The establishment of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications students double center

university is an important support of entrepreneurship students, many colleges and universities to establish a platform for the majority of teachers and students of innovation and entrepreneurship, provide a number of public service, to realize the allocation of entrepreneurial resources, to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship of University students.

11 10 days, reporters learned from Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, cyit Center for innovation and entrepreneurship students before the date of opening. Currently, the first batch of 40 college students have settled in innovation and entrepreneurship center.

"create a center for innovation and entrepreneurship in the school, the purpose is to provide a low cost innovation and facilitation, all elements, open business integrated service platform for university teachers and students, providing online, incubation and investment combination for their services." Innovation and entrepreneurship center relevant responsible person said, will provide zero rent premises to comply with the conditions of the start-up, and provide free policy consulting, entrepreneurship training, project evaluation, business planning, marketing and service support. Integration of all resources for innovation and entrepreneurship incubator project to solve the problem of funding, research and development, market development, business management, improve the success rate of college teachers and students, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

"around cyit subject advantages and characteristics, we will focus on network communications, advanced manufacturing, networking, cloud computing and other fields of hatch market prospects for innovation and entrepreneurship projects." The official said.

For example, cyit

cyit did not open business platform services, but to the school focus on the professional disciplines for infrastructure projects, and guide students to use the knowledge to create a career, helps students to establish a correct concept of entrepreneurship entrepreneurs, to the most effective way of business.

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