money. When the tobacco customer manager, delivery on time have repeatedly reminded him of smoke, play money, receive money, he replied: "not to regard it as right, or even to sell cigarettes to earn money too slow, can set how much is too much, do not you remind." In this way, his orders often appear abnormal, smoke cabinet got dirty, messy place, the price is not full, often out of stock, the customer service attitude is better than before.

sometimes the customer jokingly said, "your cigarette price is a little high." He is not happy, retorted: "you see who smoke cheap, to whose shop to buy." After more than three months, his store business is not as good as one day. Many customers would rather go to another store to buy cigarettes than to go to his shop. So, he comforted himself: do not be afraid, as long as a good barbecue stalls on the line, do not shop do not shop."

"as he is going to fight to win or die", operating barbecue stalls on the occasion, but "a house with double whammy", the county health town activities into the battle, his barbecue stalls are included in the list of banned. Loss of shake Qian Shu, shop no business. Mr. Wang trapped business difficulties, coupled with the store expires, rising rents, business is difficult to maintain, and finally had to close the door. The immediate interests, regardless of the long-term business practice, is undoubtedly "with his own petard" lesson is particularly profound, lingshouhu friends should be a warning.


in this is full of opportunities of the times, as long as we do, you can earn money. However, if we continue to expand their business at the same time forget their own, a long time, it is inevitable that the business will be affected, thereby affecting the ultimate interest income. Therefore, users can carry out a variety of retail business, but can not lose.

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