Zheng Qingkai hot pot shop business is very good

there are so many college students are starting their own businesses, many of which are successful entrepreneurs, can learn a lot of valuable experience in their body, today we bring is a college student, their own business tower opened a Hot pot shop, the business is very hot, successful rich.

2009, Zheng Qing college entrance examination scores from Hebei, Handan is 524 points, just stepped on the local two scores, and ultimately he was admitted to the Wuchang Institute of technology. Zheng Qing was born in the countryside, the family circumstances are poor, and a half tuition are rely on student loans and a borrowed. To this end, he decided to carry out entrepreneurial self-reliance in his dream, he loves to do business on the one hand is because of their own interests, on the other hand is to change the poverty.

into the sophomore, he chose to continue the fruit trade. In contrast to previous experience, he decided not to go to the wholesale fruit market, in turn to purchase from the orchard. A one-time purchase of thousands of pounds of fruit, put in the bedroom is not a permanent solution, finally he near the school rented a house used as a warehouse, his fruit market has become open. He is mainly in Wuchang Institute of science and technology, Career Technical College and other colleges and universities in the Yangtze River sales, there is a purchase of 2500 pounds, Yu Tian on the sale of the recommended 10

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