Ningxia city center a new business model to help start business loans


area in the west of the city is valued the management activities, be regarded as a leap in development opportunities. Ningxia city center to take the lead to start a one-stop support for entrepreneurial loans to protect the small entrepreneurs innovation and development.

"business loan guarantee + commercial loans" one-stop business loans, secured loans and the business credit loans bundled, leveraged funds leveraged market mechanism as a driving force, to a greater extent to meet the financing needs of entrepreneurs, convenient simplified entrepreneurs venture financing procedures, secured loans the implementation of "one vote and credit bundled loans" one-stop service, which uses a set of loan procedures, a loan process, one-stop payment.

"business loan guarantee + commercial loans" one-stop business loans mode to start the implementation, will further support entrepreneurs to solve the financing problem, setting off a public business, the innovation of a new round of national entrepreneurship climax, give full play to business loans to support business employment multiplier effect.

the country may practice various business loans, but after all the essence is to enhance the strength of small entrepreneurs, realize the optimal allocation of social resources, so that entrepreneurs can achieve prosperity with strength.

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