What are the characteristics of the shop name method

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for each of the entrepreneurs, the shop name is a very important work, however, want to have a good name, it is not a simple thing, which is plagued by numerous investors problems. In fact, as long as we can grasp some of the characteristics of the method, shop name will not be difficult. So, what are the characteristics of the shop name method?

the first point to hold the celebrity thigh

there is a saying "one win, this is the secret of heaven", make full use of the popularity of the celebrity, started their own gold card. However, in the name of the celebrity to be noted when the transformation, whether in line with the location of the store, reflecting the characteristics of the shop, otherwise it would be a bit offensive.

There was a small restaurant called "guest Pro Dayton" — I do not know now is not food has changed its name called "

Chengdu dressed temple under the overpass".

Beijing, a street in Huilongguan, a restaurant called "Sun Wufan" – perhaps someone rushed to ask, "dragon ball?"

Chengdu has a restaurant, hung a red dot card, "this is a meal" – suitable for Korean restaurant.

a steamed stuffed bun shop called "Mo smell" – why not smell? Baozi smell?

a Wenzhou rice monopoly shop, called "rice · Kirsten." — this name has been the local media as the most creative name. It’s a chain store.

sells a halogen products shop, famous "halogen deep" – style!

second until

dull remarks

this name shows the broad and profound Chinese characters mostly use homophonic and polyphonic, and give people at the hearing on a strong stimulus.

Chengdu has a western restaurant, the name is "no hunger, no seat" – this is not a crime.

home selling tea shop called "Well tea bureau" — suggestions to open in the "no hungry not to sit next to a deterrent.

has passed a snack shop, called "diners Gallery" — a glance see nothing, heart meditation again, "oh my God, but if the business is good.

good food "– the very personality of the hotel, do not know many people who have a meal.

Nanshan, Chongqing has a hot pot restaurant, the name is very popular "pigsty hot pot". The place is really like a pigsty, but it’s strange that business is not

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