Listen to Huang Mingming about his entrepreneurial experience

Huang Mingming heard the name, the layman may not be aware of his origins, and people will know, he is the founder of Ming potential capital, he had been a residence in a foreign country, in 2005 after returning home, attended the first session of the general assembly owners.

this is a later many people talked about the party guests, Cai Wensheng, Yao Jinbo, Wu Xin Hong, Huang Yimeng and many other young "stationmaster", have become very influential on the entrepreneurial star. That year, Huang Mingming had just returned to him, when the participants in Western dress and leather shoes tie, in the middle of a group of owners is particularly conspicuous in T-shirts slippers. On the other side, a man who was dressed as he was selling his new office software, Lei Jun.


of this Congress ten years later, some people in this group that has become worth billions of dollars in the founder, some already obliterate all. The Internet industry for three years, five years of a wave, Huang Mingming has also been coerced them. He was invited to join the board of directors in 2007 by Lei Jun, the same year the angel invested in Li Xiang’s car home. After a few years, they have become the main LP potential capital. He also participated in the creation of 265 site navigation, Internet Express, cool disk and other projects, and some were acquired in the end.

Huang Mingming does not shy away from his past failures and successes. In accordance with the current popular saying, in this venture, Huang Mingming did not become too big. But in the new round of venture capital coming, he caught the angel investment in this solitary raft, which became one of the most skilled, and most likely to successfully landed.


The opposite of

, two years, when more and more capital and began to play the potential to reshape the entire industry rules, his angel investment performance is particularly brisk, Ming potential capital has gradually become one of the highly recognized angel investment institutions.

2015 June, Dallas electric conference held as scheduled in Beijing 798 Art District, the Beijing near the high temperature of 30 DEG C, the sultry, stood in the middle of the stage Li Yinan nervously, did not open, has been playing through half sweat shirt.

many people regard this as Li Yinan’s personal comeback show. Prior to this, Li Yinan’s micro-blog has not been updated for 850 days, a few days later, his birthday is at the age of 45. Everyone can feel the tension of the former HUAWEI and marshal.

long time no see. I’ve been working on it for years. Many of my friends may not know me, and many people have forgotten me."

finished saying this sentence, Huang Mingming and all the people together for the scene of the Li Yijian

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